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(Offre en anglais) Le British Council lance un appel à candidatures pour le programme OBROZ Retour vers les opportunités

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29 Août 2018 Il y a 5 ans

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Régions concernées par cette opportunité: Tunisie

Obroz programme

 The Obroz programme was initiated in April 2016 with the following Specific Objective: “Civil society is better able to plan and deliver communications to vulnerable youth.”

Phase 1, which was delivered from April to August 2016, consisted in establishing and empowering a network of 36 Tunisian CSOs operating in Medenine and Bizerte Governorates and the Greater Tunis. Eighty representatives of 36 CSOs received intensive training in strategic communications and were enabled to deliver local communications campaigns in their communities.

This first phase of the Obroz programme consisted in a Learn-Do-Learn approach to CSO capacity-building aimed at (i) enhancing select CSOs capacity to deliver communications campaigns through training and learning by direct experience, and (ii) getting participating CSOs to deliver campaigns engaging marginalised and vulnerable youth.

Phase 2 of the Obroz programme consisted in the award of mini-grants to 17 CSOs affiliated with the British Council’s Obroz network. Phase 2 was designed with the purpose of further supporting the Obroz CSOs and strengthening their capacities to run projects in their respective communities.

The initial geographic scope of the Obroz programme in the pilot phase covered the four governorates of the Greater Tunis region, and the governorates of Bizerte and Medenine.

While we will continue targeting the three initial regions by furthering our support to the first generation of Obroz CSOs, in phase 2 we will geographically expand the Obroz network into additional areas to be identified at a later stage in accordance with the British Council team.

Purpose of the Consultancy:

The British Council is looking for a Training and Technical Support Supplier, with specialist expertise in delivering targeted trainings and technical support to Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Tunisia.

The specific objective of the consultancy will be to design, deliver and provide technical support and M&E requirements to develop the capacity of approximately 45 civil society organisations at agreed locations in Tunisia. The approach will focus on the practical application of the course content, through supporting civil society to produce relevant projects that aim to enable the organisations to improve their implementation skills and engage more people in the same.

The Supplier will work closely with the Project partners and the Project team and ensure that tasks and reporting documents are shared and updated regularly, and will comply with the British Council’s policies.

Duties and responsabilities

The supplier will deliver the following Activities of the Obroz Activity plan in close collaboration with the British Council:

  • Activity 1: Network-maintenance grant scheme- Existing Obroz CSOs;
  • Activity 2: Network-expansion grant scheme- New Obroz CSOs;
  • Activity 3: Strategic communications support
  • Activity 4: Networked continuous learning
  • Activity 5: CSO capacity assessment and tailored technical support

Specifically, the supplier will:

  • Ensure that all Obroz activities are in line with the Strengthening Resilience II programme objectives, in collaboration with the British Council;
  • Support the organisation of 6 information sessions aimed at recruiting eligible CSOs operating in target areas;
  • Assist the British Council in selecting CSOs that have applied to join the Obroz network, as well as grant applicants;
  • Assemble and hire a permanent core team of trainers who will provide participating CSOs with coaching, mentoring, and follow-up throughout project lifecycle, with the British Council’s approval;
  • Source and hire relevant subject-matter experts to deliver parts of Core Training modules and continuous learning events
  • In collaboration with the British Council, design and deliver Core Training Parts I and II twice (to Obroz alumni CSOs and new Obroz CSOs- upon approval of tasks by the British Council) in a Training of Trainersformat allowing participants to share their newly acquired skills with other members of their organisation;
  • Provide coaching, mentoring, and follow-up to Obroz CSOs throughout the project lifecycle, notably during the Data collection and problem analysis, Proposal writing, and Project implementation phases under Activities 1 and 2;
  • Ensure that Obroz CSOs meet their reporting requirements in a timely fashion;
  • Propose speaking opportunities for Obroz CSOs;
  • Organise 3 NGO fairs;
  • Design and organise 3 Obroz-branded national events, in coordination with Obroz CSOs and the British Council;
  • Produce content (videos, interviews, photographs) relating to Obroz CSOs to be disseminated via Obroz communication channels (e.g. Facebook page, Youtube) and share it with the British Council;
  • Appoint/hire local coordinators in each target region;
  • Coach Obroz alumni to contribute to the training and induction of new Obroz CSOs;
  • Identify speaking opportunities in high-profile national events for Obroz participants;
  • Share funding opportunities with Obroz CSOs on a regular basis;
  • Support the establishment and management of appropriate information sharing systems with Obroz CSOs;
  • Support the organisation ofquarterly continuous learning events during which all Obroz CSOs will engage in peer-learning and receive training on topics of interest from subject-matter experts;
  • Assist the British Council in developing a CSO capacity assessment tool;
  • Administer the CSO capacity assessment tool during face-to-face meetings with Obroz CSOs on key project milestones to be defined with the British Council and share with the British Council all information relevant to the CSOs’ capacity assessment;
  • Use capacity assessment findings to inform the design of quarterlycontinuous learning events as well as tailored individual coaching and advice;
  • Provide Obroz CSOs with tailored individual coaching and advice during one-to-one meetings aimed at resolving key organisational capacity gaps;
  • Assist the British Council in meeting the Obroz programme’s monitoring and evaluation requirements, by sharing all relevant information, collecting data from Obroz participants, administering evaluation and assessment tools, questionnaires, and surveys;
  • Submit monthly reports to the British Council, based on a British Council issued template;
  • Hold meetings with the British Council team on a monthly basis;
  • Submit an activity report for each activity stream upon completion, based on a British Council issued template;
  • Submit a final report upon completion of all activities.

Expected Outputs

In liaison with the British Council team, the Supplier will provide the following, throughout the duration of the project:

  • Training curriculum
  • Training presentations/materials for delivery
  • Training materials (toolkit – available in pdf format) for participants in Arabic and French
  • Training evaluation tool/s
  • Analyses of pre and post evaluations of trainings participants
  • Regular reports, monthly and upon completion of tasks

Further detailed outputs and reports will be identified and agreed in the contracting phase in accordance with the British Council team.

Location, Timing and Duration of the consultancy

The Consultancy will run for approx. 24 months i.e. July 2018- July 2020 OR until the Project has been completed to the British Council’s satisfaction.  The Supplier will work from their own office but remain available for regular meetings. The consultancy is likely to involve some travel throughout Tunisia, and although unlikely may involve working anti-social hours during the evening or weekend events on the project. Costs of any consultancy related travel and expenses to be agreed and claimed separately.

Tender validity

5.1 Your tender response must remain open for acceptance by the British Council for a period of sixty days from the Response Deadline. A tender response not valid for this period may be rejected by the British Council.

Mandatory requirements

8.1  As part of your tender response, you must confirm that you meet the mandatory requirements / constraints, if any, as set out in the British Council’s specification forming part of this RFP. A failure to comply with one or more mandatory requirements or constraints shall entitle the British Council to reject a tender response in full.

8.2  Mandatory requirements:

  • Experience in designing and delivering trainings in the fields mentioned above
  • Experience in working and supporting NGOs in Tunisia
  • Experience in Monitoring & Evaluation of capacity building Projects
  • Availability for the duration of the project
  • You must also submit an up-to-date CV for the team of consultants who will be working on this project supporting the above, along with two (2) references, with Annex 2 – Supplier Response. Note that these will not be scored; they are for information purposes only.


Subject to any changes notified to potential suppliers by the British Council in accordance with the Tender Conditions, the following timescales shall apply to this Procurement Process:

Critères d'éligibilité

  • Experience in designing and delivering trainings in the fields mentioned above
  • Experience in working and supporting NGOs in Tunisia
  • Experience in Monitoring & Evaluation of capacity building Projects
  • Availability for the duration of the project
  • You must also submit an up-to-date CV for the team of consultants who will be working on this project supporting the above, along with two (2) references, with Annex 2 – Supplier Response.
  • Note that these will not be scored; they are for information purposes only.

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