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TADEEM recruits Senior Specialist – Roads Maintenance Retour vers les opportunités


15 Décembre 2019 Il y a 2 ans

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Régions concernées par cette opportunité: Tunis et 1 autre(s) régions


USAID‘s Tunisia Accountability, Decentralization and Effective Municipalities (TADAEEM) Project is a project that aims to help the Government of Tunisia decentralize governance to the institutions closest to its citizenry and continue to strengthen its nascent democracy. Deloitte, alongside a team of subcontractors, will work to enhance citizen participation in the process of governance as well as the government’s capacity to deliver the services that citizens prioritize. The Project team will work in 12 governorates, 33 adjacent municipalities, and with the central government in Tunis to ultimately strengthen the ecosystem of stakeholders and institutions across the country through five regional hub offices located in Ariana, Kef, Kairouan, Gabes and Tozeur, supported by headquarters in Tunis.


The Senior Specialist shall provide responsive and proactive support to regional hub teams to ensure their timely access to well targeted technical support to meet the requirements of municipalities for the improvement of the roads and sidewalks service.  

The Specialist will be based at the TADAEEM Tunis office and will manage the Roads Service Improvement Program as part of the Technical Support Unit of the Technical Department. The Coordinator will manage a small team composed of 1 or 2 Service Delivery Specialists who will assist in carrying out the functions of the program. 

The Specialist will maintain close working relationship with the Coordinators of the Waste Management, Public Lighting, Parks and Green Spaces and Markets Programs and work closely with the Coordinators of the Administrative Support and Information Management Programs.  Given the direct interface between the roads and sidewalks service with utilities including electricity, gas, water, sanitation, telecommunication and rain water drainage, the Roads Coordinator will work closely with the Intergovernmental Coordinator. 

Scope of Work

The Specialist shall perform the following scope of work:

  1. Maintain a close working relationship with the regional teams and ensure readiness to respond to requests for technical support and guidance;  
  2. Proactively maintain and continuously update an in-depth understanding of the characteristics of the municipal roads services sector and the nature of demand for technical support to improve the delivery of the service;
  3. Directly provide technical support to regional teams to backstop root cause analysis, the development of SDIPs and their implementation;
  4. Provide technical support to procurement processes for the purchase of goods or services that relate to the roads service sector; 
  5. Leverage the specialized capacities of technical experts as and when needed either through TADAEEM’s subcontractors (COMETE, DTT or others) or those directly contracted by TADAEEM and manage the allocation of their time based on accurately defined support needs;
  6. Regularly assess the performance of experts and review their outputs to ensure the required level of quality and pace of delivery. 
  7. Continuously review the impact of support provided by TADAEEM on the ability of municipalities to deliver the roads and sidewalk services;
  8. Work closely with the TADAEEM Intergovernmental Coordination team to support their interventions to improve coordination between utility companies and municipalities during installation and maintenance of their networks that utilize the roads and sidewalks right-of-way;
  9. Provide support to municipalities to maintain effective oversight of the required technical specifications of public works when handed over to them by such utilities;  
  10. Develop and deliver training modules to facilitate the systematic transfer of technical capacity to TADAEEM’s regional Service Delivery Specialists to enable them to respond to a broader scope of requested support by municipalities for improving roads and sidewalks services;   


The Specialist will be expected to deliver the following outputs:

  1. A monthly report summarizing the state of the roads service at TADAEEM municipalities, the areas of improvement as well as areas of challenge which can be technical, financial/administrative or the result of other institutional and intergovernmental or policy factors;
  2. Monthly updates on policy or regulatory reforms that positively or negatively impact the municipal roads services sector; 
  3. Consolidation of technical modules that s/he develops or are developed by technical experts and used to improve aspects of the roads service delivery process;
  4. Innovations that can be derived from observed municipal best practices in Tunisia or elsewhere that can be applicable in the Tunisian context;
  5. Training modules targeting TADAEEM regional staff and aiming to transfer technical capacity to provide responsive support to municipalities for improving the road and sidewalk service;
  6. Other tasks requested by the Senior Manager of Technical Support;

Reporting requirement 

The Specialist shall report directly to the Senior Manager of the Technical Support Unit. S/he shall work closely with other program coordinators within the Technical Support Unit as well as the National Interface Unit.  

Place of Performance 

The Specialist shall be based at the Tunis Office with travels to the regional offices and Tadaeem municipalities as and when needed.  

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