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15 Février 2022 Il y a 6 mois

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Régions concernées par cette opportunité: Tunisie
Domaines concernées par cette opportunité: Environnement


Terms of Reference for a consultancy position at GP MENA seeking a researcher to perform a Stakeholder Analysis on Air Pollution in Tunisia (with special focus on Gabes) 


Greenpeace MENA is currently preparing a campaign with the goal of reducing the social license of fossil fuels in the region by shedding focus on their emissions’ contribution to air pollution and highlighting their toll on health, environment and economy. The focus of the campaign will be to highlight, leverage and shift the power dynamics from the polluters to civil society groups and movements who are fighting for their right to breathe clean air, while understanding the complexities of the needs and challenges of those communities. It will also highlight the need for the right for access to information about air quality and emissions from governments. These campaign objectives are based on the information Greenpeace has gathered from scoping studies and previous work with communities in Chekka, Lebanon and Gabes, Tunisia, however they may change if other community needs, challenges and complexities arise based on this and other studies. 

Main Objective: 

To provide Greenpeace MENA with the necessary understanding on air quality in the region, a stakeholder analysis to identify stakeholder power dynamics, communication strategies and active communities to target; in order for GP to be able to identify potential regional campaign demands/calls to action, applicable in the priority countries. 

Research Questions: 

Identify key stakeholders that contribute significantly to air pollution in Tunisia as a whole (with a focus on industries which rely on fossil fuels, eg. coal, petroleum, natural gas, heavy oils…), but with a special focus on Gabes (eg. polluters, policy makers, affected communities, active civil society groups or movements, including any with ongoing litigations, workers, support organizations…etc) 

  • Who are the key stakeholders involved in air pollution in Tunisia? Who are they in Gabes? How strongly would they influence a potential campaign, and in what way? 
  • What are their relationship dynamics with each other? How would these relationships influence a potential campaign? 
  • What are the power dynamics? What possibilities are there to shift them? Are there any proven successes or failures we can learn from? 
  • What are the relevant communications pathways that Greenpeace should have with each of the key stakeholders? 
  • Which civil society groups or movements should Greenpeace consider to closely support and work with to drive the campaign forward? In terms of their impact on the campaign and reach

This research will likely involve a literature review (desk research), as well as calls, interviews or focus groups. It will also involve research in Arabic language, thus the researcher must be well versed in Arabic. The reports may be delivered in English or Arabic. 

GP-MENA will share the preliminary objectives of the air pollution campaign, and any other documents or contacts requested by the researcher that are deemed relevant to the scope research. 

Expected use of the results: 

This research report & summary presentation will be used internally to develop future Greenpeace MENA campaigning plans. Data from the report may be adapted for use in communication materials and factsheets. All sources used must be reliable and documented. 


– Comprehensive stakeholder mapping and analysis report 

– Communications and engagement plan for key stakeholders 

– Presentation & discussion of findings and Q&A with our team, and incorporation of feedback, twice during the contracted period 


The consultant will be in communication with Kenzie Azmi (Air pollution campaigner), who will be available for any questions or guidance needed. Constant communication and updating of the campaigner is adamant. 

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