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Munathara Initiative

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07 Août 2020 Il y a 4 years

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Request for Proposal/Quotation For Documentary PRODUCTION AGENCY 


Table of Contents 

Submission Details 2 

Submission Deadlines 2 

Electronic Submissions 2 

Submission Delivery Address 3 

Submission Questions and Clarifications 3 

Introduction and Executive Summary 3 

Organization Overview & Background 4 

Program History: Tunisia Decides 5 

Detailed Specifications of RFP 5 

Selection Criteria 6 

Terms and Conditions 7 

Submission Details 

Submission Deadlines All applications must be submitted on paper and delivered directly to our office. A complete application will include (i) a narrative approach to the drafting of a storyboard, format and style contained in the “Detailed Specifications” section of the Request for Proposals (RFP), (ii) an itemized budget, including all expected costs and salaries, (iii) a detailed timeline for completion, (iv) a comprehensive curriculum vitae of all members of the production team, including extraneous consultants, (v) samples of previous relevant work, and (vi) at least three (3) recommendations from previous clients. 

Electronic Submissions Due to the exceptional time constraints at hand, we will accept initial electronic submissions by email to: fadwa@munathara.com. However, all electronic submissions must be followed by paper applications in order to be considered. 


The deadline for submissions is: 

Monday 03/08/2020 6:00pm Tunisia time (GMT+1) 

Submission Delivery Address The delivery address to be used for all submissions is: 

Ms. Fadwa Zidi Chief Operating Officer The Munathara Initiative Rue du lac d’Ourmia,Immeuble Miniar, 2éme étage,Bloc B les Berges du Lac 1053 Tunis Email: fadwa@munathara.com 

Submission Questions and Clarifications Questions or requests for clarification on any topics covered in this Request For Proposal should be sent to: 

Sofien Achouri Cell: +216 29872502 Email: sofien@munathara.com 

Introduction and Executive Summary 

The Munathara Initiative’s mission is to foster a vibrant, constructive and inclusive public sphere across the Arabic speaking world. The Initiative was founded in 2012 as a registered non-profit organization with offices in Washington D.C. and Tunis, Tunisia. Our objective is to strengthen public conversations across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region by engaging underrepresented voices of youth, women, and marginalized communities (YWM) in high-impact debates around the most pressing issues of common concern through innovative online technology, on-the-ground training and workshops, and live, televised events. 

Organization Overview & Background 

The Munathara Initiative was founded by Belabbes Benkredda in 2012 through a “eureka” moment: namely, despite the numerical overrepresentation of youth, women, and marginalized communities across the Arabic speaking world, the region’s public sphere is predominated by the thoughts and opinions of older generations of male analysts and commentators. Therefore, to meet their growing desire for greater participation in society, politics, and governance, Munathara sought to offer unique opportunities for participants meeting YWM criteria to engage in live debates, oftentimes alongside policymakers and thought leaders across the MENA. 

Since our inception in 2012, we have organized hundreds of training sessions and debate workshops for over 10,000 participants; solicited more than 11,000 video submissions by 183,000 registered members on our platform; and attracted some 650,000 Facebook followers with 16 million video views online, not to mention reaching countless millions more through our popular live television programs—all with the aim of creating an independent and inclusive discussion and debate platform for the entire Arabic speaking world. 

Through our outreach program, youth (aged 16-30) develop key skills to express their opinions and build coherent arguments while engaging in constructive exchanges with their interlocutors. Online, Munathara built the Arabic speaking world’s first video debate website, a platform where registered users can view and rate videos in order to determine the top contributions to recurring debate competitions (Musabaqat Munathara). Winners appear in live, televised debates, where they participate alongside major public figures (i.e., an elected official or public intellectual) to voice their informed opinions on a range of topics that most impact their lives and livelihoods. 

Building on a nearly decade-long commitment to gain public trust as a neutral arbiter for vibrant, constructive, and inclusive debate in Tunisia and the rest of the Arabic speaking world, The Munathara Initiative made history in 2019 when we launched our program, Tunisia Decides—the first and only free and fair live, televised presidential and parliamentary debates in the region. Tunisia Decides was designed to ensure the integrity of Tunisia’s electoral process, to include average voters in the collection of issues of common concern through direct citizen engagement, and thereby to serve the interests of the Tunisian electorate in informing the body politic on candidates’ political preferences and party platforms. 

Program History: Tunisia Decides 

In 2019, The Munathara Initiative proudly contributed to Tunisia’s democratic transition by initiating, sponsoring and co-organizing the country’s first-ever presidential and parliamentary electoral debates–also the first-ever live, televised free and fair electoral debates in the Arabic speaking world. Munathara convened a powerful coalition of public and private broadcasters, Tunisia’s Independent High Authority for Elections (ISIE), and the country’s broadcast regulator, the High Authority for Audiovisual Communication (HAICA), in order to implement a series of candidate debates ahead of the general elections. Hundreds of Tunisians from all 24 governorates, including the Initiative’s key target populations—youth, women, and marginalized communities (YWM)—were engaged in the process through workshops designed to solicit voters’ issues of most common concern. Hundreds more contributed questions and opinions through Munathara’s web platform built specifically for this purpose. The programs reached historic audiences and made a widely-recognized contribution to Tunisia’s nascent democracy. 

