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United States Institute of Peace

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17 Mai 2019 Il y a 5 ans

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Détails de l'opportunité

Régions concernées par cette opportunité: Tunisie
Domaines concernées par cette opportunité: Droits de l’Homme

Educational Design and Curriculum Development in
Tunisia: Engaging Police and National Guard through

Education, Partnership, and Reform


Trainer on Instructional Designer Terms of Reference

Background on Project:

The process of a peaceful democratic transition boils down to fostering human rights culture,
alleviating the underlying causes of fragility, supporting sustainable peace as well as promoting
the rule of law.
To that end, the United States Institute of Peace is implementing a project aiming to assist the
Tunisian security forces in their efforts to reform and modernize their training system.
The following terms of reference detail the specific tasks under this assignment for Instructional

DService Requested:

USIP is seeking to acquire consulting services for the provision of capacity building training and
activities in Instructional Design with a practical application on the Articulate Storyline 3 software.
This capacity building initiative will target two distinct partners in separate engagements. Each of
the two engagements will have a minimal duration of five days and will last a maximum of ten

During the training, Contractor will provide the following services:esign Capacity-Building Process :

  • Introduce learners to Instructional Design concepts and how they converge with other
    notions of Pedagogy including adult learning principles.
    • Give learners knowledge of the timeline, resources and steps involved in developing an
    online course.
    • Support learners while they produce a model course to ensure that they have acquired the
    necessary skills to proficiently use Articulate Storyline 3. The course itself as well as the
    design and production process will serve as a reference in the design and development of
    other courses in the future.
  • Ensure that the training is interactive in nature through applying a participatory approach
    that is in sync with the best pedagogical principles and practices of adult learner-oriented
    • Provide USIP with a two after action reports for each of the two engagements with the two
    partners, one targeting USIP and its funding partners and another for each of the two
    government partners.

USIP and its partners will work collaboratively with the contractor to ensure a sufficient
understanding of the project’s framework and to introduce the contractor to the relevant
stakeholders for optimal pre-engagement however possible (in person meeting or via

Two months from the end of this engagement, another one might be requested by USIP wherein
the contractor will return to meet with her/his former trainees to assess other courses they have
developed independently. The contractor and USIP will provide the two teams with feedback and
will define what the needs are, if any, for remedial training.


  • Instructional Design capacity-building training tailored for each of the NG-TD and NP-
    GTD in Arabic language. (Projected number of participants in each training: 05.)
  •  One model course in Arabic per group of learners based on their curriculum and using
    Articulate Storyline 3. The course is in sync with international and local best practices and
    adult learning principles.
  •  Reporting on each engagement with the NP-GTD and NG-TD to USIP as well as the development of reports on the engagements to the NP-GTD and NG-TD leadership. The reporting is in the form of two documents to be developed by the trainer following an outline to be discussed with USIP.
  •  Contractor will re-engage with their previous trainees two months after the trainings to assess courses that they develop independently. The assessment will define the number of days, if any, required for follow up remedial training.

The trainings (along with all necessary preparation, research and after-action reporting days) will
have to be developed to fit the following timeline:
April 22 – May 10, 2019 for pre-engagement key-informant meetings and the development of
training materials
May 13, 2019 – June 7, 2019 for training delivery.
June 15, 2019 for after-action report delivery.
*Keeping in mind that dates could be subject to modification.

Background and Roles:

The objective of this engagement is to build a cadre of instructional designers in their institutions
that would complement the development, implementation and the roll out of a Learning
Management System (LMS) through preparing and delivering online course content and
accordingly contribute to the modernization process of training and its management.

The training will provide participants with sufficient exposure to Instructional Design and
Pedagogy concepts while also training them on how to create courses using Articulate Storyline
3. Practical exercises throughout the training will culminate in the completion of a model course
to be presented to the training leadership.

USIP’s Role

  1.  USIP and its partners are in the process of developing an LMS on which each institution’s
    curriculum will be uploaded. Instructional Design capacity-building falls within the
    framework of supporting the roll-out of the LMS and equipping the future instructional
    designers with the necessary tools to ensure that the content uploaded and created is
    pedagogically sound, standardized, interactive and engaging as well as consistent with
    international best practices in online adult learning.
  2.  USIP has provided a set of training and workshop sessions related to the training system to
    its Tunisian Partners. Contractor will be briefed about the various recommendations and
    outcomes of the relevant workshops to be able to harmonize their approach to the overall
    capacity building efforts.
  3.  USIP will provide the necessary briefings to the contractor upon selection and agreement
    of services provider

Contractor’s Role

  1.  Contractors are expected to adopt sound adult learning principles in their capacity building design.
  2. The contractor should develop a training description defining training module components and expected learning outcomes along with a training agenda within the aforementioned deadlines.
  3.  The contractor should be aware that they will be holding separate trainings for partner and that each training lasts a minimum of 5 days and a maximum of 10 days which would require their presence in Tunisia for up to 29 days. It is the specialized contractors’ responsibility to design a course that can sufficiently build the capacity of partners to begin developing their own online learning content. By providing USIP with a clear schedule for the training the contractor and USIP can arrive at an agreement on the number of training days.
  4. It is the contractor’s responsibility to ensure that each course model developed as a result of the training is of sound quality and ready to be presented to the training leadership for approval, and institutionalized adoption.
  5. Contractor will return to meet with their previous trainees to assess work they developed independently following the training and to provide remedial training. The assessment will define the number of days, if any, required for follow up remedial training.





Critères d'éligibilité

  • Minimum 3 years in training on the usage of online authoring tools
  • Master’s degree or higher.
  • Past experience working with government training agencies or security sector academies is an asset.
  • Past experience in training on Articulate Storyline 3 is a must.
  • Past experience in Education / Pedagogy is a must.

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