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28 Mai 2024 Il y a 2 months

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Régions concernées par cette opportunité: Tunisie
Domaines concernées par cette opportunité: Tourisme

Project : TANIT- “Strengthening Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) for Sustainable Alternative Tourism in Tunisia”

Activity Title : Design and Development of TANIT Project Platform

ToR Number (Please refer to it when applying) : 3/TANIT/2024

Location : Tunis

Date of Announcement : May 14, 2024

Leaders International: Leaders International is an international network of local organizations that plans, manages, and monitors innovation and economic development interventions in the region. Through its offices in Brussels, Tunisia, Amman, and Ramallah, Leaders International provides complete project- management services with a focus on private-sector development, enterprise development, job creation, entrepreneurship, D4D, economic policy dialogue, and tourism value chain development.

Project Background:The TANIT project emerges from the critical need to bolster the capacity of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Tunisia, particularly within the alternative tourism sector. This initiative recognizes the pivotal role CSOs play in advocating for sustainable and inclusive development, with a specific emphasis on gender equality and human rights. Drawing from the insights and accomplishments of past endeavors like the 4T project, TANIT extends its reach to encompass diverse regions such as the Northwest, Zaghouan, and Dahar. By empowering CSOs through targeted training, coaching, and collaborative platforms, TANIT endeavors to catalyze positive change and foster a more equitable and resilient alternative tourism in Tunisia.

Objective:The objective of the project is to strengthen local civil society actors in Tunisia’s alternative tourism sector, focusing on promoting inclusive and sustainable development with an emphasis on gender and human rights. Through targeted training, coaching, and networking initiatives, the project aims to enhance the advocacy capabilities of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), foster gender sensitivity, and facilitate stakeholder engagement. Ultimately, the project seeks to drive positive change and foster inclusive growth within Tunisia’s alternative tourism industry.

Activity: The primary objective of this initiative is to design and develop a comprehensive digital platform for the TANIT project. The platform should serve as both a marketing tool to engage the general public and target groups interested in sustainable tourism and as a secure portal for communication and resource sharing among participating CSOs.

1. Specific objectives include:

• Development of a user-friendly website incorporating standard features common to most websites, such as a homepage, an about us section, contact details, news updates, and an “Apply” button for the incubation program

• Implementation of a secure portal for CSOs, allowing them to access project resources, participate in discussions, and share documents.

• Integration of interactive elements and additional features to enhance user engagement and support the project’s objectives.

2. General Website Features:

  • Homepage: Designing an eye-catching landing page to introduce visitors to the TANIT project, outlining its objectives, timeline, key initiatives, and prominently featuring an “Apply” button for participation in the program.

• About Us: Information about the project background, goals, partners, and team members.

• News Updates: Regularly updated news section highlighting project developments, success stories, and upcoming events. • Contact Us: Contact information and inquiry form for users to reach out to the project team.

3. Additional Features for Public Engagement: In addition to the general website features, the platform will incorporate the following elements to engage the general public and target groups:

• Interactive Map: An interactive map showcasing sustainable tourism routes, attractions, and cultural heritage sites across Tunisia.

• Events Calendar: A calendar of events featuring workshops, conferences, and community activities related to the TANIT project and sustainable tourism in general.

• Blog: A blog section featuring articles, opinion pieces, and guest posts on sustainable tourism practices, cultural heritage conservation, and community development.

• Social Media Integration: Integration of social media sharing buttons to facilitate content sharing and amplify the project’s reach.

• Multilingual Support: Provision of multilingual support to ensure accessibility for diverse audiences, including English, French and Arabic.

4. Secure Portal for CSOs:  The secure portal will provide CSOs with access to project-specific resources and collaboration tools. Key features include:

• User Authentication: Individual accounts for registered CSOs, allowing secure access to portal features.

• Resource Library: A secure repository for uploading and accessing project-related documents, reports, and materials.

• Access Control: Implementation of access control measures to restrict portal access to authorized users only.

SCOPE OF WORK :The scope of work for the design and development of the TANIT project website/platform encompasses the following:

• Consultation with the project team to gather requirements and define functionality specifications.

• Design of user-friendly interfaces, ensuring accessibility and ease of navigation for diverse user groups.

• Development of backend infrastructure to support user authentication, data storage, and resource management.

• Implementation of security measures to safeguard sensitive information and protect user privacy.

• Inclusion of additional features, including a public information portal, interactive map of sustainable tourism routes, events calendar, blog and news updates, engagement tools, educational resources, partnership opportunities, and multilingual support.

• Testing and quality assurance to identify and address any bugs or usability issues prior to deployment.

• Deployment of the platform on a reliable hosting infrastructure, ensuring availability and scalability as per project requirements.

• Documentation of system architecture, technical specifications, and user guidelines for future reference and maintenance.

DELIVERABLES:The following deliverables are expected upon completion of the project:

• Fully functional platform for the TANIT project, accessible to registered CSOs.

• User accounts and authentication system, allowing CSOs to securely access project resources and participate in discussions.

• Secure portal for uploading and accessing project-related documents and materials, with access restricted to authorized users.

• Additional features, including a public information portal, interactive map, events calendar, blog, educational resources, partnership opportunities, and multilingual support.

• Comprehensive documentation covering system architecture, technical specifications, and user guidelines.

Duration of Work:The project timeline is as follows:

• Requirements gathering and analysis: 2 weeks

• Design and development: 5 weeks

• Testing and quality assurance: 2 weeks

• Deployment and implementation: 1 week

• Documentation and handover: 1 week

Qualification Required:

• Web Development Experience: Demonstrated experience in designing and developing complex websites or platforms, preferably in the field of sustainable tourism or a related area.

• Technical Skills: Proficiency in web development technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and backend languages (e.g., PHP, Python, Ruby).

• User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) Design: Strong skills in UI/UX design, with a focus on creating intuitive and user-friendly interfaces for diverse user groups.

• Backend Infrastructure Development: Experience in developing backend infrastructure to support user authentication, data storage, and resource management, using frameworks such as Django, Ruby on Rails, or similar.

• Testing and Quality Assurance: Experience in testing websites or platforms to identify and address bugs and usability issues, ensuring a high level of quality before deployment.

• Hosting and Deployment: Familiarity with deploying platforms on reliable hosting infrastructure, ensuring availability and scalability as per project requirements.

• Communication and Collaboration: Strong communication skills and the ability to collaborate effectively with the project team to gather requirements and define functionality specifications.

• Project Management: Experience in managing web development projects, including meeting deadlines and staying within budget.

• Understanding of Sustainable Tourism: Familiarity with sustainable tourism concepts and practices would be beneficial for understanding project requirements and stakeholders’ needs.

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