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30 Septembre 2016 Il y a 5 ans

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Régions concernées par cette opportunité: Tunis

  1. Background

The development and implementation of International IDEA’s Youth Democracy Curriculum is designed to ensure that young women and men, too often marginalized from political processes, are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed toe ffectively participate in, and contribute to, the consolidation and strengthening of their democracies.

The West Asia and North Africa (WANA) programme decided to embark on the development and implementation of this unique curriculum in order to respond to concerns about declining youth participation as outlined in International IDEA’s 2012-2017 strategy. With this in mind, the programme began a mapping of existing work with youth across the region and noted its conversations with national partners who continue to observe the existence of few capable youth leaders in the democracy building field.

From these conclusions, International IDEA then decided it would transform both its 20 years of knowledge in its four key impact areas – electoral processes, constitution building processes, political participation and representation processes and democracy and development – and its international and country-specific experience into an accessible format that will engage young women and men and inspire them to learn more about their democratic processes and institutions; and equip them to more effectively contribute to their democratic contexts.

Since the development of the curriculum, International IDEA has partnered with the International Development and Research Centre (IDRC). Through this partnership and mutual goals, the participants of the project will benefit from International IDEA’s expertise in supporting democratic processes and institutions and the IDRC’s expertise in research, knowledge transfer and policy development. With the mutual objectives of enhancing the skills and knowledge of youth across Africa, the two organizations will work together to foster new talent and provide opportunities for long-term learning and knowledge application.

The curriculum is designed to build the capacities of youth in two primary areas:

  1. a) Technical knowledge of democratic institutions and processes (see comprehensive list of modules below)
  1. b) Practical skills, including but not limited to team building, writing, negotiating, analytical thinking, public speaking and debating.

Since the submission of the first draft of the curriculum it has been customized to the Tunisian context by a select group of national experts and is now considered ready for piloting.

  1. Introduction

The curriculum consists of 12 modules which will be taught using a participatory adult learning methodology, where the knowledge of participants is as equally valued as that of the facilitators. The modules include:

  1. Introduction to Democracy & Democratic Governance
  2. Constitutions
  3. Elections
  4. Parliaments
  5. Executive & Public Administration
  6. Political Parties
  7. Local Government
  8. Justice Systems
  9. Media, Access to Information & Civic Education
  10. Civil Society
  11. Working in Democratic Governance
  12. Learning Assessment

Throughout all modules the important themes of gender, diversity and security will be mainstreamed.

It is anticipated that each module will be run over the course of two days, with two modules being run back to back each month. This means that facilitators and participants are expected to commit their presence for one period of four days each month. Assignments will also be given between classroom sessions with facilitators expected to dedicate time to reviewing homework and conducting classroom preparations between physical meetings.

Objectives of the Assignment The objective of the assignment is be one of a team of three national facilitators, one junior national facilitator and one international facilitator responsible for the development, delivery and assessment of learning from the youth democracy curriculum.

  1. Objectives of the Assignment

The objective of the assignment is be one of a team of three national facilitators, one junior national facilitator and one international facilitator responsible for the development, delivery and assessment of learning from the youth democracy curriculum.

  1. Scope of Work and Deliverables

The assignment consists of:

  • Attending a four day mini-workshop to familiarize facilitators with both the curriculum and the participatory learning methodologies to be used on the programme, scheduled for early November 2016
  • Developing a timeframe of implementation to be agreed upon jointly with the other facilitators and proposed to IDEA
  • Advising on and supporting the selection of participants
  • Revising and understanding the course methodology and materials and planning and structuring each module according to the details within the curriculum.
  • Co-facilitating modules on various topics within democratic governance as per the Module list above using an adult learning methodology to co-facilitate all modules of the curriculum
  • Identifying guest speakers and other preparation prior to each module
  • Reviewing student assignments and providing feedback and providing mentoring and coaching for the youth participants
  • Providing inputs and suggested edits to the curriculum for incorporation in the post-pilot version – including changes specific to the Tunisian context and any relating to structural changes needed
  • Support to the online youth network
  • Identification of possible internship opportunities for participants
  • Identification of workshops and conferences to which some participants can contribute
  • Identification of opportunities to contribute to policy creation and development at the national, regional and international levels
  1. Language of the service

The curriculum will be run in Arabic with fluent English mandatory for the assignment.

  1. Timing and Work Plan

The estimated duration of the contract is for 76 days over the course of nine months between October 2016 and July 2017. The time breakdown for assignment will be as follows:


  1. Management and Organization

In implementing these services the contractor will liaise with and coordinate with Mrs Shana Kaiser (Programme Manager, International IDEA [email protected]), and Ms Nadia Haddad (Associate Programme Officer, [email protected]) and will work under the guidance of the international facilitator who will lead the preparation and delivery of the Pilot programme.


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