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L’organisation Internationale pour les Migrations (OIM Libya Mission en Tunisie ) recrute Senior Reporting Assistant (Offre en Anglais) Retour vers les opportunités


23 Décembre 2015 Il y a 8 years

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Régions concernées par cette opportunité: Tunis


International Organization for Migration (IOM) Libya mission in Tunis is looking for a Senior Reporting Assistant according to the terms of reference stipulated below :



Posting Channel : Internal/NMS
Vacancy Announcement : LY20/2015/05
Position title : Senior Reporting Assistant
Position grade : G6
Duty station : IOM Libya in Tunis, Tunisia
Appointment Type : Special Short Term for 9 months
Seniority band : III
Job family : Support
Position rated : Yes
Subject to rotation : No
Reporting directly to : Chief of Mission
Managerial responsibility : No
Directly reporting staff : N/A


Under the overall supervision of the Chief of Mission (CoM), the Senior Reporting Assistant will be accountable and responsible for fulfilling the reporting requirements of the mission’s projects.

III. Responsibilities and Accountabilities

  1. Prepare regular progress reports to be submitted to donors and Headquarters.
  2. Support the preparation of regular project narratives, concept notes, minutes of meeting as well as interim and final project reports, according to IOM and donor formats as required, and update regularly and report to donors covering all IOM activities.
  3. Follow up on the timely preparation, review and submission of interim and/ or final narrative reports to donors. Keep track of donor reporting requirements and submission deadlines for each project.
  4. Disseminate relevant information material in a timely and quality manner;
  5. Support the revision of the quality of all missions’ reporting.
  6. Develop templates for reporting, as needed. Develop appropriate tools to ensure that information from all units is available to the team for use in programming and planning of activities across units.
  7. Liaise closely with the relevant units to regularly update the mission’s website.
  8. Develop and disseminate communications and visibility materials, such as quarterly reports, newsletters, flash reports, etc.
  9. Compile, process and coordinate inputs from programme managers, Government and UN Agencies, NGOs and donors.
  10. Perform such other duties as may be assigned


The incumbent is expected to demonstrate the following technical and behavioural competencies



  • Creates a respectful office environment free of harassment and retaliation, and promotes the prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA)
  • Accepts and gives constructive criticism
  • Follows all relevant procedures, processes, and policies
  • Meets deadline, cost, and quality requirements for outputs
  • Monitors own work to correct errors
  • Takes responsibility for meeting commitments and for any shortcomings
  • Client Orientation
  • Identifies the immediate and peripheral clients of own work
  • Effectively interfaces with government officials of appropriate level on matters related to substantive migration issues and the work of IOM
  • Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with clients
  • Identifies and monitors changes in the needs of clients, including donors, governments, and project beneficiaries
  • Keeps clients informed of developments and setbacks
  • Continuous Learning
  • Contributes to colleagues’ learning
  • Demonstrates interest in improving relevant skills
  • Demonstrates interest in acquiring skills relevant to other functional areas
  • Keeps abreast of developments in own professional area


  • Actively shares relevant information
  • Clearly communicates, and listens to feedback on, changing priorities and procedures
  • Writes clearly and effectively, adapting wording and style to the intended audience
  • Listens effectively and communicates clearly, adapting delivery to the audience

Creativity and Initiative

  • Actively seeks new ways of improving programmes or services
  • Expands responsibilities while maintaining existing ones
  • Persuades others to consider new ideas
  • Proactively develops new ways to resolve problems
  • Leadership and Negotiation
  • Convinces others to share resources
  • Actively identifies opportunities for and promotes organizational change
  • Presents goals as shared interests
  • Articulates vision to motivate colleagues and follows through with commitments

Performance Management

  • Provides constructive feedback to colleagues
  • Identifies ways for their staff to develop their abilities and careers
  • Provides fair, accurate, timely, and constructive staff evaluations
  • Uses staff evaluations appropriately in recruitment and other relevant HR procedures
  • Holds directly reporting managers accountable for providing fair, accurate, timely, and constructive staff evaluations
  • Planning and Organizing
  • Sets clear and achievable goals consistent with agreed priorities for self and others
  • Identifies priority activities and assignments for self and others
  • Develops strategic vision for IOM within area of responsibility
  • Organizes and documents work to allow for planned and unplanned handovers
  • Identifies risks and makes contingency plans
  • Adjusts priorities and plans to achieve goals
  • Allocates appropriate times and resources for own work and that of team members


  • Masters subject matter related to responsibilities
  • Identifies issues, opportunities, and risks central to responsibilities
  • Incorporates gender-related needs, perspectives, and concerns, and promotes equal gender participation
  • Effectively applies knowledge of migration issues within organizational context
  • Correctly frames migration issues within their regional, global, and political context
  • Persistent, calm, and polite in the face of challenges and stress
  • Treats all colleagues with respect and dignity
  • Works effectively with people from different cultures by adapting to relevant cultural contexts
  • Knowledgeable about and promotes IOM core mandate and migration solutions


  • Actively contributes to an effective, collegial, and agreeable team environment
  • Contributes to, and follows team objectives
  • Gives credit where credit is due
  • Seeks input and feedback from others
  • Delegates tasks and responsibilities as appropriate
  • Actively supports and implements final group decisions
  • Takes joint responsibility for team’s work

Technological Awareness

  • Learns about developments in available technology
  • Proactively identifies and advocates for cost-efficient technology solutions
  • Understands applicability and limitation of technology and seeks to apply it to appropriate work
  • Resource Mobilization
  • Establishes realistic resource requirements to meet IOM needs
  • Builds stable strategic alliances with relevant parties
  • Identifies sources of and secures funding from external stakeholders to meet the needs of IOM


  •  Migration – Correctly frames migration issues within their regional, global, and political context;
  • Media and Communications – Interfaces across units and departments within IOM to extract relevant information;
  • Media and Communications – Drives and fosters understanding of Media and Communications concepts amongst key personnel in IOM;
  • Media and Communications – Correctly and effectively applies knowledge of traditional and social media.


  • Bachelor degree in Communications, International Relations, Social Sciences, Development Studies, Business Administration or a related field from an accredited academic institution;
  • Six years of relevant professional experience. Experience
    Excellent drafting skills, experience in writing reports, briefings, and articles desirable;
  • Expertise in liaising with donors or external partners;
  • Expertise in collaboration with international organizations;
  • Good level of computer literacy, and significant reporting and database experience required, preferably with Microsoft Access.


  • English
  • Fluent Advantageous
  • Working knowledge of Arabic or French is an advantage.

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