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Search for Common Ground

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28 Février 2019 Il y a 2 ans

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Détails de l'opportunité

Régions concernées par cette opportunité: Tunis et 1 autre(s) régions
Domaines concernées par cette opportunité: Citoyenneté et gouvernance et 2 autre(s) domaines

Project Summary
Search for Common Ground – Tunisia (Search-Tunisia) is currently implementing in partnership with
FHI360 the USAID-funded Ma3an program, which aims to increase the capacity of communities to
withstand political, social, and economic stresses and shocks by achieving the objectives of: 1)
strengthened community resilience, 2) mitigated community vulnerabilities, and 3) improved capacity of
Tunisian partners to sustain and replicate the model. Ma3an will spur 30 of Tunisia’s most vulnerable
communities to action and generate sustainable resources for development in areas that are vulnerable
to instability. Together with USAID-Tunisia’s programs in accountability, decentralization, and youth
entrepreneurship (i.e., TADAEEM and Mashrou3i), Ma3an will consolidate democratic progress while
fostering social cohesion in target areas.

Search in Tunisia
Search’s mission in Tunisia is to promote the culture of dialogue and diversity through the involvement of
all parts of society while building their capacities. Search works in Tunisia to help members of Tunisian
society to address conflicts and differences constructively through cooperation and dialogue. SearchTunisia works across multiple channels, mainly with youth, CSOs, media actors, security forces, and local
authorities to build the capacity of individuals and institutions to address challenges including differences
and acting on common points. Through this approach and partnerships, Search-Tunisia has four main
strategic objectives: (i) promoting peace education; (ii) fostering non-violent social dialogue; (iii)
enhancing participatory and inclusive governance; and (iv) transforming violent extremism. More
information about our Tunisia program can be found here.

About the Consultancy
As part of the Ma3an program, Search-Tunisia aims to engage teachers and school administrators to
provide civic engagement opportunities for youth in several vulnerable Tunisian communities. During the
first year, Search will do this by developing an Arabic-language civic engagement curriculum that will
guide middle and high school teachers and administrators in 18 schools across six Tunisian governorates
in the delivery of weekly extra-curricular civic engagement classes to students.

Search-Tunisia seeks to procure the services of (an) external independent consultant(s) who will work
closely with the Ma3an team and the Ministry of Education to lead the development of the civic
engagement curriculum and train teachers and administrators on its use.

The external consultant will lead the curriculum development with support and input from the Ma3an
School-Based Youth Engagement Advisor and Technical Officer, as well as the Gender Equality and
Social Inclusion (GESI) Advisor. The curriculum will be age- and capacity-appropriate, and integrate
gender and social inclusions considerations, such as the promotion of adult-accompanied service
activities held during day-time hours. These activities may range from organizing civic advocacy
campaigns in collaboration with local authorities, to hosting cultural and charity events with the
engagement of both youth and their parents/teachers. To inform the creation of the curriculum and ensure
resonance to the Tunisian context, the consultant will develop a participatory methodology based on
focus group discussions (FGD) within each target community that convene key stakeholders, such as teachers, inspectors, students, parents and other key educators. These FGDs will allow the consultant
and the Ma3an team to assess local gaps, needs, and opportunities regarding youth civic engagement.

The content of the curriculum will: (1) be informed by a desk review of external literature, led by the
Search-Tunisia DM&E team with support from the Ma3an School-Based Youth Engagement Advisor,
which will look at regional and global best practice in the development of civic education curricula; (2)
capitalize on Search-Tunisia’s previous success implementing civic engagement and peace education
curriculums in 20 (primary) schools in ten Tunisia governorates; (3) leverage Search’s global experience
in developing civic education curricula in other countries (in Yemen, for instance) through the technical
support provided by Search’s Children and Youth Department. The Ministry of Education will be closely
consulted throughout the curriculum development process through regular calls, informal discussions and
formal workshops with Ministry officials for feedback.
The consultant will conduct work in the six target governorates of Zaghouan, Tunis, Jendouba, Siliana,
Sousse, and Kairouan, but the final selection of target communities and schools will be made in
collaboration with USAID and the Ministry of Education. S/he will report to the School-Based Youth
Engagement Advisor and work closely with the School-Based Youth Engagement Technical Officer,
Search-Tunisia DM&E team, and the Search-Ma3an Team Leader. This consultancy will last for
approximately 6 months, from January to June 2019

Scope of Work
The scope of the assignment is divided into two lots: 1) Curriculum Development and 2) Curriculum
Training. Applicants can apply either for both lots or for only one, but applicants with capacities to deliver
both lots will be preferred

The two lots include the following activities:

