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Cooperation with a TV Channel to produce and Broadcast a new Show-Munathara Initiative Retour vers les opportunités

Munathara Initiative

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31 Octobre 2022 Il y a 2 years

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Détails de l'opportunité

Régions concernées par cette opportunité: Tunisie

The Munathara Initiative is seeking Cooperation with a TV Channel to produce and Broadcast a new Show.

 Task Overview 

The prospective outcome of the project: Munathara’s New Show“Maydan Townhall “ is designed as follows:

As a continuation of its Townhall series, the Munathara Initiative launches “Maydan Townhall”. A two-hour episode will be hosting 10 young people, who will engage in a conversation with specialists, and stakeholders to express their views on the topic. Due to its importance in Tunisian’s interests and daily lives, the Munathara Initiative chose to tackle the Right to Free Movement and immigration as a topic for this special episode.

Details: Production and live-streaming broadcast

1. Full Production (Web Production, Decor, Studio, ETC …) for the episode, live-streamed through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Decision Process:

 The pre-selection process will begin the week following the deadline. After the pre-selection period, we will request selected Tv Channels. After meeting all selected Tv Channels, we will make our final decision. From 20/09/2020, the Chief Operating Officer, Fadwa Zidi, will be working closely with the selected Tv Channel to set off the project.


Terms and Conditions 


1. Tasks and Deliverables: 

The Tv Channel is responsible for ensuring the high quality of the tasks and deliverables set out in the RFP according to reasonable industry standards. Suppose the Tv Channel fails to fulfill these tasks or to perform them at the level required by The Munathara Initiative (hereinafter “Munathara”). In that case, payment may be reduced to reflect the partial fulfillment of the terms of the contract. If the deliverables produced by the Tv Channel do not meet Munathara’s satisfaction, Munathara and the Tv Channel shall agree to a reasonable timetable for revisions to ensure that Munathara’s specifications are duly obtained. Any additional work involved in processing or revising these deliverables is not subject to additional remuneration.


2. Communication: 

The TV Channel commits itself for the entire duration of the assignment and must ensure that they are contactable without delay by phone and/or email on business days during working hours (9am-5pm). Except for cases of a medical emergency or natural disaster, the TV Channel is obliged to inform Munathara of any potential periods wherein the TV Channel will be indisposed with 48 hours’ notice. The TV Channel is bound to keep Munathara informed about the development of the mission in particular; the TV Channel shall inform Munathara of any event which may have unfavorable consequences on the execution of the Project in a manner that shall enable Munathara to react immediately vis-à-vis relevant stakeholders and/or local authorities.


3. Intellectual Property: 

All information and footage pertaining to this project (documentary, audio, digital, cyber, project documents, etc.) belonging to Munathara or produced by the TV Channel for this project is the express intellectual property of The Munathara Initiative. Any additional information which the TV Channel may come into contact within the performance of its duties shall remain the property of Munathara, who shall have exclusive rights over their use. Except for purposes of this assignment, neither information nor footage shall not be disclosed to the public nor used in whatever manner without written permission of The Munathara Initiative.


Contact Name: Haroun Ben Hriz
Contact Email: Contact@munathara.com
Contact Tel : 55424862
Domaine : Audiovisuelle
Localité : Tunis, Tunisia

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