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15 Décembre 2022 Il y a 9 mois

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Régions concernées par cette opportunité: Tunisie

Call for Tender

A.2.1 MAS staff training on the CRDP paradigm shift – AID 012590/01/03
AIFO is looking for a service provider, or a team of experts, willing to actively implement an on-the-job training
for Ministry of Social Affairs employees on the paradigm shift towards persons with disabilities as envisaged
by the CRPD.
The main objective of the service is the promotion of a pragmatic and programmatic know-how enabling MSA
staff to react in the best way to the complexity of the concept of disability and disabled people.
Expected Duration
12 months, starting in January 2023
Expected output
Local officials from the Ministry of Social Affairs, selected CSOs representatives of PwD families, and Ministry
of Labour officials who manage the VETs, participated in the planned educational and training meetings.
In the framework of its technical assistance to the Ministry of Social Affairs (MSA) and under the slogan
“Nothing for us without us”, AIFO is supporting Tunisian institutions in the implementation of the Decree No.
2008-568 of 4 March 2008 which ratifies the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and
its Optional Protocol. Especially, we are supporting the MSA in organizing inter-ministerial working groups to
redact a 5-years action plan.
Thanks to an Italian Agency for Cooperation to Development fund, AIFO is implementing the project “For an
independent life” to improve the inclusiveness of vocational trainings thought pilot projects in El Kef,
Kasserine, and Medenine and technical support to the Ministry of Social Affairs.
During the next 3 years, at a central level, we’re training MSA’s staff on the CRPD, we’re supporting MSA and
ANETI on increasing accessibility of existing vocational trainings, and we’re conducting a country-level
awareness social media campaign.
Since we bet people with disability can be an asset for local labor market, at local level, we’re ready to:

1) Training VET centers trainers to provide more inclusive trainings;
2) Boost the coordination between special education centers and vocational training centers in order to
increase the quality of the education provided and the matching with the need of the labor market;
3) Organize win-win internship for PwD in local enterprise.
Within this framework, the consultancy is expected to contribute to increase the number of people with
disabilities with technical and vocational skills, so to facilitate their integration into employment and
entrepreneurship (SDG 4.4 / Target 4.4.).
Aim of the Mission
The training aims to promote pragmatic and programmatic know-how to react appropriately to the
complexity of the concept of disability. The paradigm shift that we wish to trigger can be summarized and
simplified in the shift from considering disability as an intrinsic characteristic of the person to seeing the
disability situation as the result of the interaction between a person’s characteristics and the context that
does not allow him/her to develop his/her potential. For this the reason it will not only be theoretical training
on key concepts and analytical categories but more profoundly the transfer of pragmatic and programmatic
know-how that allows one to react in the most appropriate way to the complexity of the context.
Methodology, approach, and processes
This activity is part of the framework of support for Tunisian social policies with regard to the promotion of
PwD in harmony with the provisions and recommendations of the Committee on the Rights of Persons with
Disabilities, through the reinforcement of the skills of personnel working in the sector, both on a theoretical
and practical level. This work, which involves the deployment of theoretical knowledge and practical knowhow (pragmatic and relational behavior), will be based on three pillars:
– Motivation: capitalizing as much as possible on existing professional experience, creating spaces for the
exchange of knowledge and establishing a strong relationship between training and everyone’s daily
– Responsibility: involve participants at all stages of the development of the activity, and structure thetraining as a practical process of building concrete knowledge and skills;
– Applicability: organise the training as practical exercises that facilitate the appropriation of the skills
learnt, and culminate in the development of inclusive processes for the application of the CRPD
principles, and participatory and inclusive strategies.

Minimum expected tasks
Here is a non-exhaustive list of tasks we expect the service provider, or the team of experts, will provide:
 Create an enabling environment for partnership between the different participants and stakeholders
 Manage and ensure logistics and information collection accordingly with the modalities and formats agreed
 Facilitate training sessions, formal and informal meetings
 Translate of information materials from French or English to Arabic.
 Translate collected information from Arabic to French or English
 Provide ad hoc advice on related issues
 Facilitate meetings that bring different stakeholders together to exchange and collaboratively advance the work on the inclusion of people with disabilities in Tunisia.
 Training MAS and stakeholders delegated to react appropriately to the complexity of the concept of
disability as the result of the interaction between a person’s characteristics and the context that does not allow him/her to develop his/her potential.
Consultants’ expected profile
The service provider, or the team of experts, should demonstrate to have:
 Deep knowledge and experience in disability in Tunisia, in the promotion of the rights of people living with disabilities;
 Experience in facilitating meetings that involve different stakeholders and in writing reports and political documents;
 Very good analytical and communication skills, solution centered thinking, and team spirit;
 Ability to create or suggested methodologies of work;
 Excellent fluency of spoken and written Tunisian, French, and/or English;
 Experience in Microsoft 365 applications (World, PowerPoint, Excel, and SharePoint/Teams).
Selection process
To participate in the selection, please send an e-mail to tito.cappellaro@aifo.it with the object “AID
012590/01/03 – A.2.1” before the 15th of December 2022 with the following 3 annexes: i) methodological
proposal; ii) financial proposal; iii) curriculum vitae of the service provider or of the expert(s).
Given the available budget for the activity, the selection committee, composed by AIFO and Ministry of Social
Affairs members, will choose giving up to 70 points to the coherence and effectiveness of the methodological
proposition and up to 30 point to the financial proposition.
AIFO reserves the right to modify the methodological and financial proposal during the preparation of the
service contract.
The shared information shall become the property of AIFO, which reserves the right to use it for the performance of its activities.

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