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02 Août 2021 Il y a 2 mois

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Détails de l'opportunité

Régions concernées par cette opportunité: Tunisie

Procurement Number:  MENA2021T06o
Open Date:  July 20, 2021
Questions Deadline:  July 28, 2021
Closing Deadline:  August 2, 2021
Geographical Area Restrictions:  937
Point of Contact:  Sacha Gilles, [email protected], Sr Program Associate



The International Republican Institute (IRI) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, organization  dedicated to advancing freedom and democracy worldwide. Since 1983, IRI has worked to  develop democratic institutions and ideals, carrying out a variety of international programs  to promote freedom, self-government and the rule of law worldwide. IRI provides technical  assistance in the areas of political party strengthening, developing civic institutions and open  elections, promoting democratic governance and advancing the rule of law.  

In compliance with Tunisian Decree 88 of September 24, 2011, Chapter 6, Article 43 related  to associations with incomes between 100,000 Tunisian Dinars (TND) and 1,000,000 TND  per year, IRI’s Tunisia office is required to hire an expert accountant registered with the  Tunisian Association of Accountant Auditors to regularly verify IRI Tunisia’s compliance  with Tunisian accounting, social security and tax requirements for non-profit organizations. 

Period of Performance 

August 1, 2021 – July 31, 2022 (w/ option to extend) , with the option to extend for a total  duration of up to 5 years up in four one-year increments. 

Statement of Work 

Contractor will ensure IRI Tunisia’s full compliance with Tunisian accounting, social  security, labor and tax statutes by performing the following services in accordance with  Tunisian law:   



The Contractor will:   

  • Verify the office Ledger, JAMIS transactions and balances; 
  • Verify all accounting documentation; 
  • Assist with bank financial statements and sub-ledger account reconciliations  in Tunisia;   
  • Develop the annual balance sheet;    

A nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing democracy worldwide 

  • Prepare monthly pay slips;   
  • Prepare monthly accounting reports for Tunisian government;   
  • Verify invoices and checks to ensure they match bank statements and the  office ledger; 
  • Notify IRI about new accounting laws in Tunisia and help IRI in establishing them in  order to be always in compliance with Tunisian Law.  


Social Security   

The Contractor will:   

  • Consult IRI on a quarterly basis to ensure IRI’s full compliance with Tunisian social  security regulations;   
  • Prepare staff records and health care cards for the National Social Security Fund  (CNSS) as needed;   
  • Update CNSS statuses for employees as needed;   
  • Prepare CNSS quarterly returns and submit them to the appropriate office.      


The Contractor will:   

  • Attain tax exemption for IRI;   
  • Calculate and track taxes paid on monthly and quarterly basis 
  • File employee taxes with Tunisian tax administration on a quarterly basis;   Prepare annual tax filings and deposit them at the relevant tax office;   Consult IRI on tax returns and submit the required documents to the relevant  tax office;   
  • Consult IRI on tax law and obligations on a quarterly basis; 
  • Assist in registration of at most five non-Tunisian IRI staff with the Ministry of  Employment. 


The Contractor will:   

  • Verify the efficiency and effectiveness of IRI Tunisia’s accounting practices through  quarterly site visits of the IRI Tunisia office;   
  • Verify IRI Tunisia’s compliance with the necessary accounting practices, accounting  nomenclature, labor laws and tax legislation of Tunisia on a quarterly basis; Notify IRI about timing and necessity of hiring “des commissaires aux comptes’’. 


  • Help IRI in updating it status, the JORT, and any other requirement to update its legal  registration as needed. 
  • Assist non-Tunisian staff in getting their final departure document by the end of their  contracts. 



Deliverables may be submitted in their original language.   


  • Tax administration receipts submitted to IRI by the 10th of each month  
  • Submit documentation (receipts, written correspondence, or reports of  correspondence) verifying progress toward attaining tax exemption for IRI.   Submit documentation (receipts, written correspondence, or reports of  correspondence) verifying progress toward updating CNSS status of IRI employees.   Submit documentation (receipts, written correspondence, or reports of  correspondence) verifying progress toward registering IRI staff with the Ministry of  Employment.  
  • Submit documentation of Tunisian accounting reports.  