Detailed Specifications of RFP 

Task Overview 

The Munathara Initiative is seeking a production agency or independent filmmaker to produce a 15-20 minute documentary detailing the planning, organization, and implementation of Tunisia Decides and the attending 2019 presidential elections

While The Munathara Initiative is certain to be the protagonist of the narrative, we are searching for a Production Agency that can frame the documentary from a neutral perspective (as a historical event rather than a promotional video). Thus, the prospective agency will have considerable creative license in proposing the initial storyboard, format, and style. Upon hiring the successful applicant, Munathara will share its production material (i.e. videos, recordings, documents) from the outset of the program to the presidential debate itself that can be used in the production of the documentary. In addition, the Production Agency will have access to Munathara’s Executive Team, among other partners, in order to interview organizers and other relevant actors and stakeholders on the challenges and successes of the Tunisia Decides program. 

Based on the narrative contained in the “Program History: Tunisia Decides” (will be provided to selected candidates) and supplementary material, we kindly request all applicants to propose an initial storyboard, including the precision of a format and the description of a style that best suits the purposes of the 

documentary as aforementioned along with all other required material outlined in the “Submission Details” section (above). 

Selection Criteria 

Decision Process: The pre-selection process will begin the week following the deadline. After the pre-selection period, we will request selected agencies to prepare a more thorough storyboard, outlining the narrative and specifying the format and style in draft form. After meeting all selected agencies, we will make our final decision. From 10/08/2020, the Chief Operating Officer, Fadwa Zidi, will be working closely with the selected agency to set off the project. 

Description of Ideal Candidates: Ideal candidates will have at least 5 years of production experience, including original scoring, preferably from a journalistic background. The Production Agency will approach the documentary with innovative cinematography that captures the significance and iconography of the electoral debates. Those who have previous experience with producing short films and documentaries around 20 minutes will be given preference, as will those with a strong record of diligent and thorough work ethics as attested to by recommenders (previous clients). Proficiency in Arabic, French and English by at least one member of the Production Agency is required. 

Phases of Development: The Munathara Initiative will work closely with the Production Agency on all phases of development, and will request periods of review as follows:

  1. Applicants are selected ( Date :10/08/2020)
  2. 2. Screening of relevant material 3
  3. . Storyboard development 4.
  4. Storyboard review (DATE : 25/08/2020) 5
  5. . Interviews of Munathara Executive Team and relevant stakeholders 6
  6. . First Draft 7
  7. . First Draft review (DATE : 21/09/2020) 8
  8. . Scoring, voiceover, and translation 9
  9. . Second Draft review (DATE : 05/10/2020) 10
  10. . Revisions 11.
  11. Final Draft (DATE : 18/10/2020) 

The project deadline is not to exceed October 20, 2020. 

Terms and Conditions 

1.Tasks and Deliverables: 

The Production Agency or independent filmmaker (hereinafter “the Agency”) is responsible for ensuring the high quality of the tasks and deliverables set out in the Request for Proposal according to reasonable industry standards. If the Agency fails to fulfil these tasks or to perform them at the level required by The Munathara Initiative (hereinafter “Munathara”), payment may be reduced to reflect the partial fulfilment of the terms of the contract. 

If the deliverables produced by the Agency do not meet Munathara’s satisfaction, Munathara and the Agency shall agree to a reasonable timetable for revisions to ensure that Munathara’s specifications are duly obtained. 

Any additional work involved in processing or revising these deliverables are not subject to additional remuneration. 

2.Communication : 

The Agency commits itself for the entire duration of the assignment and must ensure that they are contactable without delay by phone and/or email on business days during working hours (9am-5pm). Except for cases of medical emergency or natural disaster, the Agency is obliged to inform Munathara of any potential periods wherein the Agency will be indisposed with 48-hours notice. 

The agency is bound to keep Munathara informed about the development of the mission in particular; the agency shall inform Munathara of any event which may have unfavourable consequences on the execution of the Project in a manner which shall enable Munathara to react immediately vis-à-vis relevant stakeholders and/or local authorities. 

  1. Intellectual Property 

All information and footage pertaining to this project (documentary, audio, digital, cyber, project documents, etc.) belonging to Munathara or produced by the Agency for this project is the express intellectual property of The Munathara Initiative. Any additional information which the Agency may come into contact with in the performance of its duties shall remain the property of Munathara, who shall have exclusive rights over their use. Except for purposes of this assignment, neither information nor footage shall not be disclosed to the public nor used in whatever manner without written permission of The Munathara Initiative. 

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