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30 Septembre 2021 Dans 2 semaines

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Première Urgence Internationale (PUI) is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-political and non religious international aid organization. Our teams are committed to supporting civilians’ victims of  marginalization and exclusion, or hit by natural disasters, wars and economic collapses, by  answering their fundamental needs. Our aim is to provide emergency relief to uprooted people in  order to help them recover their dignity and regain self-sufficiency.  


PUI Libya mission is seeking support for psychosocial (PSS) clinical supervision for staff, based in Libya.  The staff are responsible to conduct individual or group sessions, in order to accompany patients with non communicable diseases and their families; at health centre level. Indeed, chronic illnesses (asthma,  hypertension, diabetes, etc) can be caused or aggravated by emotional and stress-related issues and have a  significant impact on the patients’ lives or their relatives who may require psychological support. 

This TOR details the clinical supervision expected to guarantee the quality of care provided through this  activity in compliance with PUI MHPSS framework and other principles. 


To implement quality activities, PUI is currently seeking technical support for the provision of clinical supervision on a weekly basis. The sessions will last a maximum of 2 hours. The clinical  supervision will be provided to one clinician (psychologist). The regularity of supervision may be  revisited upon request of both parties, based on the needs. 

The objectives are: 

Ensure quality PSS services are delivered to the beneficiaries 

Support the PSS provider in her clinical practice 

Ensure the clinical approach and tools used are in line with the defined MHPSS framework  and SOPs for PUI Libya mission 

September 2021 / Service Provider 1 

Première Urgence Internationale 

Support the implementation of trainings (power point, pre-post test), such as PFA at the  beginning of the project. At mid-project, the training needs for the MoH staff will be  reassessed to see the interest and feasibility to roll out training for other topics, which may  be included under this supervision TOR 

Address concerns related to clinical work that includes giving the alert in case of a critical or  dangerous practice or situation (for both the client and the clinician). 

Liaise with the focal points at PUI coordination level in case such alert rises. 

This support should include: 

Clinical case discussions (individual, according to relevance and need) 

Observation of the tools, clinical approach and strategies used (should be in line with SOPs  and Intervention Framework) and suggestions for improvements 

Advice and orientation on clinical response and strategies, including internal and external  referrals.  

Supervision can also include discussions and information on common psychopathologies,  psychological issues and other related topics 

Means of support: 

This support will be provided through online sessions (such as Skype) conducted in Arabic. PUI  will ensure the clinician will have proper access to internet connection and a computer, the weekly  supervision sessions will be integrated to their schedule and specific slots will be dedicated. The  provider will ensure its own materials and internet network. 

The sessions are expected to last 2 hours and will be weekly during the first 3 months and bi monthly the months after. This will be reassessed according to the needs during the partnership. 


The support provided will lead to the elaboration of: 

A supervision follow-up form that should be only used between the supervisor and the  clinician 

A monthly report to be shared with PUI Libya mission and HQ in Paris. Minding that no confidential information on the beneficiary is communicated. The monthly report should list  the number of sessions and main topics covered, the support and main inputs provided, as 

September 2021 / Service Provider 2 

Première Urgence Internationale 

well as the progress of the clinician as a result of the supervision when relevant. Alerts on  any matter (complex cases, dangerous practice or else) should be communicated as soon  as possible and should appear in the monthly report. A feedback on the skills and  competencies of the clinical is also expected. It would be appreciated if recommendations  on the necessary support, on clinical tools and the relevance of the interventions can also  be provided. The report should also include a detail of the hours spent reviewing technical material. (PUI can provide document templates as per need). 

In the case of the review of technical material, finalised power point presentations, pre-post  tests should be shared. 


The supervisor should have: 

A masters (MD) in clinical psychology or equivalent  

At least 2 years direct experience in clinical psychology and previous experience in the  provision of clinical supervision 

Knowledge and experience in humanitarian and emergency contexts is a plus Fluent in Arabic and English and/or French (spoken and written) 

Access to reliable internet; ability to review word documents and power point by computer 

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