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20 Juin 2021 Il y a 3 mois

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Détails de l'opportunité

PUBLIC NOTICE N° 06 / 2021 

The Synagri (Syndicat des Agriculteurs de Tunisie) Syndicate of the Farmers in Tunisia, Partner of  ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM project, financed in the framework of ENI CBC MED Programme 2014-2020,  is hiring as AD-Hoc HR or External Expert a:  

Work Package 5 Manager 

1- Project description  

Organic Ecosystem is a project built on the awareness of the importance of the organic field in the world  and in the Mediterranean area and tries through a Mediterranean consortium to make the difference. In fact, agriculture puts a lot of pressure on the environment. Soil fertility, biodiversity and human life  are all negatively impacted by intensive and extensive farming. There is no doubt that organic  agriculture is a great solution to achieve food safety and security as well as environmental sustainability.  However, organic agriculture is still relatively underdeveloped in Mediterranean countries with  heterogeneous situations from country to country. Main shared challenges are inconsistent or lacking  support policies from national/local governments, low innovation capacities, limited knowledge of  sustainable farming practices, and a weak value chain where MSMEs operate in a disaggregated way.  ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM project aims at reducing these obstacles and make the MSMEs operating in  organic agriculture more competitive and better integrated. The project intends to establish a cross border agro-food ecosystem which will set the ground for the development of the Mediterranean whole 

organic sector. This will be encouraged through new business alliances, creation of innovative value  chains, and specialized support provided to MSMEs to increase the quality and the commercialization  of products and their capacities to access new markets. 

Start date : 30th of December 2019  

Duration: 36 months  

Total project Budget: 2 428 851,64 €  

EU Contribution: 2.185.966,47 € (90 %)  

2- Subject of the notice  

The Synagri, C 1 Bis, St. Abbas Mahmoud Akkad, 1050 el Omrane, Tunis, represented by its  president Mr. Ali Tlili, as a tunisian partner of the project A_A.1.2_0306 ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM “ Boosting cross border Organic Ecosystem through enhancing agro-food alliances” is publishing this  public note for the selection of a Work Package 5 Manager: Business Alliances conformly to the  administrative and technical specifications mentioned in the project description, to the applicable  laws and to the present document.  

This notice comes in the framework of the Grant contract signed the 30th of December 2019 by the  Ministry of Agriculture of Jordan as Lead Beneficiary and the Managing Authority of the ENI CBC  Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme (MA) and by the the Annexes I and II. 

Depending on his professional situation, the Work Package 5 Manager will beneficiate from an external  service (Expert) contract and will justify his work through activity reports and deliverables duly  prepared in correspondence with the description of the WP4 and its requirements; or from a Human  Resources Ad Hoc contract and will be working in the offices of Synagri except during the official lock 

down periods, during to Covid 19 Pandemic, and will justify his work through timesheets monthly  prepared.

The Work Package 5 Manager should ensure the implementation of the below detailed tasks of  ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM on behalf of Synagri, knowing that the results of these tasks belong to the  Synagri : 

WP5 – Business Alliances 

  1. Manage and coordinate the organisation of Local labs to share knowledge and provide added  value products by new business alliances  
  2. Manage and coordinate the organisation of Cross Border labs to favor a cross border  contamination process and generate innovative and added value products by new business  alliances  
  3. Give feedback of Labs around the Organic Ecosystem to conduct clear indications on local  business communities’ needs. 
  4. Participate to the cross-border strategy framing. 
  5. Launching and spreading innovative projects for the selection of at least 3 MSMEs/country to  promote the most innovative organic business alliances during an international organic fair. 6. Participating with the beneficiaries in a business fair in order to promote innovative organic  value chain, business alliances and results of the local and cross-border Labs. 
  6. Organizing international events to promote innovative experience in order to foster public private research and innovation collaboration and favour cross-border contacts   

Duration 18 Months, until the preparation of the last financial report.

11- Selection :  

The evaluation Commission constituted by the governing body of the Synagri will be charged of opening  and examinating the applications. 

The choice of the selected application will be communicated at last the 25th of June 2021.  


Critères d'éligibilité

  • Absolute commitment to high ethics and integrity
  • Be familiar with the sales and commercial tasks and responsibilities
  • Be familiar with the EU or other international development projects
  • Be familiar with the administrative organization tasks, the coordination and reporting tasks.
  • Excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills in English, French and Arabic including active listening skills.
  • Demonstrate good organization, problem-solving, and teamwork skills
  • Be flexible with a high commitment to achieving deadlines
  • Demonstrate adaptability to differences in age, culture, gender, nationality and religion
  • Education and experience required :
  • University degree in management, commerce or similar
  • A prior experience of at least two projects in the coordination of commercial capacity building project.
  • A prior experience in the field of Sales of at least 5 years.
  • A prior experience as manager or coordinator of at least 3 years.

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