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02 Octobre 2018 Il y a 3 ans

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Régions concernées par cette opportunité: Tunis et 1 autre(s) régions


TADAEEM project is implementing USAID’s Tunisia Accountability, Decentralization and Effective Municipalities. This 4-year governance project aims to help the Government of Tunisia decentralize governance to the institutions closest to its citizenry and continue to strengthen its nascent democracy. The project, alongside a team of subcontractors, will work to enhance citizen participation in the process of governance as well as the government’s capacity to deliver the services that citizens prioritize. The project team will work in 11 provinces, 31 adjacent municipalities, and with the central government in Tunis to ultimately strengthen the ecosystem of stakeholders and institutions across the country. Outside of Tunis, the project will hold 4 regional offices. The project seeks to recruit a CSO Specialist for each of these offices.

Objectives and Responsibilities:

The Executive Assistant (EA) shall work closely with the Senior Governance Advisor (SGA) on the follow-up and management the various tracks of technical work being carried out by the Tunis and Regional Teams that are being guided by the SGA. This is to ensure timely delivery and that outputs are in adherence the technical guidance that’s put in place.  The EA shall also assist the SGA in ensuring that members of the broader technical team are involved and engaged when and where relevant and that their engagement is well defined and that their contribution accurately corresponds to the role they are expected to play. The function of the EA in relationship to the TADAEEM technical team is focused on facilitating coordination and follow-up and does not entail a supervisory role.

The EA is also expected to work with the SGA on generating technical guidance notes, scopes of work (including job descriptions) for performing specific tasks or roles and generating technical reports that capture technical outputs generated through activities carried out by the TADAEEM technical teams through its various action tracks.

The EA is therefore expected to maintain regular communication and follow-up with Objective Leads and Regional Managers as well as relevant members of the technical team in Tunis and the Regions to follow-up on progress of activities and to obtain and consolidate their reports on technical outputs.

Specific Tasks and Deliverables:

The EA shall perform the following functions and generate the following deliverables:

  1. Task: Develop a system (guided by the SGA) for following up on the state of implementation of the various technical tracks of work taking place at the national, regional and local levels and within the various areas of focus that TADAEEM has launched (or is launching) and document progress made and identify areas where limited progress is being made;

Deliverable: Tracking system for progress made on the implementation of TADAEEM technical tracks of work at the national, regional and local/municipal level and thematically;

  1. Task:Develop and maintain a nuanced understanding of the objective and substantive scopeof the various TADAEEM technical tracks of work that the SGA is guiding and gradually developing the ability to contribute (Guided by SGA) to the drafting of technical guidance notes to be disseminated to members of the technical team as relevant and the follow up on their application;

Deliverable: Technical guidance notes disseminated and filled by category and a simple tracking system to ensure their application in the field;

  1. Task: Maintain a system for ensuring the engagement of relevant TADAEEM team members (Tunis or Region based as well as Mobile Team members) in the various tracks of work at the national, regional and municipal levels and help in identifying gaps to be addressed;

Deliverable: A system for maintaining an overview of team engagement by track of work;

  1. Task: The drafting of technical reports capturing and synthesizing outputs generated through the various technical tracks of work;

Deliverable: Technical reports synthesizing outputs generated through the various technical tracks of work (by governance level as well as thematically) to be used for tracking TADAEEM’s technical achievements and to contribute to reporting;

  1. Task: Undertake administrative functions related to the SGA and interface with the TADAEEM
  2. Task:Undertake other related tasks to be requested by the SGA;

Deliverable: Their related deliverables to be specified on a case by case basis; 

Reporting Structure and Coordination:

The EA shall report directly to the SGA.  S/he shall work closely and maintain regular communication channels (NOT in a supervisory capacity) with Objective Leads and Regional Managers as well as relevant technical team members at the Tunis or Regional levels.  S/he shall also maintain regular communication and share information on generated technical outputs with the TADAEEM Monitoring and Evaluation Team to ensure that such outputs inform reporting, tracking and are disseminated properly.  The EA shall also maintain direct contact with TADAEEM’s Operations unit to ensure efficient execution of support functions and other transactions related to technical operations.

Place of Performance:

The EA shall be based at the Tunis Office with travel to the regional offices and Tadaeem municipalities as and when needed.

Critères d'éligibilité

  • The EA shall possess a graduate degree (Masters or equivalent) in fields relevant to the broader scope of work of TADAEEM which may include but not limited to public policy, urban planning or management
  • Experience of 5 years or more in related fields playing a role in development (or private sector) project management, project implementation or other would be an asset
  • Command of Arabic, English and French is a requirement with a well-developed capacity in technical report writing and the drafting of concise guidance notes and other communication pieces

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