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05 Mars 2024 Dans 2 semaines

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Régions concernées par cette opportunité: Tunisie

Job Description

MEAL Manager – Expertise France Libya

Position : MEAL Manager

Name of the project : E-NABLE/EU4SKILLS 

Bailleur : EU

Durée : Local contract, 12 months renewable under the end of the project

Emplacement du poste : Tunis, Tunisia

Date limite de réponse : 05/03/2024 23 :59 (Paris time)


About Expertise France

Expertise France (EF) is a French public agency under the tutelage of the French Ministries of European and Foreign Affairs and Economy and Finance with a strong inter-ministerial vocation. EF offers project engineering and technical assistance by developing and implementing international cooperation actions worldwide. The agency operates in various fields of development and institutional cooperation including safety and security sector reform, post-crisis/stability, public health, human rights, strengthening of institutions and NGOs and governance. Carrying out large-scale, multi-stakeholder projects, EF can ensure the cooperation between individuals, teams and institutions with very different statuses, cultures and specialties. Besides, EF has acquired a sound experience in administrative and financial management of large-scale international projects and is accredited by the European Union for the management of delegated community funds

Context of the mission

Since the Government of National Accord (GNA) came into power according to Skhirat agreement on the 17th of December 2015, the country’s security situation faced several challenges with the worst period being in April 2019. This is when a military campaign was launched by the Libyan National Army (LNA), led by General Haftar, to take over the capital, Tripoli. The LNA offensive against Tripoli resulted in an increased destabilization of Libya and completely unpredictable outcomes.

Despite this situation combined later on with the COVID-19 pandemic, that structurally affected all cooperation activities developed by the international community in Libya, Expertise France continued to implement its programs, using alternative channels and tools such as online features, or locating its activities elsewhere when the security / safety situation in the country was not allowing to do it there, as it happened for example for training or workshops together with the Libyan partners in Tunis. 

Moreover, the European Commission and Expertise France capitalization strategy for the implementation of successive projects permitted to reach great achievements of both EU funded projects SLEIDSE (2016 – 2020) and EU4PSL (2019 – 2023).

Such favorable results encouraged the European Commission, at the beginning of 2022, to fund E-NABLE project (2023 – 2025) and EU4SKILLS (2024 – 2027), regardless of the political and security instability and having the objective to continue the relevant partnership established with the Libyan authorities and partners around the support to private sector development and to economic and financial governance


The projects

To tackle some of these issues, Expertise France, the French technical cooperation agency, together with the European Union and in close cooperation with both international and local Libyan partners, have developed a set of targeted activities based on several years of experience in order to improve Libya’s business environment and support the growth of the private sector. 

Considering the very volatile environment in Libya, at both political and security level, it is of paramount importance to adopt a flexible approach in implementing the action. Classical long-term planning is not realistic in view of the ever-changing context. It is suggested to review both objectives and achievements every year during the steering committee to allow the necessary operational adaptations in the scope of the activities that would allow reaching the objectives of the action.


Expertise France is working on two projects until 2024 and other projects are in development.


The first project is E-NABLE, a 3 years-project, funded by the European Union, with 5 M€. The overall objective of the action is therefore to improve the capacities of key economic institutions for sustainable and digital economic recovery and dynamics, in order to institutionalize the economic growth of the private sector, with the support of both private and public sector organizations.


The three objectives and components of the project are described, as follows: 

  • To enhance public policies for economic diversification and enabling business environment 
  • To take up digital innovations related to economic governance among public institutions
  • To improve services and products provided by financial institutions 


This project seeks to assist the government of Libya and all relevant stakeholders in their efforts to promote development of an open, dynamic and diversified economy in Libya. 

The project will contribute concrete and practical assistance to key Libyan stakeholders, who have capacity to accelerate the transition towards:

  • economic diversification;
  • competitiveness of the private sector;
  • digitalization of the economy and the society. 


Outcome 1 (O1): Public policies for economic diversification and enabling business environment are enhanced.


Outputs 1: 

  • Economic knowledge and data base are improved 
  • Shared and concerted vision on sustainable economic development issues
  • Knowledge and capacities for enabling business environment, facilitating private sector development and fostering domestic and foreign investment are improved.


Outcome 2 (O2): Digital innovations related to economic governance are taken up among public institutions.

Outputs 2:

  • Public actors are supported in developing and implementing a national digital and innovative strategy
  • Capacities of MoET and CoCs’ staff on a strategy and digital tools are strengthened
  • Digital tools and relevant capacities within the tax administration are improved


Outcome 3 (O3): Services and products provided by financial institutions are improved.

Outputs 3:

    • A political and organizational framework for establishing a leasing company for accessing credit is developed 
    • Organizational and technical capacities of the Libyan Credit Information Center are strengthened 
    • Knowledge on micro-finance is increased among banks
  • A new regulatory framework for enabling local market fintech actors is supported.

The second project is RAQAMEYON, a 1-year project funded by the French government with 0.8m euros and implemented by Expertise France in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. 


The aim of the Raqameyon project is to diversify the Libyan employment market through the development of a digital economy, which currently offers very significant potential in terms of job creation. The development of such an economy is at the heart of Libya’s development strategy. 

To achieve this objective, the project will implement capacity-building activities to train the future players in this digital transition. The aim here is to disseminate digital skills to a wide range of people.

