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23 Septembre 2022 Il y a 6 mois

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The Association for the Promotion of the Right to Difference (ADD), with support from Hivos, will be facilitating the Free to Be Me program in Tunisia. Free to Be Me is a multi-year program aiming to bring together organizations and individuals that will contribute to advancing LGBTQ+ leadership in advocating for social and economic rights and bring an alliance of organizations that are experienced and strongly committed to improving the lives of LGBTQ+ people in Tunisia though a Community of Action (CoA). ADD is seeking applications from Theory of Change Experts to contextualize the global Theory of Change set in place by the F2BM consortium members to the future Tunisian CoA.


About Free to be Me

Free To Be Me is an ambitious, daring and innovative 5-year program that will help build a vibrant

LGBTIQ+ movement that is confident and capable to lobby and advocate for their human and economic rights. Our alliance comprises three consortium members

– Hivos, ILGA World, and Positive Vibes and three technical partners Sogicampaigns, the Global Interfaith Network (GIN), and Workplace Pride.

Together we will coach, accompany, fund and train LGBTIQ+ persons and organizations to influence norms and attitudes, generate (public) support, and promote laws, policies and regulations that recognize, respect and protect LGBTIQ+ people’s rights. Brave and persistent LGBTIQ+ activists around the world have built communities, taken to the streets, filed lawsuits and advocated for their rights, in the past decades. Thanks to their lobby and advocacy, “sexual orientation” is enshrined in protective laws in more than 80 countries. In many countries media and cultural productions are more diverse, while allies such as human rights and women’s organizations, progressive religious

leaders, large and small businesses, social influencers and creatives increasingly and publicly – support LGBTIQ+ rights.

However, there remains a lot to fight for. Consensual same-sex intimacy is criminalized in 69 countries, and access to appropriate IDs is impossible for many trans and intersex people. Legal provisions are used to harass and detain LGBTQ+ people, while legislation that explicitly protects them remains absent. Intersex people are subjected to medical and societal abuse. And, due to a lack of meaningful, coordinated efforts, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, and sex characteristics (SOGIESC)are still excluded from many socioeconomic development agendas, such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The programme is implemented in 14 countries including Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ghana, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, The Philippines,  Indonesia and The Netherlands.


The project seeks to achieve the following 4 outcomes:


Outcome 1: In scoping and core countries LGBTIQ+ civil society is vibrant, stronger, more self -confident and diverse and in core countries also sustainably resourced, with the capacity to lead on legal and policy changes


Outcome 2: Societal leaders, influencers, media and the general public increasingly and openly support the rights of LGBTIQ+ people (mainly core countries).


Outcome 3: At least five core countries have made significant legal or policy progress – changed abusive or criminalizing laws, ended impunity and/or adopted protective laws.


Outcome 4: Socioeconomic actors implement activities/ change policies promoting equal socio-economic rights of LGBTIO+ people.


Objectives and scope of the consultancy

The aim of this consultancy is to adapt the global F2BM Theory of Change to the Tunisian context as well as to propose a methodology to develop the country’s priorities and to support the reflection on the 2022-2023 work plan to a group of LGBTQI+ CSOs, groups, and allies that will form the CoA throughout the implementation of the program in Tunisia. The consultant will work with the country team (ADD and Hivos) and the Community of Action Facilitator (CoAF).


Specific objectives

  • Adapt the F2BM global Theory of Change to the Tunisian context with the help of the County Team and the CoA Facilitator
  • Establish baseline guidelines for the country’s priorities that will be further discussed, developed, and approved by the CoA
  • Support the reflection on the 2022-2023 work plan through a framework communicated by the County Team and the CoAF
  • Prepare a template to cost achievements of the country plan
  • Prepare the workshop’s agenda
  • If desired, facilitate the ToC localization annual meeting



  • A PowerPoint Presentation contextualizing the F2BM ToC to the Tunisian context
  • Template to cost achievements of the country plan
  • Workshop’s agenda
  • A document elaborating the country’s priorities guidelines
  • Workshop’s report (applicable if the consultant will be moderating during the workshop)


Qualifications and skills

  • Has a good understanding of the country and regional-specific LGBTIQ+ issues 
  • Has a progressive and positive knowledge and view of the LGBTIQ+ issues of rightsholders in Tunisia
  • Is aligned with the values of the F2BM program and has a progressive mindset
  • Is interested in discovering original and creative strategies to accomplish the goals of the program, ensuring ownership by the local CoA
  • Is empathetic and a good federator
  • Believes in decentralization, solidarity, and care as ways to challenge the status quo
  • Is an excellent communicator that believes in the power of experience sharing
  • Is critical of normative gender norms and expressions and comfortable with the wide range of other identities including, but not limited to, sexual and gender identities 
  • Has an excellent command of English, written and oral
  • Has a proven track record of designing Theory of Changes and inclusive projects

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