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09 Novembre 2021 Il y a 1 an

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MSC phase 2 – Exploration, community and documentation Tunisia

  • Introduction:


The Youth Participation and Employment (YPE) program addresses the crucial challenges of youth economic exclusion and lack of civic inclusion of youth. Funded by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), YPE is part of MFA’s ‘Danish-Arab Partnership Programme’ (DAPP). Established in 2003, the vision of DAPP is to promote a democratic, prosperous and stable Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region through partnerships between Danish and Arab actors. The YPE focuses on involving young people in their countries’ development and strengthening employment opportunities and entrepreneurship in inclusive ways. Youth participation is crucial for reducing inequalities as well as for including young women, young people from rural and urban areas, youth with disabilities and other marginalized groups of youth. The YPE programme is conceived as a combination of youth participation and employment objectives. Focus on youth participation is an integral part of the YPE ToC and is essential to ensure sustainable youth engagement and youth employment.


In 2019-20, the focus on youth participation has been increased and several consultations took place with country programmes to support partners’ activities. In 2020-21, it is planned to strengthen strategies and approaches towards youth participation. Based on several rounds of meetings country teams agreed upon tools to measure the impact of youth mobilisation and empowerment through a workshop for a selected youth and representatives from partners focusing on the method of Most Significant Change.

  • Most Significant Change (MSC) phase 1

In order to include the voices of youth and strengthen youth participation, YPE in the first phase of this project aimed to create a pilot project that invited number of youths to a co-creation workshop where the youth received training in basic impact documentation and developed them further to practice documentation of activities that they selected themselves. The method of this workshop was basic training on ‘Most Significant Change’ with creative outputs.


The youth from Tunisia, specifically from the region of Gabes, were trained in MSC through a series of workshops and conducted their own documentation activities in their communities. Outcome and learnings have been captured in country reports, also providing recommendations for a possible second phase, hence allowing for sequencing and progression in a learning flow based on documented needs and inputs from participants.

  • MSC phase 2 – Narrative, community and documentation

The aim with the present engagement is to build on the findings and learnings from this first phase of MSC training and further strengthen the skills of a few of the most promising participants of the first phase. These selected participants will get the opportunity to receive further training on MSC techniques as well as interview techniques and construction of stories and preparing storyboards. Following they will revisit those

MSC stories selected in phase 1, in order to expand and strengthen these as well as elaborate them particularly with focus on community change aspects. Stories will be documented through filming.

The end product of this second phase would include the following:


  • Project by youth with youth: youth further enabled in facilitating own projects as well as strengthened skills in interviewing, building narratives, applying MSC methods and more.
  • Videos with strong and explicit change stories, illustrating the specific change that has occurred in the lives of these young people and their communities through encountering the YPE program.

  • Role of youth filmmaker
    • Training of youth participants in the region of Gabes in MSC, interview techniques and construction of storyboards
    • Cooperate with participants in selecting stories to expand further (based on MSC stories from phase 1)
    • Filming stories
    • Guide youth participants to conduct interviews and the storytelling process
    • Drafting short narrative report

  • Role of Oxfam :


  • Co-development and Quality assurance of training material together with youth filmmaker
  • Handling of contractual and budget issues and reimbursement for diets of participants
  • Editing raw film material to develop final films (using Oxfam visual identity elements)
  • Approve final narrative report by youth filmmaker

  • Activities and timeline:

It is agreed that the assignment will be carried out based on the following timeline


Content Timeline Responsible
Selection of 3 youth per country with most


15th November Youth filmmaker
Basic training of youth in interview technique and

construction of stories

1st – 30th November Youth filmmaker
Youth contact MSC stories from phase 1 to

expand narrative and document stories (filmed)

16st – 30th November Youth filmmaker
Handing in raw film material to Oxfam Ibis December 1st Youth filmmaker
Handing in of short narrative report December 1st Youth filmmaker
Editing of raw film material December 1st-15th Youth filmmaker
Final change stories completed and narrative

report approved

December 15th Oxfam Ibis
Ensure signoff from Oxfam Country office

  • What we offer


  • Access to a global network of experienced staff and partners.
  • Experience in youth-led approaches as part of a project on youth participation in a leading development organization
  • Work experience at an international NGO.

  • Contractual terms
    • 1- A consultancy contract between Oxfam Novib and the selected consultant will be developed
    • 2- 30% of the consultancy fees will be disbursed following the signature of the contract and 70% after the end of the mission, counting 21 days after receiving the invoice from the consultant and the internal validation approved from Oxfam. The consultancy fees will include transportation and accommodation fees (to and from Gabes).
    • 3- Payment requirements related to the second part of the contract : the conformity of the execution to the timetable of the mission and a good quality of outputs.
    • 4- contract attributed to one and only consultant.

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