Lot 1 – Curriculum Development

  1.  Support the Ma3an School-Based Youth Engagement Advisor and Technical Officer in their
    engagement with the Ministry of Education aimed at cultivating institutional buy-in and building
    key relationships within the Ministry. (Since start of contract and throughout duration of contract)
  2. Develop an inception report that provides an inclusive methodology featuring focus group
    discussions (FGDs) and Key Informant Interviews (KIIs) with key stakeholders and leveraging: i)
    a desk review on existing literature and resources produced by the Search-Tunisia DM&E team,
    ii) Search previous successes and lessons learned implementing similar programs in Tunisia and
    elsewhere. The inception report should also provide a clear work plan for the whole curriculum
    development process. It will be submitted to the Ma3an team for review and approval. (January
  3.  Lead the facilitation of FGDs and KIIs with key national and local stakeholders at central level and
    in the 6 target governorates (teachers, inspectors, students, parents, and other key educators) to
    gain qualitative inputs on youth civic engagement needs and challenges. (February 2019)
  4. Produce a single fieldwork analysis report that captures key insights and question responses, and
    identifies success factors, challenges, threats, needs, and local opportunities and gaps regarding
    youth civic engagement in the target communities. (February 2019)
  5.  Develop (i) the list of topics to be covered by the curriculum and (ii) an outline of the curriculum,
    which should be divided into Educator Guide and Student Book, and submit both documents for
    review and approval to the Ma3an team and the Ministry of Education. (Early March 2019)
  6.  With support from the GESI Advisor, ensure that special attention is given to considerations
    around gender, social cohesion, marginalized groups, non-violence, and conflict resolution and peace. The curriculum must be also relevant to national educational goals. (Throughout
    curriculum development process)
  7. . Ensure the integration of a youth-centered pedagogy that foresees interactive activities and
    supports a safe and learner-friendly educational environment. (Throughout curriculum
    development process)
  8. Lead the development of a draft Teacher Guide and a draft Student Book, with support and input
    from relevant Ma3an team members, Search’s global Children and Youth Team, and relevant
    Ministry of Education representatives. (March 2019)
  9.  Develop and structure all potential associated resource materials (lesson handouts, library of
    associated media resources, etc.). (April 2019)
  10. Work closely with relevant Ma3an team members and the Ministry of Education to ensure that
    curriculum is effective and relevant with local content, using, where available, localized examples
    to explain concepts. (Throughout curriculum development process)
  11.  Lead the draft curriculum review process and update based on feedback provided by the Search
    team, the wider Ma3an team, and the Ministry of Education, through calls, email exchanges,
    and/or formal review sessions as required. (April 2019)
  12.  Finalize the curriculum based on feedback received, submitting to the Ma3an team one electronic
    copy (Word format) and one hard copy. (April 2019)

Lot 2 – Curriculum Training

  1.  Develop agenda and module content for a three-day training for teachers and educators on the
    use of the civic engagement curriculum (Teacher Guide and Student Book) in weekly extracurricular civic engagement classes for students. Submit agenda and module content for review
    to the Ma3an team. (end of April 2019)
  2. Facilitate 6 governorate-level training workshops in Arabic for 15 teachers and school
    administrators (one per target governorate) on the use of the civic engagement curriculum for
    weekly extra-curricular classes for students. (June 2019)
  3.  Produce one final report on the training workshops, capturing key insights, challenges, lessons
    learned, and recommendations for curriculum use and adaptation. (June 2019)

Deliverables & Payment Schedule

The following deliverables and payment structure are expected from this consultancy:

Curriculum Development Team
The consultant will report directly to the School-Based Youth Engagement Advisor and work closely with
the School-Based Youth Engagement Technical Officer, the Search-Tunisia DM&E team, the SearchMa3an Team Leader, and the Ma3an Senior Technical Advisor. S/he will be also required to liaise closely with representatives of the Ministry of Education.

The selection of the consultant will be determined based on the financial proposal, technical proposal,
previous experience and skills of the proposed consultant(s), and an interview.


Critères d'éligibilité

  • Advanced university degree in education, international development, social sciences, peacebuilding, or other related technical field.
  • At least 7 years of professional work experience at national or international level on education programming, policy support, particularly in civic education and training and/or curriculum development
  • Strong technical expertise in curriculum development and/or interactive pedagogy
  • Experience working with Ministries of Education providing technical support or implementing programs, particularly in education and/or analytical research.
  • Sound knowledge of the education sector in Tunisia or the MENA region and educational policies and processes.
  • Good knowledge of civil society and community work in Tunisia.
  • Experience in organizing and facilitating multi-stakeholder meetings.
  • Extensive experience in qualitative research and data analysis, especially conducting FGDs and KIIs.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, both written and oral
  • Excellent program management (design, planning, and coordination) skills.
  • Strong technical expertise in report writing.
  • Fluency in Arabic and English, French would be a plus
  • Proficiency working with Microsoft Office or other similar software.
  • Advanced university degree in education, international development, social sciences, peacebuilding, or other related technical field.
  • At least 7 years of professional work experience providing training to different stakeholders, particularly related to civic and peace education.
  • At least 5 years of experience working in educational institutions, INGOs, or other relevant institutions.
  • Extensive experience organizing and leading Trainings of Trainers, from the creation of the training agenda and module content to the development of all training resources and materials.
  • Good knowledge of the Tunisian education sector/context or regional knowledge in similar country contexts is highly desirable
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, both written and oral.
  • Experience utilizing several different teaching methodologies, particularly highly interactive methodologies that engage significantly the learner
  • Experience writing strong training reports
  • Fluency in Arabic and English, French would be a plus.
  • Proficiency working with Microsoft Office or other similar software.

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