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07 Août 2016 Il y a 8 years

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Régions concernées par cette opportunité: Tunis
Domaines concernées par cette opportunité: Droits de l’Homme et 1 autre(s) domaines

Position title: Trainer on facilitation and training techniques (Tunisia)

Position location: Tunisia and desk work

Duration: 32 days between August 2016 and October 2017

Background :

DRI has been supporting the Tunisian democratic transition process since February 2011, contributing, among other things, to the process of drafting the Tunisian Constitution and developing the law on the Constitutional Court. In the course of these activities, DRI cooperated directly with elected officials, state institutions and civil society. In the framework of its current programme, DRI is implementing, among others, the two projects: “Support to Constitution Implementation in Tunisia – Phase II” funded by German Foreign Office and “Implementation of the Tunisian Constitution – Democratic Institutions and the Rule of Law” funded by Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) Magna Carta Fund.

DRI recognises the critical role of civil society in implementing the Constitution. Therefore it emphasises support to strengthening civil society participation in the process of legal reforms as well as increasing the citizens’ awareness of democratic institutions. It is particularly important, in the process of consolidating the democratic gains, to ensure that the citizens participate in the public life and that they are informed of how these institutions can serve in protecting their individual rights.

In order to address these needs, DRI will support the engagement of civil society in the democratic processes through targeted outreach awareness campaigns run in the Tunisian regions. Through these campaigns civil society will also be strengthened to fulfil its educational role in the processes of developing laws and creating institutions.

To that end DRI will organise four Trainings of Facilitators (ToF):

  1. Training of facilitators as part of the awareness-raising campaign on the role of the Constitutional Court in protecting citizen rights and democratic values (September 2016);
  2. Training of facilitators as part of the awareness-raising advocacy campaign on the Tunisian decentralisation legal framework (September 2016);
  3. Training of facilitators as part of the awareness-raising outreach campaign on the role of the Human Rights Commission in ensuring constitutional guarantees for the protection of human rights (March 2017);
  4. Training of facilitators as part of the awareness-raising outreach campaign focusing on increasing legal awareness on the rights of citizens and the mechanisms available to solve justice issues (September 2017).

The ToFs will constitute the first phase of each of the campaigns and will be addressed to representatives of CSOs based in the regions and in Tunis. They will offer the participants training in facilitation, training and communication techniques and will also include sessions on substantive subjects relevant to particular campaigns. Co-trainers will cover the substantive parts of the trainings. The co-trainers are experts in particular fields who will work jointly with the Trainer.

As a follow-up to the ToFs (the Trainer will not be responsible for that phase) the campaigns will be organised through town-hall sessions and meetings in the regions. The campaigns will provide a platform for direct learning as well as interaction with the substantive experts supporting each of the campaigns’ sessions and the trained facilitators responsible for ensuring moderation of the meetings and content input. Specifically, in the case of the decentralisation law campaign the meetings in the regions will be additionally used for strengthening the civil society advocacy by facilitating discussions and gathering the views of citizens regarding their expectations and needs related to the future legal framework of the Tunisian decentralisation. The citizens will also be able to comment on the draft Code des collectivités locales prepared by the Government.

The participation in the campaigns will provide the trained facilitators with an opportunity to put in practice the newly acquired skills and knowledge and will strengthen the cascade effect of the ToFs. DRI will cooperate with local and international NGO partners in organising the meetings in order to maximise the impact and ensure wide coverage of the activities.

In order to design and run the four ToFs, in the part related to the facilitation and teaching of the training techniques, DRI Tunisia is recruiting a Trainer on facilitation and training techniques (the Trainer) to design and deliver the ToFs in cooperation with the experts responsible for providing substantive input in each of the four trainings.

