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Report Civil Society Panel 2017 – CIVIL SOCIETY PANEL ANNUAL MEETINGS 2017

Banque Africaine de Développement 20291Report Civil Society Panel 2017 – CIVIL SOCIETY PANEL ANNUAL MEETINGS 2017
Publié le 12-09-2017. Ajoutée le 12 septembre 2017

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More than ever before, the leadership of the African Development Bank (AfDB) is firmly convinced that its ambitious goals-the High 5s-cannot be achieved without the active engagement, advice and participation of civil society organizations (CSOs). Indeed, the Bank recognizes that Africa’s civil society is at the heart of vibrant, dynamic and accountable societies.
Through civil society organizations citizens come together to express their concerns, offer their opinions, hold their leaders accountable and address challenges that governments alone cannot tackle. The comparative advantage of civil society organizations is undeniable; their technical and technological know-how; geographic proximity; and cultural sensitivity
are all factors that make CSOs appropriate and cost-effective partners for delivering on the High 5s.
Partnering with CSOs is particularly crucial in agriculture, where majority of Africans, especially the poor, continue to toil. The Bank’s strategy on agriculture is clear on this: “…the Strategy will execute the Comprehensive African Agriculture Development Program (CAADP) goals of contributing to elimination of extreme hunger, malnutrition, poverty, and increased prosperity-in partnership with alliances including farmers, agribusiness, and civil society…”

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