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01 Mars 2023 Il y a 2 semaines

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Régions concernées par cette opportunité: Tunisie

Interior Design & Branding Agency 

Cures Project – Preparing Cures Simulation Center for Launch  Ceremony 



Updated: February 07, 2023 

End Date: February 10, 2023 

Project Background: 

What is Cures project? 

The CURES project is funded by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs Office of  Assistance Coordination.  

The aim of this project is to improve scientific research in Tunisia to be able to better prevent and treat  non-communicable diseases (NCDs) through the establishment of a simulation center that allows  doctors, medical students, nurses, and health technician to apply research and test new technologies  and treatments. This project supports improvement to healthcare quality in Tunisia and strengthen the  business climate to become more conducive to private sector-led growth 

What is Cures Simulation center? 

The Sfax University Simulation Center is a 2,500 square meter facility. The first floor includes 3 areas  designated to high fidelity simulation including debriefing and simulation rooms, one meeting room,  3 flex rooms, Two Skills lab area. The second-floor houses 5 team training rooms, an open simulation  space, and several exam rooms. In term of the acute care wing, there is an emergency room, intensive  care unit, flex room classroom. 

The simulation center will provide trainings to improve and assess communication skills and the  ability to integrate several competencies in lifelike clinical situations for medical students, nurses,  and technicians from the health sector; team training on complex, rare, or dangerous medical  situations, including clinical events and disaster scenarios; and technical skills training, which can be  augmented for clinical, procedural, and haptic skills. 

Important words that describe the Cures Simulation Center as a brand: 

– Modern 

– Health 

– Technology  

– Research 

– Simulation 

– Cooperation between Tunisia and the United States

Overview of work: 

The agency is requested to collaborate with the design and branding team of the Cures project to  implement, print and design branding materials for the Cures Simulation Center based in Sfax.  

The agency mission will be: 

– Make an in-depth assessment of the center based in Sfax. 

– Provide the best solutions in an offer (In terms of cost, efficiency and needs). for requested  items below. 

– Provide precise measurements of items that will be designed by the Cures team.

Agency task details: 

– Organize a field visit to Cures Simulation Center in Sfax to take dimensions for all needed work and conduct and in-depth assessment of the space. 

– Prepare and install a 3D logo sign that could light up for the entrance of the space (Check the logo on the top right) 

– Provide printing solutions for the branding of the whole front wall of Cures Simulation center.  The images that will be inserted in the front wall should be resistant to weather conditions and  the colors should not change over time (Check reference) 

Figure 1 A 3D Simulation of the entrance of the Simulation Center 

– Design and install a creative memorial wall inside the space that reflects the brand identity of  the Cures Simulation Center. 

Figure 2 An example of a memorial wall in a modern hospital (not necessarily the same dimensions) 

– Collaborate with Cures branding and design team to design the virtual reality space. That  includes brainstorming for ideas, taking proper dimensions of the space, provide best solution  for printing or painting on the wall.  

– Design, print and install two 3D visuals that should be printed and installed to the walls. The 3D  visuals should match the interior design of the Simulation center and should reflects the  continuity of the space (Check references). 

– Collaborate with the technical team to accommodate the space to the mission and the vision of  the center. 

Figure 3 An example of the 3D Image. (This is not the actual space) 

– Print, prepare and install plexiglass signs for all rooms (Number of signs 50 to be revised as per  the assessment need) 

– Purchase of 4 display stands (présentoir) to display flyers and communications materials related  to the Cures Simulation center 

– Purchase and install Curtains for first Floor and second Floor (Solution Should be adapted to the  room utility and space)

– The agency will support with designing the outline for the space to align with the center mission  and vision including a staging plan and proposed solution. 

– Suggest and carry out rehabilitation work (Interior and exterior) to accommodate the space to a  modern facility including signs, Lighting, marking of exists, entrance…. 

– Suggest and carry out needed rehabilitation work to create a continuity in space between First  floor and second Floor. 

Work timeline 

The Cures simulation ceremony is scheduled early March. This mission should be completely executed  before March 1St 2023. 

Architectural plans for the Facility are available upon request.

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