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AmCham Tunisia Annual report 2012-2013

American Chamber of Commerce in Tunisia 48053AmCham Tunisia Annual report 2012-2013
Publié le 10-03-2014. Ajoutée le 10 mars 2016

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AmCham MENA Council Chairmanship:

AmCham Tunisia has gained visibility in the MENA region since it took over the AmCham MENA Council Chairmanship in July 2011. In this capacity, AmCham Tunisia has been invited either to co-organize or actively participate in all regional meetings, the most important ones being: the US Secretary’s Global Business Conference (Washington, DC. February 21-22, 2012), the 9th edition of the G8 BMENA Forum for the Future (Tunis, 11-13 December, 2012), the 2013 Harvard Arab Alumni Association Conference under the theme “The Arab World: From Revolution to Transformation” (Tunis, 21 March, 2013), and the Conference “MENA Investment and Entrepreneurship: Change Brings Opportunity » (Washington, D.C., 11 October, 2013).

PNB NAPEO Tunisia Local Advisory Board Chairmanship:

As AmCham Tunisia president, I was nominated chair of the Local Advisory Board of the US initiated program Partners for New Beginning, North Africa Partnership for Economic Opportunity (PNB NAPEO), in partnership with Aspen Institute, under which many national and regional activities have been launched such as FICRA , Smart Center and the youth Ideation Camp.

Innovative Initiatives:

  • Activity management: AmCham Tunisia was restructured with sectorial committees to share focused responsibilities while giving more elbow space to the staff. AmCham Tunisia also set up a binding code of ethics;
  • As Amcham MENA Council Chair, AmCham Tunisia initiated the Council annual in May 2012 which has become since a tradition along with the MENA Women Awards;
  • AmCham Tunisia sought and obtained the accreditation of the US Chamber of Commerce;
  • Regional Chapters: To decentralize its activities and to reach out to its members throughout the country, AmCham Tunisia created two regional chapters, one in Sfax (October 2011) and one in Bizerta (April, 2013);
  • Junior Chapters: AmCham Tunisia signed two partnership MoUs with the Tunis Business School and the Tunis Polytechnic School whereby students are introduced to the business community and entrepreneurship.

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