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02 Avril 2023 Il y a 2 mois

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Détails de l'opportunité

Name and address of the contracting authority: WWF Mediterranean North Africa 

Contact Person: na.contact@wwfna.org

Title of the tender: Facilitator on Mediteranean Ecotourism&Climat change Summit 

RESTART MED! (REvitalization of Sustainable Tourism Across Regions in The MEDiterranean

Reference number:  WP3.HR.PP6






Subject of the contract:

The subject of this tender is:

  • Provision of services, as indicated in the technical information in Point 2 of this section

Deadline for submission of the tenders:

The deadline for submission of tenders is April 2, 2023, until 17:00h GMT. Any tender received after this deadline will be automatically rejected.


Address and means of submission of the tenders:

The tenderers will submit their tenders using the standard submission form available in Part B of this tender dossier. The tender will be submitted in 1 (one) original. In case of e-mail submission, the tenderer may provide a scanned original. Any tenders not using the prescribed form shall be rejected by the contracting authority.

If delivery by post or courier, the tenders will be submitted in two separate envelopes: 

  • Envelope one for the tenderer’s information, the tenderer’s statement and the technical offer and 
  • Envelop two for the financial information. 

An envelope including both envelopes will contain the following information at the external part:

  • Name and address of the contracting authority
  • Contact person
  • Title of the tender
  • Reference number
  • Name and address of the tenderer

If delivery by e-mail, the message will clearly indicate:

  • Title of the tender
  • Reference number
  • Name and address of the tenderer

The tender submission form and any supporting documentation will be provided as attachment to the e-mail.The evailble email to submit the tenders : na.contact@wwfna.org

  • TECHNICAL INFORMATION – Terms of Reference


The tenderers are required to provide services as indicated below. In the technical offer, the tenderers will indicate more details on the deliveries, referring back to the below terms of reference. 

  • Background Information


RESTART MED! is a project aligned with ENICBCMED’s response strategy to COVID-19: strengthening resilience in the Mediterranean to bounce back from the global pandemic. The project generally aims to revitalize the tourism economy after the COVID-19 pandemic, building on and learning from previous ecotourism experiences and practices, using this moment for a restart and boosting the sustainability of actions at the same time. time for economic recovery in the Mediterranean countries. RESTART MED will support tourism service providers to work alongside public actors and civil society to not only recover, but also recover better and more resilient, by creating more sustainable policies and products, and increasing tourist access to these products. The project proposes to do so by promoting a participatory (public, private, civil society) and global (through tourist niches and pillars of sustainability: environmental, socio-economic, cultural) approach. The project also aims to create a positive change through a reset of the basic principles of alternative and sustainable tourism, at the level of suppliers, decision-makers and consumers, in revitalized local economies in tourist destinations, where the diversified supply and sustainability and a common (re) brand image will attract tourists.

Expected outputs include:  

  • Exploitation and dissemination of best practices/results of at least 8 Sustainable Tourism projects, cross-fertilizing across tourism niches and destination types.
  • Reinforced & extended stakeholder networks of at least 5 capitalizable projects thanks to a common brand and platform.
  • Raised awareness among public authorities & policymakers of sustainable tourism good practices and support for mainstreaming into policies
  • Project Details


Project start/end:  2021 –2023


The project is implemented by a partnership is composed of : 

  • Lead Beneficiary: International Committee for the Development of Peoples, Italy – MAP
  • PP01: Barcelona Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Navigation, Spain – MAP
  • PP02: Catalan Tourist Board, Spain – MAP
  • PP03: American University of Beirut, Lebanon – MAP
  • PP04: Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan – MAP
  • PP05: World Wild Life Fund Mediterranean North Africa, Tunisia – MAP

  • Objectives and Outputs

  • General Objective

Contributing to economic & social development in the Mediterranean, strengthening, disseminating and scaling up successful sustainable tourism practices & resources, in post-COVID-19 era.

  • Specific Objectives

The project has set itself the following objectives: 


  • Supporting Economic Recovery: use results & successful practices of sustainable tourism projects for transfer and further exploitation in a “from pandemic shock to recovery” perspective, supporting resilience and local jobs in the tourism sector with cross-border knowledge and instruments.


