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Training Of Trainers Manual

Democracy Reporting International 20714Training Of Trainers Manual
Publié le 01-02-2014. Ajoutée le 7 avril 2017

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In the context of supporting civil society organisations working in the field of the democratic transition in Tunisia, Democracy Reporting International, in partnership with inProgress, produced a practical guide covering the techniques and training of adults. Members of civil society organisations are often requested to give trainings, provide knowledge, or strengthen competencies in various fields. These fields include, among others, civics, electoral observation, and legal reforms, including those linked to the setting up of a new Tunisian Constitution.

Teaching others new aptitudes, methods, or procedures requires that the trainer to be aware of different parameters in order to ensure the best learning methodology. Identifying learning needs beforehand, determining the training objective, or managing the audience are some of the essential elements that must be taken into account.

Therefore, this guide emphasizes the elements on which learning efficacy and teaching competencies depend. It enables trainers to use learning principles intended for adults and to acquire a guiding pedagogy and interactive methods in line with active communication principles, while creating a positive environment to optimise the learning process.

Collaborating with inProgress, DRI has provided this practical guide to accompany the trainers through all the steps of the training process, from conception to setting up and follow-up of trainings.

This manual has been developed on the basis of three Training of Trainers courses, which were conducted in Tunis, Tunisia between October 2013 and January 2014.

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