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La situation actuelle en Tunisie (publication en anglais)

Publié le 19-05-2015. Ajoutée le 10 avril 2017

The current-situation-in-tunisia 1 from Giulia Sergiampietri

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Tunisia’s democratic transition, often hailed as the only real success of the Arab Spring revolutions of 2011, remains at a critical intersection of conflict and peace-building. While Tunisia made significant political progress with parliamentary and presidential elections in 2014, the country confronts threats of violent extremism rooted both domestically and in the surrounding region.

The government has focused its recent reform efforts on border security and on development policies to alleviate underlying causes of conflict in communities far outside Tunis. With a thriving civil society and newly elected Parliament, Tunisia serves in its region as an example of perseverance and patience, steadily progressing in its democratic transition.

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