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International Republican Institute

International Republican Institute IRI

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Since the January 2011 revolution that ended decades of one-party rule, we have helped promote Tunisia’s democratic transition by supporting a more responsive political process and promoting democratic governance throughout the region.

Combining timely public opinion research and tailored workshops in communications and outreach, we assist parties from across Tunisia’s political spectrum to develop issue-based platforms that are responsive to citizens’ concerns and engage voters. To ensure all citizens play an active role in shaping the future of their country we are focused on training prospective women and youth candidates to develop political platforms and conduct effective campaigns in the municipal and regional elections scheduled for March 2017.

We promote direct engagement between citizens and government through civil society organizations, including our civil society network, Min Haqi Nsaalek (I Have the Right to Hold You Accountable).  These efforts leverage citizens’ collective voice, enabling them to better advocate for national and community-specific needs and promote government accountability. Through town halls we encourage government officials to meet regularly with constituents and to engage citizens in government planning, creating more responsive institutions that have the support of local communities.

Helping to foster greater integration of youth policy priorities into government decision makingwe are hosting a series of regional youth congresses and youth community engagement activities in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports.  The Regional Congresses will be followed by aNational Youth Congress in early 2017, at which Tunisia’s government plans to unveil its Youth 2030 strategy. With youth between the ages of 15 and 29 comprising 29 percent of the Tunisian population, it is imperative to increase youth engagement in the political process.

Through our Arab Women’s Leadership Institute (AWLI), Tunisian participants gained the skills to beeffective leaders in their country and connected with a network of like-minded women from throughout the Arab world.  As a result of AWLI’s work, women in Tunisia are taking on greater leadership roles in campaigns and politics.

Our Women’s Democracy Network (WDN) partners with women ministers, members of political parties and civil society to encourage women to play a more active role in politics and governance.  Through WDN’s leadership academies, women learn globally tested strategies for recruitment, advocacy and citizen mobilization.  In December 2015, WDN officially launched a Tunisia country chapter, linking Tunisia’s members to a network of country chapters around the world that are empowering women to become leaders in their communities.  The country chapter is focused on preparing youth and women candidates for local elections, which are scheduled to take place in March 2017.


IRI assists countries in the Middle East and North Africa to further their reforms and advance democratic transitions through a wide range of programs – from training political parties in Tunisia, to democratic governance assistance in Jordan, to public opinion research in Pakistan.  We promote responsive and inclusive governments throughout the region, each held accountable by informed and active citizens.


  • Public opinion research
  • Women's empowerment Through the Arab Women’s Leadership Institute
  • Civil society initiatives
  • Democratic governance
  • Youth leadership


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Laura J. Hagg

Resident Country Director


Wajih Ayadhi

Program Coordinator


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