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04 Août 2024 Dans 3 weeks

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Régions concernées par cette opportunité: Tunisie

Tunisia Direct Aid Program 2024-2025


The Australian Government Direct Aid Program (DAP) provides financial assistance to eligible groups or organisations undertaking suitable small-scale development projects. This program plays an important role in supporting local community efforts towards economic empowerment, social welfare improvement and sustainable development and is an integral component of Australia’s overseas development program. It is managed by the Australian Embassy to Tunisia, which is located in Malta. Applications are now open.

Application deadline: 4 August 2024 at midnight (CET), end of day.

Please note the following information:

  • Grants will be awarded up to a maximum of AUD 20,000 and may be distributed in tranches. Exact amount in TND may vary due to currency fluctuation.
  • Applications must be submitted in English with the budget in AUD (Australian Dollars).
  • We will aim to notify successful applicants within 8-10 weeks from the closing date of the grant round.

What sort of projects do we fund?

We welcome high quality applications that will support development and strengthen communities in Tunisia across all sectors. While we always seek a diversity of projects, this year we are especially looking for projects that will support development through:

  • Gender equality and women’s empowerment
  • Community health
  • Environment/climate change
  • Community development

Projects must have defined, realistic objectives and clear outcomes. Regardless of the type of project, all applications should clearly define who will be involved, and who will benefit or be impacted by the project (for example the project could be aimed at improving access to health services for women or providing skills and training for disadvantaged young adults).

Projects must run for no longer than 12 months and should be self-sustainable beyond the term of the grant, or completed by the end of the project duration. DAP funds cannot be used to fund recurrent or ongoing costs, such as staff salaries, rental or utility costs.

Further information on the Australian Government Direct Aid Program can be found here: https://www.dfat.gov.au/people-to-people/direct-aid-program/direct-aid-program

Before you begin

Welcome to the Australian Embassy (Australian High Commission) Grant Program online application service operated by SmartyGrants.

You can start filling out the form from the page of your choice. Remember to save as you go.

For any request for information regarding the program guidelines, the deadline for submitting applications or any questions regarding the form to be completed, please contact us on +356 2133 8201 during our opening hours or send an email to malta.hc@dfat.gov.au mentioning your file number.

Click here for the program guidelines.

If you need help completing the application, you can download the Applicant Assistance Guide or visit the Frequently Asked Questions page .

How to navigate the application page

On each page of the form, you will find a dialog box that allows you to have a direct link with the other pages. Please click on the link to go directly to the desired page.

You can also press “Previous Page” or “Next Page” at the top or bottom of each page to move forward or backward in the form.

How to save your application file

If you would like to save a partially completed form, click on “Save” or “Save and close” if you wish to exit the site. On the next login, when you click on “My submissions” at the top of the window, you will find a list of all your current or already sent application files. You can open your current file and continue typing.

You can download your application file, in progress or its final version, in PDF, by clicking on “Download” at the bottom of the window.

How to send your application file

The “Review and Submit” button allows you to review your application file before sending it.

Once the form has been verified, please click on “Submit” at the top of the page to send us your application. The file cannot be sent if all the mandatory fields have not been completed.

Once your application form has been sent, you will not be able to make any further changes.

At the end of your sending, you will receive an automatic confirmation by e-mail with a copy of your application file attached to the address indicated during your registration.

If you do not receive an email confirmation, it means that your request was NOT sent successfully.


If you need to attach documents / files in order to support your nomination file, you need to have them in digital format on your computer or other storage device.

You will only be able to upload one attachment at a time. You will therefore have to wait until the end of the upload in order to attach the next one. The maximum size per file is 25MB. However, we recommend that you do not exceed 5MB per file in order to limit download time.

How to complete the form if you are a group / team

Several people can complete the form using the same identifiers but only one person can do it at a time. Remember to save regularly.

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