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Natural Resource Governance Institute

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24 Juin 2022 Il y a 1 an

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Régions concernées par cette opportunité: Kébili et 1 autre(s) régions

Promoting democratic space for marginalized communities in oil-producing areas of Tunisia

Perception survey in Tataouine and Kebili

Public Polling and focus group: Invitation to Submit Proposals



Promoting democratic space for marginalized communities in oil-producing areas of Tunisia is a four-year project funded by the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF) and implemented by the Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI). The project aims to support a peaceful democratic transition in Tunisia by bridging the gap between the government and marginalized oil-producing communities of Tataouine and Kebili. Through quantitative and qualitative research and technical and financial support, NRGI will establish and empower local civil society networks to engage in community and government consultations for region-specific roadmaps addressing oil-producing communities’ grievances. The networks will also be to hold the government accountable through follow-up meetings to monitor the implementation of government commitments.

Purpose statement:

This project seeks to advance an evidence basis to inform policy makers and public opinion about citizen priorities in Tataouine and Kebili. In addition, this research seeks to involve partner CSO networks in the elaboration of research and the drawing of ensuing thematic areas for further intervention. 

NRGI is seeking a consultancy firm to develop and conduct a perception survey targeting a representative sample of the Tataouine and Kebili population. The firm will closely coordinate with NRGI and its partner CSO networks with the aim of developing the capacity of CSO beneficiaries to undertake  research and draw on research findings for advocacy. This will enable the project to be informed by the concerns and priorities of the local communities while supporting CSO partner efforts. 

Survey scope:


The sample size for the study should be at least 500 participants from each of Tataouine and Kebili. Representative sampling
techniques should be utilized to ensure that the survey sample accurately reflects the characteristics of the larger population. All collected data must be disaggregated by sex, age, socio-economic status, and geographic area. All results statements must also be gender sensitive. 

Study Indicators:

In order to respond to the specific objectives of the study, below are the indicators that require the consultant to provide data. 

The survey questionnaires are appropriate and capable of producing useful data for our CSO partners, we will organize two initial meetings between the consultancy firm and each of the CSO networks respectively to validate the survey questionnaire and draw key findings from the survey results.

Approach and Methodology

The consultant will employ a mix of both quantitative and qualitative techniques to collect the data. Quantitative data will be collected by administering survey questionnaires to the local communities of Kebili and Tataouine. The quantitative findings will be validated and triangulated with qualitative date drawn from meetings with the CSO networks. 

The key objectives of the meetings with CSO partners are:

  • Allow CSO actors to participate in the questionnaire elaboration and validation.
  • Providing CSO partners with capacity development on the process of designing and managing perception studies 
  • To validate survey findings and draw key themes for further CSO action 

Roles and Responsibilities :

The Consultant will be responsible for: 

  • Preparing and submitting a work plan to NRGI for approval. 
  • Managing the study following the work plan approved by NRGI.
  • Developing and validating (with CSO partners and NRGI consultation) the survey questionnaire.
  • Developing and designing the study’s data collection tools.
  • Conducting the data collection process.
  • Preparing and submitting all deliverables for revision and approval by NRGI.
  • Reporting regularly on progress to NRGI through the organization’s national office.
  • Ensuring the quality assurance of all deliverables.
  • Putting together a team with the requisite skills, subject to the NRGI’s approval. 

NRGI will be responsible for: 

  • Managing the Consultant’s contract.
  • Acting as the main contact person for the Consultant. 
  • Reviewing, commenting, and approving all deliverables, and facilitating access to documentation and people deemed of importance to the study. 

Study Process :

  1. Start-up meeting: the consultant must attend a meeting (in person or on tele/video conference) with NRGI’s team to go over expectations, timelines and answer any questions that may arise.
  2. Workplan: the consultant will prepare a work plan which will include a robust methodology section to conduct the study and submit it to NRGI for approval. 
  3. Data Collection and Validation: Data collection will be undertaken according to NRGI’s approved work plan. The field mission is expected to be no longer than 12 

working days in duration. Three days after collecting the data, the Consultant will conduct a post-data collection debriefing session with NRGI’s representative at the national office.

  • Focus Groups: The Consultant will work with the CSOs representatives during all the consultation phases with a participatory approach and train them on data collection, on conducting public survey and Data Analysis.
  1. The Report: The Consultant will prepare and submit for approval a study report that describes the study and puts forward findings, disaggregated by sex whenever possible and appropriate, conclusions, and recommendations. The Consultant shall not submit the draft study report to any other party or individuals except for those mentioned by name with their contact information in this document. 
  2. Dissemination: NRGI is solely responsible for the dissemination of the report and any related publications. 


Consultant Profile :

The successful candidate (either a consulting firm or individual) will possess public polling experience, skills, and thematic knowledge. In particular, they must have the capacity to ensure that gender equality is taken into account in all aspects of the study (i.e. design, data collection, analysis, and reporting). Specifically, the consultant must have 

  • Experience with the design, undertaking, and analysis of perception surveys. 
  • Field experience in Tunisia and preferably in the regions of Kebili and Tataouine.
  • Higher education degree in statistics, social sciences, or a relevant field.

The selection process will be done within the outlines of the following capacity criteria: 

  • Experience in conducting public polling for development projects
  • Demonstrated capacity to integrate human rights, gender equality, and governance within the study approach, including the revision of questions and sub-questions as required and revision/selection of questions and targeted groups, themes and beneficiaries. 

Language :

The working language for this study is either English or French; documents will be accepted in English or French and the questionnaire will be in Arabic. 

Estimated Timeframe :

The estimated level of effort required for this study is 90 working days. The start date is as soon as possible with a deadline to submit the final report by the 1st of November 2022.


Tasks (working days):


Activity: Deliverables Due date
Inception Report with methodology Inception report 1st week
English and Arabic language versions of the Manual of Field Instructions and training of CSOs CSO training manual  2nd to 5th week
Training of the CSOs on conducting public survey
Conducting validation meetings with CSOs 
Survey questionnaire in Arabic and English Survey questionnaire 6th week
Data collection and report 6th to 10th week
Review of draft report 
Final detailed methodological report for the surveys, documenting final sample design to select households in the surveys, challenges faced during field operations (if any), and recommendations for future similar studies in English and Arabic. Report on the surveys 10th week
Electronic copies of all scanned questionnaires  12th week
Final database of surveys data  16th week
Quality control tables and basic statistics derived from the database.  Surveys database 18th week


Qualifications of consultancy firm/consultant:

The Consulting Firm/Consultant must submit a CV and a covering letter clearly describing and explaining how and why they are the best entity that can deliver the requirements of NRGI by indicating the following: 

  • Profile – describing the nature of business, field of expertise, licenses, certifications, accreditations; list and description of similar public opinion research projects successfully completed by the company; including links to those polls where possible.
  • Business Licenses – Registration Papers, Tax Payment Certification for 2021, etc.
  • Track Record – list of clients for similar services as those required by NRGI

Qualifications of Key Personnel :

For the individual consultant/each team members proposed by the consultancy firm:

  • Names and qualifications of the key personnel who will perform the services indicating who is Team Leader, roles of each team member, etc.
  • CVs demonstrating qualifications must be submitted.
  • Written confirmation from each personnel that they are available for the entire duration of the contract.

This study is meant to be completed as soon as possible and consultants/ firms are invited to submit proposals within 5 working days of being invited to do so. 


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