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Leaders International

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21 Février 2024 Il y a 5 months

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Régions concernées par cette opportunité: Tunisie
Domaines concernées par cette opportunité: Tourisme



Position Title:

Export Readiness Expert

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Date of Activity:

27 – 28 February, 2024

Date of Announcement

February 14, 2024

Leaders International:

Leaders International, headquartered in Brussels, with local offices in Palestine, Jordan, and Tunisia, is an international organization that specializes in planning, managing, and monitoring innovation and economic development interventions in developing economies.

We were established in 2004 with a vision to deliver prosperity and economic growth to people across the Middle East and Africa. Through our global network of partners, Leaders International delivers professional project-management services with a particular focus on private-sector development, job creation, innovation, entrepreneurship, and access to markets. We manage a multi-million active portfolio of development grants and service contracts with which we aim to advance and transform developing economies while respecting the environmental, ethical, and social values of those we serve. 

Leaders International has one primary goal: ensuring the access of beneficiaries to the necessary means and resources for development and economic prosperity.


ECF Background:

The overall objective of Euromed Clusters Forward is to empower clusters to promote inclusive innovation and competitiveness in the South Neighborhood region to enhance growth, economic diversification, sustainable development, and employment. The project is conducted by a consortium of partners, led by ANIMA Investment Network (France), including Berytech (Lebanon), Leaders International (Palestine), and Economic Research Forum (Egypt).

The Export Readiness Expert will be responsible for developing and implementing strategies to enhance the export readiness of clusters in the Southern Mediterranean countries. This involves facilitating the adoption of best practices and international standards to improve the competitiveness of these clusters in the global market. Additionally, the expert will oversee the establishment and management of a two-day online academy, dedicated to providing comprehensive training on export preparation and market entry strategies. The objective is to ensure that these academies serve as effective platforms for interactive learning experiences for cluster members. This includes the design and curation of training modules covering key aspects of export preparation, such as market analysis, export regulations, logistics, and international business practices. The expert will deliver engaging and informative training sessions through online platforms, aiming to equip cluster members with the necessary knowledge and skills for successful international trade.
Scope of Work:

 10 working days

Development and Oversight of Online Training Academies:

-Establish and manage a two-day online academy, with each day consisting of a 3-hour session, preferably in the afternoon, focused on enhancing the export readiness of clusters in the Southern Mediterranean countries.

-Establish and manage a two-day online academy focused on enhancing the export readiness of clusters in the Southern Mediterranean countries.

-Design and curate comprehensive training modules, ensuring they address key aspects of export preparation and market entry strategies.

Content Creation and Delivery:

Create engaging and informative content for the online academies, covering topics such as market analysis, export regulations, logistics, and international business practices.

-Deliver training sessions through online platforms, fostering interactive learning experiences for cluster members.

Monitoring and Evaluation:

Implement a robust monitoring and evaluation framework to assess the effectiveness of the online training programs.

-Collect feedback from participants and use data-driven insights to continually enhance the quality and relevance of the training content.

Capacity Building for Clusters:

Strengthen the capacity of clusters to navigate the complexities of international trade by providing targeted support through online academies.

-Collaborate with industry experts and practitioners to ensure the training aligns with current global best practices in export readiness.

Deliverables and Timeline:

The expert will start the work after the validation of their offer by Leaders International and the signature of an agreement and shall coordinate with Leaders International team for the strategy and implementation throughout 10 working days based on the following timeline:




1.      Online Training Material Creation

Create and deliver bilingual online training materials for Southern Mediterranean clusters, focusing on export preparation and market entry strategies

5 days

2.      Pre and Post Surveys

Create surveys to evaluate participant knowledge, expectations, progress, and satisfaction, utilizing data for program enhancement

1 day

3.      Delivery of training

Conduct two days of online academy sessions, ensuring effective content delivery on export preparation and market entry strategies for Southern Mediterranean clusters

2 days

4.      Reporting

Summarize and analyze training activities and feedback for continual program improvement

2 days

·        Record all online training sessions using Zoom or a similar platform for future reference and knowledge sharing.

Topics for the Online Academy:

International Trade Fundamentals:

-Understanding the basics of international trade

-Exploring trade agreements and policies

-Navigating global economic trends

Administrative Skills for Export:

·        Efficient management of export-related paperwork

·        Organizing and coordinating logistics for international shipments

·        Streamlining administrative processes for export activities

Sales and Marketing Strategies:

·        Developing effective sales strategies for global markets

·        Creating impactful marketing campaigns for international audiences

·        Utilizing digital tools for market expansion

Digital Marketing in International Trade:

·        Leveraging digital platforms for international market outreach

·        Implementing online marketing strategies for global visibility

·        Integrating e-commerce into export plans


Compliance and Regulatory Practices:

·        Ensuring adherence to international trade regulations

·        Managing compliance with export laws and standards

·        Incorporating ethical practices into export operations


Workshop Essentials for Exporters:

·        Setting up and organizing effective workshops

·        Engaging participants in interactive learning experiences

·        Incorporating practical exercises and case studies

Career and Personal Development in Export:

·        Personal and professional growth in the field of international trade

·        Building a successful career in export management

·        Strategies for continuous learning and development


Management and Supervisory Skills:

·        Leadership skills for overseeing export operations

·        Supervisory Techniques in a cross-cultural Business Environment

·        Effective management practices for export success



Trade and Finance:

·        Understanding the financial aspects of international trade

·        Financial planning and risk management in export activities

·        Accessing trade finance options for cluster members

Critères d'éligibilité

  • Qualifications: • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Business Administration, International Development, or a related field with a focus on export management. • Demonstrated experience in developing and delivering online training programs, preferably in the context of export readiness, international trade, or economic development. • In-depth understanding of export-related processes, market dynamics, and international business strategies, with a focus on the Southern Mediterranean region. • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, particularly in facilitating virtual learning environments and fostering online collaboration. • Ability to adapt to evolving circumstances and integrate innovative approaches to enhance the effectiveness of online training programs. • Fluency in both Arabic and English.

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Arij Sghiri


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