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10 Février 2018 Il y a 6 ans

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Détails de l'opportunité

Régions concernées par cette opportunité: Tunisie
Domaines concernées par cette opportunité: Citoyenneté et gouvernance

Type of contract: Fixedtermcontract (1 year)

Contract Duration: One year renevable depending on funds

Workinghours: Full time (40 hours/week)

Location: Based in Tunis, Tunisia

Salary& Conditions: According to experience and HR policy and conditions in Tunisia

Reporting line: Program Manager, ExectiveBoard

Starting date: ASAP


Requirements :


Marketing, communications and public relations


  1. Responsible for creating, implementing and measuring the success of:

acomprehensive marketing, communications and public relations program thatwillenhance the Organization’s image and position within the marketplace and the general public, and facilitateinternal and external communications; and, all Organization marketing, communications and public relations activities and materialsincluding publications, media relations, client acquisition and soforth.

  1. Ensure articulation of Organization’sdesired image and position, assure consistent communication of image and position throughout the Organization, and assure communication of image and position to all constituencies, bothinternal and external.
  2. Responsible for editorial direction, design, production and distribution of all Organization publications.
  3. Coordinate media interest in the Organization and ensureregular contact withtarget media and appropriateresponse to media requests.
  4. Act as the Organization’srepresentativewith the media.
  5. Coordinate the appearance of all Organizationprint and electronicmaterialssuch as letterhead, use of logo, brochures, etc…
  6. Develop, coordinate and oversee programs, technical assistance and resourcematerials to assistiidebatechapters in the marketing, communications and positioning of theiractivities.
  7. Providecounsel to IIDebate chapters on marketing, communications and public relations.
  8. Ensurethat the Organizationregularlyconducts relevant marketresearch and coordinate and overseethisactivity. Monitor trends.
  9. Leads projects as assigned, such as cause-related marketing and specialevents.
  10. Monitor &establishstrategy on social media channel and website


Planning and budgeting


  1. Responsible for the achievement of marketing/communications/public relations mission, goals and financial objectives. Ensurethatevaluationsystems are in place related to these goals and objectives and report progress to the ExecutiveDirector and Board.
  2. Develop short- and long-term plans and budgets for the marketing/communications/ public relations program and itsactivities, monitor progress, assure adherence and evaluate performance.
  3. Recommend short- and long-termOrganization goals and objectives to the ExecutiveDirector.
  4. Develop, implement and monitor systems and proceduresnecessary to the smoothoperation of the marketing/communications/public relations function.
  5. Keepinformed of developments in the fields of marketing, communications and public relations, not-for-profit management and governance, [and the specific business of the Organization and use this information to help the Organizationoperatewith initiative and innovation.




Organizational strategy


  1. Workwith senior staff, other staff and volunteers to: develop and maintain a strategic perspective — based on marketplace and constituent needs and satisfaction — in organizational direction, program and services, and decision-making; and, ensure the overallhealth and vitality of the Organization.
  2. Help make sure that the Organization’sphilosophy, mission and vision are pertinent and practicedthroughout the organization.
  3. Develop and coordinatemeans to seekregular input from the Organization’skeyconstituenciesregarding the quality of programs and services and the Organization’s relevance.
  4. Help formulate and administerpolicies to ensure the integrity of the Organization.
  5. Act as an internal consultant to bring attention and solutions to institutionalpriorities.




  1. Maintain a climatethatattracts, retains and motivates top quality personnel, bothpaid and volunteer.
  2. Recruit, train, appraise, supervise, support, develop, promote and guide qualified personnel, bothpaid and volunteer.
  3. Ensure effective management within the marketing, communications and public relations function, with provision for succession.
  4. Design, support and oversee cross-functional teams throughout the Organization.
  5. Effectivelyenablevolunteers and staff sotheycantake action on behalf of the Organization by:
    a) transmitting the Organization’s values, vision and direction;
    b) engaging people in the meaning of the Organization;
    c) respecting and using the skills, expertise, experience and insights of people;
    d) providing direction and resources, removingbarriers and helpingdeveloppeople’sskills; articulating expectations and clarifyingroles and relationships;
    e) communicatingwhichincludeshelping people transform information intoknowledge and learning;
    f) encouraging people to question organizationalassumptions and askstrategic questions; ensuringqualitydecision-making;
    g) anticipatingconflicts and facilitatingresolution;
    h) engaging people in process as well as tasks; encouraging people use their power,
    i) practice theirauthority, and accepttheirresponsibility;
    j) modelingbehavior; and
    k) coaching people to success

Critères d'éligibilité

  • Demonstrated skills, knowledge and experience in the design and execution of marketing, communications and public relations activities.
  • Experience developing and managing budgets, and hiring, training, developing, supervising and appraising personnel.
  • Demonstrated successful experience writing press releases, making presentations and negotiating with media.
  • Strong creative, strategic, analytical, organizational and personal sales skills.
  • Experience overseeing the design and production of printmaterials and publications.
  • Computer literacy in wordprocessing, database management and page layout.
  • Commitment to working with shared leadership and in cross-functional teams.
  • Ability to manage multiple projectsata time.
  • Out-of-town, overnight travel is required.
  • Minimum of 3 years experience in marketing, communications or public relations with demonstrated success, preferably in the not-for-profit or association sector.
  • Bachelor's degree in journalism, marketing, public relations preferred.
  • Graduate degree in a related field is desirable.
  • Experience working with volunteers is desirable.

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