  • CNSS receipts submitted to IRI quarterly on the following dates each year: January  31, April 30, July 31, October 31  


  • Submit annual tax declaration by March 31, receipt must be submitted to IRI by April  12 

Technical Proposals 

All proposals submitted to IRI must include: 

  1. Information addressing Bidder’s experience in providing each of the services  identified in the above Statement of Work and Bidder’s proposed specific approach  for providing those services to IRI under this contract, including sufficient  information to determine a clear definition of services as it relates to other providers  that may be involved. 
  2. The name, address, and telephone and facsimile numbers of the Bidder (and  electronic address if available). If the Bidder is a firm, name(s) should be provided for  individuals authorized to conduct business on behalf of the firm.  
  3. Bidders may provide a list of up to three references for work performed of a similar  nature during the last three years, along with contact details. IRI may contact the  references to evaluate past performance. 
  4. If the Bidder is a U.S. organization/resident, or a foreign organization/resident which  has income effectively connected with the conduct of activities in the U.S. or has an  office or a place of business or a fiscal paying agent in the U.S., the information  submitted must contain Bidder’s Taxpayer Identification Number. 
  5. Proposals will not exceed 15 pages (not including cover page) and must indicate  degree of experience providing auditing and compliance services to international NGOs
  6. Proposals submitted by individuals must contain the following: 
  7. a CV/resume 
  8. A list of up to three references 

Price Proposals 

Bidders must propose a firm-fixed Unit Price for each of the deliverables identified below  and in the format of the table below. The Bidder’s pricing must be valid for at least 60 (sixty)  calendar days after the due date for proposal submission. The proposed Unit Price should be  fixed and inclusive of all costs to perform, including inspection services, transportation,  taxes, import duties (if any), and other levies. To the extent that a Bidder proposed to include  any pricing not reflected in the table below, such pricing must be fully described in the  proposal. Proposals must be submitted in TND, payments under any resulting contract will  be made in this currency.

Deliverables Unit Price TND (including VAT of  13%) Number of  

Units (per  


Monthly Deliverables  1650  12
Quarterly Deliverables  1800  4
Yearly Deliverables*  4500  1
(*) This line includes the financial statements and the employer tax filing


Evaluation and Award Process 

  1. IRI may contact any Bidder for clarification or additional information, but Bidders are  advised that IRI intends to evaluate the offers based on the written proposals, without  discussions, and reserves the right to make decisions based solely on the information  provided with the initial proposals. IRI may but is not obligated to conduct additional  negotiations with the most highly rated Bidders prior to award of a contract, and may  at its sole discretion elect to issue contracts to one or more Bidders. 
  2. Mathematical errors will be corrected in the following manner: If a discrepancy exists  between the total price proposed and the total price resulting from multiplying the  unit price by the corresponding amounts, then the unit price will prevail and the total  price will be corrected. If there is a discrepancy between the numbers written out in  words and the amounts in numbers, then the amount expressed in words will prevail.  If the Bidder does not accept the correction, the offer will be rejected.  
  3. IRI may determine that a proposal is unacceptable if the prices proposed are  materially unbalanced between line items or sub-line items. Unbalanced pricing  exists when, despite an acceptable total evaluated price, the price of one or more  contract line items is significantly overstated or understated as indicated by the  application of cost or price analysis techniques. A proposal may be rejected if IRI  determines that the lack of balance poses an unacceptable risk.  
  4. IRI will conduct a source selection based as follows: 

IRI intends to make an award to the responsible Bidder based on the following evaluation factors: 

Technical evaluation, (including technical capabilities,  proposed technical approach, and  

personnel qualifications)

Ability to communicate in English, French, and Arabic (based on the proposal submitted and phone conversation with each bidder) 20


Experience providing counsel to international NGOs on  matters of auditing, compliance, and taxes  20
Past performance and experience in performing similar  projects (references)   40
Price  20
Total  100


IRI intends to evaluate Bidders’ proposals in accordance with these factors and make an  award to the responsible Bidder whose proposal is most advantageous to the program. 