  • Building a Community: build on existing platforms & communities to spread knowledge, skills, benefits of tourism projects to a wider community, adding value through a cross-border, collaborative MED destination approach, under a common brand, which combines sustainability and economic opportunities.


  • Supporting Sustainability: increase awareness and capacity at public authorities & policy makers for mainstreaming of environmental, socioeconomic, cultural sustainable good practices and results into policies for local tourism/economic development.

  • Description of the Assignment
  • Overall Objectives of the Assignment


The call for consultant is looking for a consultant to facilitate the second Mediterranean sustainable tourism summit on “Scaling up climate-resilient ecotourism in the Mediterranean” 5 & 6 jun in Tunis. 

  • Summit Objective

The summit aims to contribute to the positioning of Mediterranean countries in the resilient sustainable tourism industry as a place of biodiverse, committed to the protection of the environment in the face of climate change while guaranteeing a competitive tourist offer on the global tourism market. Recalling that the first summit on sustainable tourism organized during the month of September 2022 in Italy, focused on political prospects, and with the projection that the third event (Lebanon, 2023) will focus on commercial prospects, this summit will have a particular focus on the environmental and climat change aspects related to sustainable tourism and their links with national and regional strategies as well as entrepreneurship. 

More specifically, this summit will have the following objectives:

  • Unite sustainable tourism stakeholders around national and regional strategies on resilience and commitment to environmental protection in the face of climate change.
  • Integrate climate change adaptation into related policies, plans and processes.
  • Promote climate-resilient mechanisms on ecotourism while emphasizing the importance of networking and Networking and adopting a focus on sustainable and equitable social, environmental, and economic experiences.

  • Expected Results of the summit 

The expected results of the summit are as follows:

  • A reference note on good ecotourism practices to be undertaken for better management and presentation of sustainable tourism destinations in the Mediterranean in the face of the impacts of climate change.
  • A mechanism that federates to the reference note.

  • The languages of the summit

The languages used for the summit will be English and French and simultaneous English-French-English translation is provided along the summit.

  • Methodology/Agenda

The facilitator will propose a methodology and agenda to facilitate the summit. This will be validated by the RESTART MED management team.

  • Duration of consultancy

The mission will cover a total duration of fifteen days (15) distributed as follows:

  • 11 days will be used for the preparation of the Methodology and the Agenda
  • 2 days will be devoted to facilitation,
  • 2 days for writing the report.

  • Consultant Profile

The Facilitator should have the following expertise:

  • Have at least five years of experience in facilitating workshops/seminars.
  • Demonstrate proven experience in the field of sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean.
  • Good knowledge of adaptation strategies to climate change (NDCs, Low carbon…)
  • Good capacity for analysis, synthesis and writing in English.


Candidates will be assessed according to the following chart:

Technical relevance – Expert CV Points
Have at least five years of experience in facilitating workshops/seminars.

[5 years: 20 points progressive +2p for each year of experience up to 40]

40 points
Good knowledge of adaptation strategies to climate change (NDCs, Low carbon…)

[Good: 20 points , Medium 10 points, low 0 point ]

20 points
Demonstrate proven experience in the field of sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean.

[Good: 20 points , Medium 10 points, low 0 point ]

20 points
Good capacity for analysis, synthesis and writing in English 10 points
Strong reporting and analytical skills 10 points


Language levels based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

  • Note: The maximum score will be 100 points. In case two or more offers obtain the same score, it will be selected the one presenting a lower economical offer.

  • Financial information


The maximum available value of the contract is 3 000 Euro .

  • Reporting requirement


The contractor will submit the following reports in English in electronic format:


  • Methodologie and Agenda  of maximum 5 pages to be produced within 11 day after the contact signed. In the report, the contractor shall describe the updated organisation and methodologyand agenda proposed referring to summit concept note.
  • Participate in 3 online coordination meetings with Restart MED project partners to better organize the summit. 

Facilitate and moderate the two days of the summit. The language to be used during the facilitation is English. Draft Final Report This report is submitted after finalisation of summitand at least 2 weeks after the summit.The report must capitalize on the exchanges and recommendations during the meeting, and summarize the main agreements reached.The final report must be provided along with the corresponding invoice.

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