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Draft Organic Law on the right of Access to Information

Publié le 01-09-2013. Ajoutée le 24 septembre 2014

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In this legal analysis, ARTICLE 19 examines the compatibility of the Draft Organic Law on the right of access to information (the Draft Law) with relevant international standards on the right to information and more broadly, its likely impact on the rule of law in Tunisia.

ARTICLE 19 has longstanding experience of analysis RTI legislation across the world and deep knowledge of the Tunisian legislative framework in relation to media and free speech matters.

AT the outset, ARTICLE 19 welcomes the efforts of tunisian government to protect RTI through an Act of Parliament, which affords greater legal protection that the decree no

The Draft Law contains many of the positive aspects of the decree. In  particular:

  • The right of access to information in granted to everyone.
  • Public authorities have a positive obligation to publish key categories of information of significant public interest.
  • Public authorities are required to assist individuals and legal entities seeking access to information and facilities such access.
  • Access to information is in principle free of charge subject to, but not exceeding, any costs incurred by the public body in supplying the requested information.

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