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20 Janvier 2022 Il y a 3 years

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Régions concernées par cette opportunité: Tunis


RAWSA MENA, a network hosted by the Groupe Tawhida Ben Cheikh as its legal manager  in Tunisia, is looking for an illustrator for a compilation of women’s stories and testimonies  on abortion in the MENA region. 


RAWSA Network in North Africa and Middle East region brings together human rights  organizations and feminist activists for a regional advocacy in support of the right to safe  abortion.  

The RAWSA Network, created in May 2019, believes that every woman has the right to  decide on her body and have access to Sexual and Reproductive services without being  prosecuted and/or imprisoned. 

Our objective is to Limit restrictive policies related to sexual and reproductive rights  including those on abortion – because they are in contradiction with the principles of  Human Rights. We wish to remove discriminatory barriers to access to safe reproductive  health service. 

Our project is based on 3 pillars:  

  • Develop then strengthen a regional network for the exchange of experience and of  good practices between associations and activists defending the sexual and  reproductive rights; 
  • Develop advocacy for promoting the legal environment and social support for the  right to safe abortion in the MENA region; 
  • Develop research to provide information showing the impact on women’s health and  right of unsafe abortion.  


In the Middle East and North African region, abortion is taboo and illegal in almost every  country (except Tunisia and Turkey). However, many women continue to seek abortion  for a multitude of reasons and despite the legal prohibition. Consequently, accessing 

abortion is unsafe and full of barriers. In other words, women have no choice but to put  their lives at risk while using unsafe abortion methods. 

In this context, RAWSA MENA Network supported by the SAAF, aims to raise awareness  and to advocate for safe abortion for women in the entire region. We develop this  compilation of stories and testimonies to raise awareness on the issue of unsafe abortion:  we are giving the speech to woman and we are seeking witnesses to enable change. 

Target Audience: This compilation of stories and testimonies indirectly targets any  individual interested in the subject matter and specifically addresses civil society  organizations and public institutions working on SRHR and women’s rights, as well as any  women in the region who faces stigma for seeking an abortion. 

The compilation will be a book from about 30 pages. The book will be accessible on  RAWSA MENA Network website: https://www.rawsamena.org/ 

For this project, the RAWSA MENA network is looking for an illustrator. 


General objective: 

Illustrate the compilation book in order to make the reader closer to the women stories  on the barriers to abortion in the MENA region countries. The reader will be feeling  emotion and empathy while reading the stories and seeing the illustrations. 


  • Illustrate the first page of the compilation book (taking in account the title and RAWSA  logo) – one-page size A4/portrait 
  • Illustrate each chapter’s beginning which correspond to an explanation of the  abortion situation in one of the MENA region countries (Tunisia, Morocco, Iraq, Egypt,  Palestine, Jordan, Algeria, Syria, Lebanon). The illustration should be linked with the  specificities of this country. 9 x Half-page size A4/portrait 
  • Propose 3 or 4 short illustrations to complete a page. 
  • Illustrate the last part of the compilation book which is a call to action against unsafe  abortion in the MENA region: one illustration “call to action”. Half-page size A4/portrait 

The illustrations could represent women of the MENA region in the context of abortion. The aim is not to victimize the women but to show the difficulties they are facing.  

RAWSA MENA will organize meeting with the illustrator to specify the expectations if  necessary and share the draft of the compilation book with the illustrator chosen.  The illustrator will propose the type of illustrations he or she imagine for the project.

Timeline (provisional):

15th to 30th January 2022:  Illustrator identification, meetings and contracting
1st to 20th February 2022 : Worktime
End of February 2022 : Compilation book’s launch



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