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Institute for War and peace Reporting

Institute for War and peace Reporting IWPR

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The Institute for War & Peace Reporting is an international network of organisations headquartered in London with coordinating offices in Washington, DC, New York and The Hague, IWPR works in 22 countries worldwide. It is registered as a charity in the UK, as an organisation with tax-exempt status under Section 50(c)(3) in the United States, and as a charitable foundation in The Netherlands.

IWPR supports local reporters, citizen journalists and civil society activists in three dozen countries in conflict, crisis and transition around the world. We contribute to peace and good governance by strengthening the ability of media and civil society to speak out. We do this by training, mentoring and providing platforms for professional and citizen reporters; building up the institutional capacity of media and civic groups; and working with independent and official partners to remove barriers to free expression, robust public debate and citizen engagement.

In Tunisia

IWPR has worked in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region since launching major programming in Iraq in 2003, which continues. Since then, work has expanded to country programming in Libya, Tunisia and Syria, and regional initiatives that include training and mentoring of citizen activists and journalists.

IWPR has developed a network of media hubs across the country and trained women, youth, and traditionally marginalised groups outside the capital in basic, advanced and social media skills.


The Institute for War & Peace Reporting gives voice to people at the frontlines of conflict and transition to help them drive change.


  • Promoting Free Expression
  • Strengthenning Accountability
  • Building Inclusive Societies



Duncan Furey

Regional Director, MENA Programme

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IWPR 2014 annual report

Publié le 8 March 2016

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