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LEED Initiative

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24 Septembre 2021 Il y a 4 mois

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Détails de l'opportunité

Mission: Development of an e-training in Leadership 

Context and expected results of the mission: 


LEED Initiative, is an international NGO based in Germany with a current  MENA Head office in Tunisia and plans to expand soon in Africa, Central  Asia and Europe. 

LEED stands for LEADERSHIP, EMPOWERMENT, EMPLOYABILITY and  DIVERSITY with the goal to contribute to women and youth empowerment  by offering career perspectives in the technical, digital, and cultural  industries. LEED follows a solution-oriented approach to combat youth  unemployment and causes of migration worldwide, to strengthen local  economic structures, to encourage women, especially in technical, digital  and cultural professions, and to help companies hire the talents and leaders  of tomorrow. LEED takes an inclusive approach in doing its work by  promoting diversity and Leaving No One Behind. 

In the framework of the WOMENTUM project that aims to empower women  organizations and women grassroots movements across the MENA region,  one of the needs expressed by our partner organizations is to have a  Leadership training that focuses on building their capacities and individuals  but most importantly as organizations. The Leadership training would focus  on the following aspects: 

  • Networking and collaborating with other groups working in the same  sector.  
  • Channeling influence and understanding beneficiaries and target  groups.  
  • Strategic thinking, Team building and Building movements,  

mobilization of groups and individuals. 

  • Building of common cultural values and principals. 
  • Problem solving and crisis management.
  • Stress management and maintaining good mental wellbeing. 
  • Delegation of tasks in project management, building trust in the team. 

In this regard, the Leadership trainer will be responsible for developing and  designing the content of different lessons within the Leadership training  course. He/she will be responsible for delivering the content to different  representatives of the WOMENTUM partner organizations. He/she will be  responsible for conducting a pre and post evaluation. And finally, the  Leadership trainer has to deliver a mission report including the  methodology, components, and tools used. The Leadership trainer will  collaborate with a designing agency already contracted with LEED for the  integration of the training content into an e-learning platform.  

Objectives of the mission  

The Leadership training aims at reinforcing the leadership capacities of our  partner organizations. As part of LEED efforts in creating an organizational  network, we believe that it is paramount to provide Women’s rights  activists with the right tools to enable them fulfill their missions across the  MENA region, thus this training focuses on strengthening and improving  the organizational goals of the network. 

Trainer qualifications 

The Leadership trainer has to: 

  • Be certified from a recognized Leadership Training Agency. 
  • Hold a qualification in Human Resources, Education or any relevant  field. 
  • Experience of at least 5 years in developing and conducting  

Leadership trainings using a variety of methods. 

  • Proven ability in writing reports and training manuals. 
  • Excellent command of the English language. Arabic is desirable. 

Documents to provide: 


Certificate of Leadership training 

Previous training evidences 

Example of reports. 

Didactic offer for the mission (Methodology of the training and timeframe) Financial offer for the mission  

Important: Basic course has to be developed by the 29th of October and the  training has to start in November and ends December 10th 2021. 

Tenders’ evaluation: 

Applications will be reviewed by LEED CEO MENA and the WOMENTUM  project officer.

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