Objective : 

The objectives of each of the trainings are:

  • To strengthen basic knowledge and understanding of the participants on particular topics (decentralisation, constitutional court, human rights commission, access to justice);
  • To provide the participants with standardised and simplified scenarios (along with necessary materials) of half-day sessions, which they could then use in their follow-up work in the regions;
  • To develop training, facilitation and communication skills of the participants including facilitation of open dialogues and public speaking;
  • To prepare the curriculum for standard presentations during the awareness-raising sessions in the Regions;
  • To strengthen networks and collaboration among the participants of the ToFs;
  • To strengthen the advocacy capacities of the participants.

Tasks and responsibilities : 

Under the direct supervision of the DRI Tunisia Country Director, the Trainer will design, prepare, coordinate, implement and facilitate the four ToFs.

The Trainer will be directly involved in jointly designing, coordinating and facilitating all ToFs. The Trainer will work in close collaboration with DRI Tunisia’s civil society and legal team members. The Trainer, in the part she/he is responsible for, will take responsibility for the learning process during the Trainings including assessing baseline and entry points, undertaking training needs assessments if necessary, developing the curriculum and training materials as well as preparing the training room. She/he will undertake quality assurance and conduct monitoring and evaluation exercises.

Deliverables :

The Trainer, in collaboration with the substantive legal experts, will deliver four Trainings of Facilitators:

  1. ToF – as part of the awareness-raising and civil society advocacy campaign on the Tunisian decentralisation legal framework (first part of September 2016);
  2. ToF – part of the awareness-raising campaign on the role of the Constitutional Court in protecting citizen rights and democratic values (second part of September 2016);
  3. ToF – part of the awareness-raising outreach campaign on the role of the Human Rights Commission in ensuring constitutional guarantees for the protection of human rights: one training of trainers for civil society representatives (March 2017)
  4. ToF – par of the awareness-raising outreach campaign focusing on increasing legal awareness on the rights of citizens and the mechanisms available to solve justice issues (September 2017)

Each of the trainings will last 5 days and will bring together around 18 participants representing CSOs based in the targeted regions and in Tunis. The ToFs will provide facilitators with the skills and knowledge to deliver awareness-raising sessions and to facilitate dialogue discussions with the participants where these issues will be debated.

The ToF on decentralisation will specifically focus on facilitating and structuring dialogue in a way that permits identifying concerns evoked by the participants concerning the decentralisation process. This ToF will also include a specific focus on the advocacy techniques to be used during the civil society campaign on the decentralisation legal framework, which will follow the ToF.

Specific Deliverables for each of the ToFs

  1. Design and finalisation of curriculum and agenda (in Arabic and in English/French);
  2. Training materials, handouts and presentations (in Arabic);
  3. Pre- and post-evaluation of the participants (in English/French);
  4. Overall training coordination and facilitation;
  5. Delivery of sessions/exercises on training, facilitation techniques and communication (in Arabic);
  6. Report for each of the trainings of approximately 4 pages in English or in French (agenda, curriculum, training materials used, evaluation of participants will be annexed to the report) delivered 7 days following completion of each of the trainings.

Duration of the assignment :

The Trainer will be contracted for the period from August 2016 to October 2017 for a total of 32 days, with a total of eight days assigned for each Training as follows:

  • Two preparation days;
  • Five training days;
  • One reporting day.

Location :

The assignment includes missions in Tunisia during the training days and desk work.

Critères d'éligibilité

  • Masters degree
  • Minimum 7 years experience in leading Training of Trainers and Facilitators programmes including experience in leading workshop facilitation teams and designing participatory curricula for learning workshops
  • Excellent knowledge of the region and its political and social history and challenges with excellent comparative knowledge of civil society in the Arab Region
  • Experience working with NGOs
  • Experience working in Tunisia and knowledge of the Tunisian context will be an asset
  • Strong technical knowledge in the field civic engagement and/or civic education
  • Experience in working with transitional democracies will be an asset
  • Fluency in Arabic and English oral and written. Alternatively, fluency in oral and written French in lieu of English.

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