The project is based around 3 key areas: 

  • Component 1: “Getting started with the Office suite” training for businesses, the public sector and in particular the Ministry of Education
  • Component 2: Supporting the Ministry of Education in rolling out digital training in Libyan schools
  • Component 3: “Turnkey digital skills” training for entrepreneurs and SMEs
  • Component 4: On-job training on specific topics related to digital (talent tech’ Libya)

As part of its efforts to support economic development, EF is working with Libyan partners on employability (EU4SKILLS). This development action complements, supports and deepens the work carried out by the ongoing E-NABLE and RAQAMEYON projects, drawing on analyses by the World Bank and studies by the OECD and Expertise France. Its four components are closely linked in terms of the objectives and activities they seek to achieve. 

The impact of the action is to improve the capacities of key economic institutions for a sustainable and digital economic recovery and dynamic, in order to institutionalise economic growth for the private sector, with the support of private bodies and the public sector. The expected outcome are as follow: 

Outcome 1 (O1): Employability governance and mechanisms are approved and enforced within the Libyan educational system.


Outcome 2 (O2): Employability and business opportunities are supported through the reinforcement of the digital transformation.


Outcome 3 (O3): Skills and employability on green and blue economies are reinforced for both public and private sectors.


Outcome 4 (O4): Skills and capacities of financial sector actors are reinforced to improve SME financial inclusion and employability at institutional level.


The MEAL manager will have the opportunity to integrate other projects into his/her actual portfolio (projects in development) depending on the integration of new initiative in EF Libya portfolio. Depending on the needs of the MENDAMI 2 and AJYAL projects, the MEAL manager will participate in project activities.

Mission and tasks


Under the supervision of the MEAL Coordinator and in collaboration with the entire EF Libya team, the MEAL manager will be responsible for the following objectives: 

1/ To provide MEAL support in the design and implementation of projects (logical framework, definition of indicators, capitalization strategy, evaluation, etc.), ensuring that MEAL is an integral part of the project life cycle and that resources are mobilized for the proper development of MEAL;

2/ To participate in the implementation of a harmonised MEAL framework with the MEAL coordinator, ensuring the quality and consistency of projects (tools, processes, procedures, methodologies) in line with the Agency’s M&E policy;

3/ To work with the MEAL coordinator and the project leaders, identify the human resources needs and contribute to the development of the MEAL capacities of the teams and partners;

More specifically, the MEAL manager’s tasks will be as follows (not exhaustive):


  • Participate in the dissemination of the agency’s MEAL standards within the team and with partners;
  • Creation, co-validation and updating of the donor logical framework with the teams, the MEAL Coordinator, the institutional partners of the projects and the subsidized beneficiaries; 
  • Drawing up a data management plan 
  • Creation of data collection tools according to project needs, while ensuring that tools are harmonized across the mission
  • Provide evidence-based data for an overall analysis of the effect/impact of the project and meet the contractual commitments to the donor and partners;
  • Ensure quality control of the information and data collected;
  • Ensure the archiving of tools and data collected;
  • Ensure the protection of the data collected;

Manage external MEAL experts according to requests;



  • Set up and organize the evaluation of capacity building activities:
    • Pre-post testing (knowledge assessment);
    • Satisfaction survey;
  • Set up external evaluations of projects (baseline, mid-term and final evaluation):
    • Drafting of ToRs with EF team, partners and MEAL Coordinator
    • Selection of service provider;
    • Monitoring of the evaluation
    • Validation of the deliverables 



  • Set up data visualization systems to contribute to the accountability of donors and partners. 
  • Set up and participate in various internal and donor accountability exercises:
    • Yearly review
    • Draft and consolidate technical and financial donors reports
    • MEAL report
    • THEMA indicators 



  • Prepare and organize training on learning with teams and new recruits if necessary;
  • Set up and develop the strategy for learning Libya projects:
    • Identify and define the learning strategy of the various ongoing projects;
    • Participate in the progressive creation of learning sheets
    • Plan and carry out interviews with teams, beneficiaries and donors;
    • Organize learning work with the team;
    • Collect, analyze and process data from learning workshops, interviews and questionnaires;
    • Write a final learning report and participate in the formalization of specific promotion and dissemination tools if necessary, in collaboration with the communication manager.


Project development

  • Participate in the drafting, review and consolidation of project proposals;
  • Participate in the structuring of provisional budgets in relation to the MEAL activities of new programs under development;
  • Develop the MEAL chapters of new project/programme proposals;
  • Organize meetings with potential partners;
  • Set up new parallel activities to be included in projects (prevention of corruption, etc.), in conjunction with external partners.


Project management support

  • Support in monitoring administrative and financial issues, in collaboration with the CAM for project management;
  • Participation in coordination meetings;
  • Drawing up minutes of meetings with partners;
  • Monitoring the archiving of projects in collaboration with the team;

Expertise required


  • A master’s degree in political science, business management or any other relevant field;
  • At least 2 years of professional experience working on donor funded project. An experience on EU funding would be considered as an asset;
  • At least 3 years of MEAL experience in an international context;
  • Proven experience in project management;
  • Experience in monitoring and evaluation of multi-actor projects: administrations, public agencies, international organizations, private sector, CSOs;
  • Good diplomatic skills and abilities to work in challenging environment with tight deadlines;
  • Excellent level of oral and written English (working language of the project);
  • French and/or Arabic is an asset
  • Strong drafting skills


Additional information

The duty station of the position is Tunis, in the Tunisian Office of Expertise France. Potential travels abroad and to Libya may be required, subject to security conditions.


The service is scheduled to last 1 year: 15 March 2024 – 14 March 2025


Candidates interested in this opportunity are invited to submit their application as soon as possible MEAL Manager – Expertise France Libya (H/F) (gestmax.fr).

 Expertise France reserves the right to pre-select candidates before the recruitment closing date. 


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