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Tunisia : Breaking the Barriers to Youth Inclusion

Publié le 01-10-2014. Ajoutée le 2 octobre 2014

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Despite Tunisia’s impressive social and political achievements, inclusion of young Tunisians remains a largely unfinished project. Comprehensively addressing the legitimate aspirations of Tunisian youth will be critical for Tunisia to sustain its positive forward momentum.

Breaking the Barriers to Youth Inclusion provides a comprehensive analysis of the social, economic, political, and cultural barriers that young Tunisians continue to face. The report combines survey results, extensive qualitative research, direct consultations with young people, service providers and policymakers to identify the root causes for the persistent and widespread levels of youth inactivity and exclusion. This analysis is complemented by a review of successful youth employment programs, resulting in a series of targeted proposals for new youth-specific policies and approaches for Tunisia.

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