  1. If a cost realism analysis is performed, cost realism may be considered in evaluating  performance or price.  

Submission Instructions 

Bids must be submitted via email to Sacha Gilles, at [email protected] with the subject line  “MENA2021T06o RFP” by the deadline listed above. 

RFP Terms and Conditions 

  1. Prospective Bidders are requested to review clauses incorporated by reference in the  section “Notice Listing Contract Clauses Incorporated by Reference”. 
  2. IRI may reject any or all proposals if such is within IRI’s interest. 
  3. Proof of costs incurred, such as but not limited to receipts, pictures and financial  documents, may be requested during and for up to three years after the end of the  contract period.  
  4. The Bidder’s initial proposal should contain the Bidder’s best offer. 5. Payment will be made upon receipt of invoices and deliverables/services. 6. Discussions with Bidders following the receipt of a proposal do not constitute a  rejection or counteroffer by IRI. 
  5. IRI will hold all submissions as confidential and submissions shall not be disclosed to  third parties. IRI reserves the right to share proposals internally, across divisions, for  the purposes of evaluating the proposals.  
  6. For any currency conversion, the exchange rate to US Dollars listed on oanda.com on  the closing date of this solicitation shall be used.  
  7. Every contract will contain provisions governing termination for cause and  termination for convenience. 
  8. By submitting a proposal, offeror agrees to comply with all terms, conditions, and  provisions included in the solicitation and agreement to the services identified above,  and will specifically identify any disagreement with or exceptions to the terms,  conditions, and provisions. 
  9. Offerors confirm that the prices in the proposal/proposal/application/quote have  been arrived at independently, without any consultation, communication, or  agreement with any other Bidder or competitor for the purpose of restricting  competition. 
  10. If IRI continues to require the goods and services and the price remains reasonable  and within market norms, resulting contract may be renewed each year for up to 5  years with 30 days’ notice to the Contractor. Bidder must establish any price increase  for each renewal year in the initial bid. 
  11. By applying to this RFP, applicant is certifying that if it is awarded a contract, none of  funds payable under the resulting contract will be used to (1) procure or obtain,  extend or renew a contract to procure or obtain; (2) enter into a contract (or extend  or renew a contract) to procure; or (3) obtain the equipment, services, or systems  that uses covered telecommunications equipment or services as a substantial or  essential component of any system, or as critical technology as part of any system in  compliance with the National Defense Authorization Act. Covered  telecommunications equipment and services mean any of the following: 
  12. Telecommunications equipment produced by Huawei Technologies Company  or ZTE Corporation (or any subsidiary or affiliate of such entities).
  13. For the purpose of public safety, security of government facilities, physical  security surveillance of critical infrastructure, and other national security  purposes, video surveillance and telecommunications equipment produced by  Hytera Communications Corporation, Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology  Company, or Dahua Technology Company (or any subsidiary or affiliate of  such entities). 

iii. Telecommunications or video surveillance services provided by such entities  or using such equipment. 

  1. Telecommunications or video surveillance equipment or services produced or  provided by an entity that the Secretary of Defense, in consultation with the  Director of the National Intelligence or the Director of the Federal Bureau of  Investigation, reasonably believes to be an entity owned or controlled by, or  otherwise connected to, the government of a covered foreign country. (2 CFR 200.216). 
  2. Bidders agree to disclose as part of the proposal submission: 

o Any close, familial, or financial relationships with IRI staff and agents. For  example, the Bidder must disclose if a Bidder’s mother conducts volunteer  trainings for IRI. 

o Any family or financial relationship with other Bidders submitting proposals.  For example, if the Bidder’s father owns a company that is submitting another  proposal, the Bidder must state this. 

o Any other action that might be interpreted as potential conflict of interest. 

