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04 Juin 2021 Il y a 2 mois

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Régions concernées par cette opportunité: Tunisie


The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees was established on December 14, 1950 by the United Nations General Assembly. The agency is mandated to lead and coordinate international action to protect refugees and resolve refugee problems worldwide. Its primary purpose is to safeguard the rights and wellbeing of refugees. It also has a mandate to help stateless people

In more than seven decades, the agency has helped tens of millions of people restart their lives. Today, a staff of some 17,300 people in more than 135 countries continue to help about 70.8 million persons. To help and protect some of the worlds most vulnerable people in so many places and types of environment, UNHCR must purchase goods and services worldwide. For further information on UNHCR, its mandate and operations, please see http://www.unhcr.org

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), established on December 14, 1950 by the United Nations General Assembly », requests your price quotation for the provision of Printing services specified in this Request for Quotation (RFQ)


Description: Printing Services Specifications: The descriptions of the currently known requirements are indicated under Annex A. During the duration of the Frame Agreement, UNHCR may further add and specify new requirements for Printing Services not currently described under Annex A Quantity: indicative yearly requirements are described in Annex A

UNHCR may award Frame Agreement(s) with initial duration of 1 (one) year, potentially extendable for a further period of 1 (one) year. The successful bidders will be requested to maintain their quoted price model for the duration of the Frame Agreement(s)

The estimated annual requirement of UNHCR is as indicated in Annex A

For further information on UNHCR, please see http://www.unhcr.org 


Please note that figures have been stated in order to enable bidders to have an indication of the projected requirements. It does not represent a commitment that UNHCR will require the totality of the above quantity. Quantities may vary and will depend on the actual requirements and funds available regulated by issuance of individual Purchase Orders against the Frame Agreement 

Other United Nations Agencies, Funds and Programmes shall be entitled to the same prices and terms as those contained in the offers of the successful bidders and could form the basis for a Frame Agreement with other UN Agencies

IMPORTANT: When a Frame Agreement is awarded, either party can terminate the agreement only upo

30 daysnotice, in writing to the other party

Please find attached in Annex A more information about the services and items required (specifications)

Qualification/Evaluation Criteria: The technical component of your offer will be evaluated using the PASS or FAIL criteria as per below



Offers will be considered technically compliant only if meeting all the above criteria

Please include the following price information in your « Annex C » Financial Offer Form (without VAT)

  • Currency: please submit your offer in TND ONLY 
  • Unit Cost: per each item type and quantity range 
  • Total Cost for items price containing delivery to UNHCR Office DAP Tunis 

Please note that UNHCR has tax and duty exemption status, quotes must be submitted accordingly

  1. 2. RFQ Submission 

UNHCR reserves the right to accept the whole or part of your quotation. UNHCR may at its discretion increase or decrease the proposed content when awarding the contract and would not expect a significant variation of the rate submitted. Any such increase or decrease in the contract duration would be negotiated with the successful bidder as part of the finalization of the Purchase Orders for Services. 

UNHCR may, at its discretion, extend the deadline for the submission of quotation, by notifying all prospective suppliers in writing. The extension of the deadline may accompany a modification of the solicitation documents prepared by UNHCR at its own initiative or in response to a clarification requested by a prospective supplier. 

Please note that UNHCR is not bound to select any of the firms submitting bids and does not bind itself in any way to select the firm offering the lowest price. Furthermore, the contract will be awarded to the bid considered most responsive to the needs, as well as conforming to UNHCR’s general principles, including economy and efficiency and best value for money 

  1. 4. TERMS FOR PURCHASE ORDERS Any Purchase Order (PO) issued as a result of this RFQ will be made in TND. Payment will be made in accordance to the General Conditions for the Purchase of Services and in the currency in which the PO is issued. Payments shall only be initiated after confirmation of successful completion by UNHCR business owner
  2. Environmental Policy 

UNHCR’s policy is to purchase products and services which have the least negative impact on the environment. Environmental considerations covering manufacture, transport, packaging, use and disposal of goods form part of UNHCR’s evaluation and selection criteria

  1. 6. Zero Tolerance Policy 

Please note that UNHCR strictly follows zero tolerance policy and as such, advises to its bidders not to offer any gifts, favor, hospitality, commission, etc. to UNHCR Staff. Any bidder found to be offering gifts, favor, hospitality, commission, etc. to UNHCR Staff will be placed on United Nations sanctioned list and UNHCR will not do business with them anymore 

MANNER OF SUBMISSION SUMMARY Send your email offer to supply.libya@unhcr.org with the following documents

  1. 1. Registration certificate proving that bidding company is registered in Tunis and was 

established prior to 04/06/2018 2. Tax Certificate (Patente, identifiant unique) 3. Confirmation on technical compliance on Annex B 4. Your financial quote submitted on Annex C, duly signed and stamped 5. Duly filled and signed Vendor Registration Form (Annex D). 6. Accepted (signed and stamped) Annex E (UNHCR General Terms and Conditions) 7. Accepted (signed and stamped) Annex F (UN Supplier Code of Conduct) 8. Confirmation that bidder is not included in UN/UNGM/EU sanction list: (Annex G) dully 

filled/signed and stamped

Thank you for your

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