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The The American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative : Recruiting a Web Developer to develop an online course on the Law No.5, 2016 Retour vers les opportunités


23 Mai 2019 Il y a 5 years

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Détails de l'opportunité

Régions concernées par cette opportunité: Tunis et 1 autre(s) régions
Domaines concernées par cette opportunité: Droits de l’Homme

The Justice Sector Reform program (JSR) is a DRL- awarded program implemented by the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI), with the International Republican Institute (IRI), Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) with the aim of supporting the implementation of the recently passed Law No. 5 which expands the right to counsel for suspects facing criminal charges.  The project seeks to (a) provide training and materials for lawyers, judges and prosecutors on the changes to the Criminal Code and the new rights and responsibilities entailed, especially the right to counsel; (b) train journalists and civil society organizations (CSOs) and provide materials on the substance of the Code and other relevant skills in order that they may (c) carry out public information and accountability campaigns.  The program contributed to DRL’s mission by supporting human rights in Tunisia, and by strengthening the Tunisian justice system, which will also strengthen Tunisian democracy.  Among ABA ROLI’s partners in this project is the Tunisian Judicial Training Institute or “Institut Superieur de la Magistrature” (ISM).

In cooperation with the “Tunisian Higher Judicial Institute” (l’Institut Supérieur de la Magistrature), ABA ROLI is seeking a “Web Developer” to develop an online course on Law No. 5 of 2016 on the right to counsel for Tunisian Judges and Prosecutors. The course will be used to increase knowledge of legal professionals on the application of the law”

Substantive materials such as powerpoint presentations, handbooks, videos and audio files will be provided to the web developer by ABA ROLI’s legal expert. The web developer will be responsible to compile these materials in the Institute’s website.



Specifications and Work Statement:


Objective: To develop a online course on Law No. 5 of 2016 on the right to counsel. The course will be used to increase knowledge of legal professionals on the application of the law. Estimated usership is 5000+.

Specifications: The key specifications for the development of the e-learning course on Law No. 5 of 2016, shall include:

  • Development of course in Arabic that includes upto 10 modules, including an introductory module. ABA ROLI will provide content of the modules. Modules will include texts, graphics, and jurisprudence on the law.
  • Modules should be able to be made interactive, and should close with a multiple choice quizzes for each module, and include a completion certificate
  • Online course should include options for downloading PDFs, powerpoints, and word documents
  • Should include pop-up buttons/boxes that show defintions of the legal terms or include explanatory notes
  • Should include ability to link to internal or external resources (e.g. websites, embedded PDF documents, videos, etc.)
  • Should include text boxes for learners to reflect on lessons and provide feedback
  • Should use attractive and innovative media and design (e.g. animation, graphics, etc) to engage learners and support knowledge acquisition
  • Interface should be user-friendly and include navigational elements that are user friendly this includes:
    • Navigation buttons and easy functional links;
    • Search function availability;
    • The user should be able to stop the course at any time and restart from the same point;
    • Users should know where they are in the course and can move easily within and between modules
    • Note approximate time used to complete the modules
    • Accessible for users with low bandwidth
  • Course should be mobile compatible
  • Bearing in mind the low internet connectivity of some target users, propose an offline solution (e.g.possibility to download the course into a computer (windows, mac or linux) or flash drive or install the same in an android or a mac device to use it in an offline mode).
  • Vendor should provide hosting for course
    • Course may be hosted on separate website or on a current website of ABA ROLI’s local partner; course should integrated through the partners’ website if possible
    • Where possible, opensource platforms should be utilized to ensure smooth handover to ABA ROLI partners.
  • Vendor should include maintenance and user support for one year.
  • Should include customized registration page to allow users to register
    • Should have option to disable registration and pre-generate a list of username and passwords
  • Course and materials will be owned by ABA ROLI’s Tunisian local partners, and ABA ROLI and partners should have the ability to do the following:
    • View the list of registered users
    • Track individual learners’ use of the course, progress made, and quiz scores
    • Survey course learners to provide feedback on the course
    • Analytics of Usage
    • Other materials, to be further identified
  • Pilot delivery and review: The vendor will be expected to be available for the first pilot delivery of the e-learning course and subsequent review/enhancement of the modules based on user feedback
  • Additional information/technical details recommended by the vendor are welcome


The vendor’s proposed approach to accomplishing the above scope of work must be clearly detailed in the Response to this RFP. Bidders should provide a narrative proposal, per Appendix B, that provides detailed descriptions of the following:

Organizational Capacity Statement: Bidders should describe background and mandate of the organization. They would also describe their organizational capacity to carry out the work in this RFP. This should include a detailed description of the capacity to develop the course and highlight previous experience in carrying out similar work.

Approach: The proposal shall provide an overall approach that includes effective development of the course modules.

Timeline: The Bidder must submit a timeline in the proposal detailing plans for implementation.

Budget:  The Bidder must provide a line-item budget for all activities under this program. The estimated budget shall be between 10,000 – 15,000 TND. Budgets shall not exceed 15,000 TND.

References: The Bidder must provide three (3) references who can attest to the success

of previous work.


Bid Timetable

The ABA will make every effort to adhere to the following schedule (all deadlines are 17:00 Tunisia):

Activity Responsibility Date

RFP posted


ABA 15 May 2019
Deadline to submit clarifying questions via e-mail to montassar.benslimane@abaroli.org Bidders 17 May 2019

Deadline for distribution of answers to questions


ABA 18 May 2019
Electronic proposals must be received by montassar.benslimane@abaroli.org Bidders 23 May 2019
Bidders notified of result. ABA 27 May 2019
Selected Bidders Awarded Contracts ABA 31 May 2019


Proposal Requirements:


Statement of the Services. Briefly state your understanding of the services required by the RFP. Include a high-level management summary of how your company will effectively satisfy the services required.

Proposed Approach. Describe your approach in detail for accomplishing the work.


Price Submittal. Bidders must not include any assumptions in their price submittals. If the Bidder includes assumptions in its price submittal, the issuing employee may reject the proposal. All prices must be included so that the total spending required by the ABA is clearly defined.


Criteria for Selection: The following criteria will be used, in no particular order, in evaluating each proposal:

  1. Planned approach to accomplish the project objective; Bidder’s will be evaluated on the understanding of the needs of ABA ROLI for the creation of this e-learning course.
  2. Experience managing similar projects: Bidders will be evaluated based previous work of developing e-learning courses in Arabic. This criterion also covers quality of previous work as per references and feedback from references.
  3. Timeline: This will include evaluation of the Bidder’s capacity to begin work in June and timeline for effective implementation before the end of the project on July 31.
  4. Price: Bidders shall be evaluated based on the cost effectiveness of the budget. The estimated budget for a campaign shall be between 10,000 – 15,000 TND.

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