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10 Mai 2021 Il y a 5 mois

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Détails de l'opportunité

Régions concernées par cette opportunité: Tunis
Domaines concernées par cette opportunité: Droits de l’Homme


Expressions of interest invited from experienced human rights researchers 


_________________________________________________________________________Contract Duration: May – September 2021  

Application Deadline: 10 May 2021 

Reporting to: Research Coordinator 

Application contact: [email protected] 


Protest plays an important part in all societies, enabling individuals and groups to express dissent and  grievances, to share views and opinions, to expose flaws in governance and to publicly demand  government accountability and change. Across the world, people are protesting in increasing  numbers, on the streets and online, even though the global pandemic. But this rise has been met by  an increase in crackdowns on protests, from brutal repression to legal and policy measures that  criminalise protest and seek to deter, prevent or obstruct protests. This is compounded by a culture  of impunity for those who violate the protesters’ human rights. Different sectors of public opinion,  including some mainstream media are portraying protests and protesters as either an inconvenience  to be controlled or a threat to be extinguished, instead of sensitising societies about how their rights  are being infringed. 

ARTICLE 19’s work empowering individuals and communities to demand their rights to participate in  civic space and demand accountability is a fundamental step in shifting narratives on protests in a  positive direction. Based on our current work, ARTICLE 19 will develop a dynamic global campaign on  the right to protest. This campaign seeks to build on the learnings from our previous campaigns on  the right to protest in Brazil and Kenya, and look further into stigma by bringing an understanding of  the impact discrimination and exclusion have on the way that authorities respond to protests, the  media covers protest and the public respond and support protest. The campaign seeks to make this  visible and support the voices of those most targeted, at risk and excluded.  

To ensure that our global campaign is evidence based and locally owned, ARTICLE 19 will carry out  research on stigma and discrimination of protesters- both online and offline- in a number of countries.  For this reason, we are seeking either a research agency or a group of consultants to support this task.


ARTICLE19 is looking for research agency or a group of researchers that can conduct research in the following countries- Mexico, Tunisia, Brazil, Kenya, Thailand, Poland, Senegal, and USA. We are  also accepting applications from consultants that have experience in one or several of the above  countries. The agency/researcher(s) will present their methodology to research how stigma and  discrimination against protest and protesters plays a role in how authorities respond to them. They  will need to follow ARTICLE19 research guidelines. The research should include in-depth interviews  with people who experience discrimination around protests and documentation of eyewitness  accounts. The agency/researcher(s) will also need to collect 4 emblematic case studies per country  using our case study guidelines. The agency/ researcher(s) will work closely with a Senior  Campaigner to ensure that all case information is well documented for the campaign.  

The agency/researcher(s) will ensure that the methodologies are applied in target countries, provide  feedback and support to ARTICLE 19 regional offices when necessary, consolidate data and write a  research report. The objective of the report is to demonstrate patterns of discrimination and stigma  of protesters in each country and to present cases of discrimination of certain groups of protesters  in law and practice. The report should include recommendations for governments in target  countries. 

Target Countries: Mexico, Tunisia, Brazil, Kenya, Thailand, Poland, Senegal, and USA Audience and Use:  

  • Communities in the target countries that experience stigma when protesting  ● Communities in target countries that avoid protests because of stigma and discrimination on  protests in the media and by law enforcement  
  • Local and mainstream media in target countries 
  • Authorities and law enforcement agencies in target countries 
  • Civil society organisations that promote the right to protest or defend those that are  protesting 

Research Methodology: 

We are seeking a research agency or group of researchers or consultants with specific expertise in  selected countries, that has access s and is able to carry out in-depth field research one of a  selection of the countries. ARTICLE 19 regional offices will collaborate with the agency/  researcher(s) on identification of groups and individuals for the field research however the actual  research, data collection and analysis will be carried about by the agency/ researcher(s). A report  will be produced by the agency/researcher(s) that should include: 

1.) Review of the legislation governing protests: 

a.) and any legislation that may contribute to discrimination relevant to the  exercise of the right to protest to assess if they comply with international  

and regional human rights treaties and standards. 

2.) Implementation of law in practice:

a.) documentation of patterns, how legislation is being used and how it is being  used differently on certain groups.  

b.) pattern of behaviour by authorities policing protests 

3.) Documentation of 4 -6 case studies (per country) of groups who face discrimination  and exclusion to understand the pattern of discrimination and stigma of certain  groups when protesting in each country 

a.) use emblematic case guidelines to conduct thorough interviews of  


b.) reviewing media materials (incl videos if exist), existing research materials,  interviewing witnesses and victims, interviewing authorities, reviewing  

hospital records, police reports (FoI requests) etc 

Tasks and Responsibilities (adhering to national guidelines and laws relating to coronavirus)

  • Uses ARTICLE19 guidelines and protocols for research 
  • Uses ARTICLE19 policies and documents  
  • Present research methodology, including on key approaches and questions to be answered  in research 
  • Works closely with ARTICLE19 Research Coordinator and regional teams as key informants  and collaborators, who will provide insight into the country, networks and key stakeholders. ● Responsible for data analysis and drafting of research report 
  • Ensure all information is translated when necessary 
  • Collation of raw data 
  • Production of report based on the findings 
  • Production of emblematic case studies  

Deliverables: Agency/Researcher(s) are expected to document data and write a report based on  findings. We also anticipate the Agency/ Researcher(s) to gather 4-6 emblematic case studies per  country. The final report will include all the raw data and any evidence that has been collected.  


10 May  Deadline for expression of interest
w/c 10 May  Shortlisted candidates invited to interview and present their proposal
19 May  Contract signed
September  Final report delivered


Critères d'éligibilité

  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in conducting human rights research and investigations
  • Good knowledge and understanding of freedom of expression and assembly rights
  • Experience conducting interviews with survivors of human rights violations
  • Demonstrable experience in statistic data evaluation
  • Demonstrable knowledge and experience in one or a selection of the selected countries
  • Excellent oral and written communications in English
  • Beneficial if the candidate has knowledge in Spanish, French, Portuguese or Arabic.
  • Excellent project management and budget skills

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