Notice Listing Contract Clauses Incorporated by Reference 

IRI is required to make the contractor subject to certain flowdown clauses of the prime  award. This awarded contract will incorporate one or more clauses by reference, with the  same force and effect as if they were given in full text. Where “flow-down” to the contractor  is applicable, references to “USAID/Department of State” shall be interpreted to mean “IRI”,  “Recipient” to mean “Contractor”, and “Subrecipient” to mean “lower-tier subcontractor.”  Included by reference are the applicable provisions contained in Appendix II to 2 CFR Part  200 and USAID Standard Provisions for Non-US Non-governmental Organizations/US  Department of State Standard Terms and Conditions. 

IRI Obligations 

Issuance of this RFP does not constitute an award commitment on the part of IRI, nor does it  commit IRI to pay for costs incurred in the preparation and submission of a proposal or  quotation.  

Required Certifications 

The following certificates need to be signed by all Bidders. These certifications are an  integral part of the quotation/proposal. Please print them off and send back to us with your  proposal after signature on each certificate. They are:  

  • Certification regarding debarment, suspension, ineligibility and voluntary exclusion  lower tier covered transactions  
  • Authorized Individuals 
  • Certification Regarding Lobbying


This certification implements Executive Order 12549, Debarment and Suspension and the  requirements set forth in 2.C.F.R. 180, Subpart C.” 

Copies of the regulations may be obtained by contacting the person to which this proposal is  submitted. 

  1. By signing and submitting this proposal/application/quote, the prospective lower  tier participant is providing the certification set out below. 
  2. The certification in this clause is a material representation of fact upon which reliance  was placed when this transaction was entered into. If it is later determined that the  prospective lower tier participant knowingly rendered an erroneous certification, in  addition to other remedies available to the Federal Government, the department or  agency with which this transaction originated may pursue available remedies,  including suspension and/or debarment. 
  3. The prospective lower tier participant shall provide immediate written notice to the  person to which this proposal/application/quote is submitted if at any time the  prospective lower tier participant learns that its certification was erroneous when  submitted or has become erroneous by reason of changed circumstances. 
  4. The terms « covered transaction, » « debarred, » « suspended, » « ineligible, » « lower tier  covered transaction, » « participant, » « person, » « primary covered transaction, »  « principal, » « proposal, » and « voluntarily excluded, » as used in this clause, have the  meanings set out in the Definitions and Coverage sections of the rules implementing  Executive Order 12549. 
  5. The prospective lower tier participant agrees by submitting this  proposal/application/quote that, should the proposed covered transaction be  entered into, it shall not knowingly enter into any lower tier covered transaction with  a person who is debarred, suspended, declared ineligible, or voluntarily excluded  from participation in this covered transaction, unless authorized by the IRI.  
  6. The prospective lower tier participant further agrees by submitting this  proposal/application/quote that it will include the clause titled « Certification  Regarding Debarment, Suspension, Ineligibility and Voluntary Exclusion–Lower Tier  Covered Transactions, » without modification, in all lower tier covered transactions  and in all solicitations for lower tier covered transactions.  
  7. A participant in a covered transaction may rely upon a certification of a prospective  participant in a lower tier covered transaction that it is not debarred, suspended,  ineligible, or voluntarily excluded from the covered transaction, unless it knows that  the certification is erroneous. A participant may decide the method and frequency by  which it determines the eligibility of its principals. 
  8. Nothing contained in the foregoing shall be construed to require establishment of a  system of records in order to render in good faith the certification required by this  clause. The knowledge and information of a participant is not required to exceed that  which is normally possessed by a prudent person in the ordinary course of business  dealings.  
  9. Except for transactions authorized under paragraph 5 above, if a participant in a  covered transaction knowingly enters into a lower tier covered transaction with a 

person who is suspended, debarred, ineligible, or voluntarily excluded from participation in this transaction, in addition to other remedies available to the Federal  Government, the department or agency with which this transaction originated may  pursue available remedies, including suspension and/or debarment. 

  1. The prospective lower tier participant certifies, by submission of this proposal, that  neither it nor its principals are presently debarred, suspended, proposed for  disbarment, declared ineligible, or voluntarily excluded from participation in this  transaction by any Federal department or agency. 
  2. Where the prospective lower tier participant is unable to certify to any of the  statements in this certification, such prospective participant shall attach an  explanation to this proposal. 


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