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Improving Electoral Practices-Case Studies and Practical Approaches

Publié le 10-02-2020. Ajoutée le 10 février 2020

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This publication, Improving Electoral Practices: Case Studies and Practical Approaches, follows up on the recommendations put forward by the Global Commission on Elections, Democracy and Security to promote the integrity of elections. In particular, it shares experiences and lessons learned from eight countries that have undertaken electoral reforms to improve the professionalism and independence of action of their electoral management bodies, the regulation of political finance and the removal of barriers to universal and equal participation.
The publication presents real-life accounts of how the recommendations are implemented, and allows for a pragmatic perspective on reform and its impact on electoral life in the eight countries. Moreover, it highlights ideas and lessons that are relevant to policymakers and implementers, including
those from countries in transition that are considering these electoral reforms.

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