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Social Networking: A Guide to Strengthening Civil Society Through Social Media

Publié le 01-01-2014. Ajoutée le 15 décembre 2014

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This guide is a result of collaboration and input from a great team and group of advisors. Our deepest appreciation to Tina Yesayan, primary author of the guide; and Kulsoom Rizvi, who created a dynamic visual layout. Alex Sardar and Ray Short provided guidance and sound technical expertise, for which we’re grateful.
The Civil Society and Media Team at the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) was the ideal partner in the process of co-creating this guide, which benefited immensely from that team’s insights and thoughtful contributions.
The case studies in the annexes of this guide speak to the capacity and vision of the featured civil society organizations and their leaders, whose work and commitment is inspiring.
This guide was produced with funding under the Global Civil Society Leader with Associates Award, a Cooperative Agreement funded by USAID for the implementation of civil society, media development and program design and learning activities around the world.
Counterpart International’s mission is to partner with local organizations – formal and informal – to build inclusive, sustainable communities in which their people thrive. We hope this manual will be an essential tool for civil society organizations to more effectively and purposefully pursue their missions in service of their communities.

Table of content:



-Popular Social Media Platforms

-Social Media for Capacity Building and Strengthening

-Social Media in Programming

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