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(Offre en Anglais) UNHCR lance un appel à manifestation d’intérêt pour un projet en Providing assistance and protection to PoC rescued at sea or land Retour vers les opportunités


12 Mai 2017 Il y a 6 ans

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Régions concernées par cette opportunité: Médenine et 2 autre(s) régions
Domaines concernées par cette opportunité: Droits de l’Homme et 2 autre(s) domaines

As part of UNHCR Policy on selection and retention of partners for project partnership agreements, UNHCR Tunisia is publishing a Call for expression of interest to select partners for the following project:


Project title and Identification: Providing assistance and protection to PoC rescued at sea or land 

Project Location: Tunis, Zarzis, Medenine, Sfax

Brief Background of the Project: Since 2011, Tunisia is confronted with arrivals of PoC rescued at sea or land. In particular sea arrivals have common characteristics insofar as they concern boats that left Libya irregularly, to reach Europe, carrying persons originating from various countries, mainly sub-Saharans. With a view to supporting the efforts of Tunisia in its humanitarian response to situations of rescue at sea and land of migrants and refugees, UNHCR Tunisia is aiming to provide basic protection and assistance to arrivals in Tunisia of people of concern requiring international protection.

Goal Emergency Response: Maintenance and management of dormitories for transitional shelter assistance: Emergency Shelter assistance is available for vulnerable asylum seekers and refugees. For that, UNHCR put in place a dormitory used to be as an emergency shelter for UNHCR PoCs to be used by families and the most vulnerable cases (eg. Single mother, minors etc).

Access to the territory improved and risk of refoulement reduced: A standard operating procedures (SOPs) related to the treatment in Tunisia of persons rescued at sea and land were developed by UNHCR in consultation with the International Organization for Migrations, the Tunisian Red Crescent and the International Committee of the Red Cross humanitarian partners, and approved by the Tunisian authorities in 2016. In order to maintain the access to the Tunisian territory for rescue at sea people, UNHCR need to make sure that the SOP is implemented by the different operational actors. Therefore UNHCR is planning to implement training targeting the security services, police and border guards and government official and also the procurement of IT equipment to enhance the capacities of border authorities.

Access to and quality of status determination procedures: Ensure the profiling of persons rescued at sea and land in order to determine intentions and international protection needs. This will precede any formal RSD undertaken for persons who have expressed needs for international protection. The interviews conducted soon after arrival in Tunisia are aimed at determining the profile of the persons rescued and refer them to the appropriate procedure, ie. Refugee status determination for those expressing international protection needs or voluntary repatriation for those who left the country of origin for non-protection reasons.

Population has sufficient basic and domestic items: Once the identification measures are completed, the concerned persons must be provided with humanitarian assistance with a view to address their immediate needs; food and non-food assistance will be delivered in the transitional center.

Intended Population of Concern: Refugees (Syrian and non-Syrian population)

Project Period [estimated start and end dates of project]: 1st June 2017 – 31st December 2017

Submission Deadline: 12 May 2017

Date Decision Results to be Communicated to Applicants:  26 May 2017

Selection Criteria

Criteria Description: Sector expertise and experience – the required specific skills, sector specialists, knowledge and human resources. Assigned Weighting: 40%

Criteria Description: Project management – ability to deliver project objectives, accountability mechanisms and sound financial management, taking into account the audit results of the previous UNHCR-funded projects, past performance and the external audit of partners’ financial statements, where applicable. Assigned Weighting: 20%

Criteria Description: Local experience and presence – ongoing programme in the area of operation; local knowledge; engaging refugees and other persons of concern; trust from local communities; local presence; partner policy on community relations; complaint mechanisms for persons of concern; self-organized groups of persons of concern; and other factors that would facilitate access to and better understanding of the persons of concern and that would reduce administrative difficulties. Assigned Weighting: 15%

Criteria Description: Contribution of resources – evidenced and documented contribution of resources to the Project in cash or in-kind (e.g. human resources, supplies and/or equipment) by the partner that are presently available (or potentially mobilized by the partner) in order to supplement UNHCR resources. Assigned Weighting: 5%

Criteria Description: Cost effectiveness – level of direct costs and administrative costs imposed on the Project in relation to project deliverables. Assigned Weighting: 15%

Criteria Description: Experience working with UNHCR – global and/or local partnerships including knowledge of UNHCR policies, practices and programmes, including an understanding of and ability to work within UNHCR’s funding limitations and associated inherent risks. Partners that have three consecutive qualified audit opinions for UNHCR-funded projects may not be considered. Assigned Weighting: 5%

Other: as required by the UNHCR Office for any specific project.

Here attached the Call for expression of interest-Project Providing assistance and protection to PoC rescued at sea or land

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Mazin Abushanab

UNHCR Tunis Office, Tunisia - 20, rue des lacs Mazouries, les Berges du lac1

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