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The Anna Lindh Report 2014 : Intercultural Trends and Social Changes in the Euromediterranean Region

Anna Lindh Foundation 27046The Anna Lindh Report 2014 : Intercultural Trends and Social Changes in the Euromediterranean Region
Publié le 01-01-2014. Ajoutée le 20 novembre 2014

The Anna Lindh Report 2014 : Intercultural Trends and Social Changes in the Euromediterranean Region from Jamaity

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  • Štefan Füle – EU Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy
  • Nabil Al Araby – Secretary-General of the League of Arab States 6


  • André Azoulay and Andreu Claret – A Resource for the Euro-Mediterranean Agenda 13
  • Robert Manchin – Inside the Anna Lindh/Gallup Poll 16


  • In Search of the Mediterranean Core Values – Mohamed Tozy 27
  • Religion and Social Cohesion at the Heart of the Intercultural Debate – Sara Silvestri 35
  • Respect for Cultural Diversity on the Basis of Ethical Standards – Antoine Messarra 41
  • Governance and Civic Participation at the Peripheries of Europe Ferenc Miszelivetz, Jody Jensen 45
  • Nuances and Differences exposed in the meaning of democracy and citizenship – Larbi Sadiki 49
  • Locally-Rooted Youth and Social Movements in the Southern Mediterranean Aissa Khadri 53
  • The Evolving Societal Role and Media Image of Arab Women – Mahasen Al Emam 57
  • Euro-Mediterranean Relations through the Eyes of Youth and Women Eleonora Insalaco 61
  • A Vision for Social and Cultural Relations in the Euro-Med region – Claire Spencer 65
  • Inside the German Experience of Cultural Pluralism – CaroliCaroline Y. Robertson-von Trotha 73
  • The Interest of Moroccans Towards their Euro-Med Neighbours Fadma Aid Mous 77
  • Openness to Diversity Beyond the Spanish Economic Crisis – Juan Díez-Nicolás 81
  • The Status of Social Values in Turkey and Perspectives on Regional Cooperation -Cengiz Günay 85


  • Albania: Perspectives and Perceptions of the Mediterranean – Kosta Barjaba 91
  • Belgium: Civic Action Centred on Social Integration
  • Ahmad Aminian, Marjon Goetinck 93
  • Denmark: A Growing Appetite to Know the Arab Societies – Anne Herholdt 95
  • Egypt: The Role of NGOs and Civil Society in Times of Transition – Ayman Okeil 97
  • Germany : Evolving Forms of Social Activism Swenja Zaremba, Marco Ianniello, Caroline Y. Robertson-von Trotha 99
  • Ireland: Interest in the Arab region as a Tool Against Intolerance – Ann Luttrell 101
  • Italy : The tragedy of Lampedusa – Michele Capasso, Elisa Adorno 103
  • Jordan: New Opportunities for Civil Society Development Andrew Spath, Zina Ishaq, Juan Carabollo-Resto 105
  • Morocco : Group Affilliation and Individual Action at play –  Jamal Khalil 107
  • Poland: Discovering the Mediterranean Other Robert Kusek, Joanna Sanetra-Szeliga 109
  • Spain: The Evolution of Associative Life and Shared Networking Space
  • Maria Angels Roque 111
  • Tunisia: Laying the Basis for a Sustainable Civic Engagement – Anis Boufrikha, Mariam Jerbi 113
  • Turkey : Growth and Expansion in the Third Sector – Necdet Saglam, Tevfik Basak Ersen

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