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09 Septembre 2020 Il y a 11 mois

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Détails de l'opportunité

Régions concernées par cette opportunité: Tunis
Domaines concernées par cette opportunité: Droits de l’Homme
Location : Tunis le Belvédère, Tunis
Department : Tunis
Employment Type : Consultancy
Minimum Experience : Experienced

Do you have experience in Mental Health and research? DIGNITY Tunisia is looking for an expert to do a baseline study

DIGNITY- Danish Institute Against Torture is seeking Baseline Study Evaluator with solid experience in Mental Health, Trauma and Research for our country office in Tunis, Tunisia.


DIGNITY is an independent nongovernmental anti-torture organization founded in 1982 in Denmark. DIGNITY is present in more than 20 partner countries with more than thirty years of experience in the rehabilitation of torture and organized violence survivors, in the prevention of torture and in the prevention of urban violence.

In January 2012, DIGNITY opened an office in Tunisia to look after an extensive support programme for Tunisian State stakeholders (Ministry of Justice and Civil Society) through cooperation partnerships comprising 3 axes. One axis of prevention, combatting torture and access to justice, an axis for the rehabilitation of the survivors of torture and recently an axis of urban violence prevention.

DIGNITY is working towards establishing a world without torture where no one is subject to torture or other forms of inhumane and degrading treatment and, where torture practices no longer continue to affect survivors and their families. The current strategy provides the framework for our work to ensure rehabilitation of survivors and their families within the overall aim: “Traumatized survivors of torture and other forms of inhumane treatment or violence have timely and equal access to quality rehabilitation that restores normality in family, work, and community life.”

DIGNITY’s International Rehabilitation interventions and activities are guided and informed by several major and leading national and international actors within the field of development, humanitarian work, health care and mental health support as well as DIGNITY’s beneficiaries, target groups, and local partners in the South. As such, International Rehabilitation, adopts a combined health and human rights-based approach within its interventions covering needs in the most efficient and inclusive way.


Under the Danish Arab Partnership Programme (DAPP), Novonordic Foundation and Danish Emergency Relief Fund, DIGNITY is, inter alia, implementing a Mental Health and Psycho Social Support (hereinafter, MHPSS) programme in the MENA region since 2013 through national and regional trauma focused interventions in specific focus countries such as: Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and Libya as well as non-focus countries, such as Lebanon, Iraqi Kurdistan, Palestine, Sudan and Yemen.

Prior to the DAPP, DIGNITY engaged in rehabilitation activities in the MENA region (Jordan and Gaza), but these were of an interdisciplinary character and henceforth rather costly. With the start of the DAPP engagement and based on its clinical experiences in the MENA region, DIGNITY is focusing on more cost-effective interventions including a larger out-reach to traumatized persons.

Since 2006, DIGNITY has been a strategic partner for the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, under the DAPP. The Human Rights and Dialogue Consortium was established in 2017 under the Danish Arab Partnership Programme (DAPP). DIGNITY was chosen as the leading organization of the Danish Arab Partnership Programme’s consortium for Human Rights and Dialogue. The consortium consists of Danish Institute for Human Rights, EuroMed Rights, Euro-Mediterranean Foundation of Support to Human Rights Defenders, Danmission and DIGNITY as the lead organisation. The consortium works to promote human rights and dialogue in Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia and regionally in MENA.

Under DAPP, DIGNITY has been supporting the clinical and organizational development of its local clinical partner in Tunisia since its startup in December 2014. DIGNITY will continue to provide organizational and clinical support to NEBRAS in 2020 and 2021. Throughout the coming years, DIGNITY will focus on outreach to clients so as to ensure an improved balance between expenditures and treatment of clients. Staff and consultants of NEBRAS participate in DIGNITY’s regional training.

MENA DAPP Phase IV 2017-2021

Since 2006, DIGNITY has been a strategic partner for the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, under the DAPP. In 2016 DIGNITY was chosen as the leading organization of the Danish Arab Partnership Programme’s consortium for Human Rights and Dialogue. The consortium consists of 4 other organizations besides DIGNITY: EuroMedRights, Danish Institute for Human Rights, Danmission and the EuroMeditteranean Foundation of Support for Human Rights Defenders (EMHRF).

The consortium works to promote human rights, religious diversity and dialogue in the region as well as in four focus-countries: Jordan, Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco.

About the consultancy

Focus of Contract

The current contract will cover a period of 70 working days as a maximum within the period of September 2020 to April 2021. Dignity is looking for a consultant who will conduct a baseline needs assessment in the greater Tunis area focusing on the key conditions regarding help seeking behaviour among traumatised persons (trauma due to torture and other forms of violence) in close coordination with the Tunis DIGNITY office, HQ’s and NEBRAS in order to get a clear picture of the size of traumatised persons, type of trauma and their help seeking behaviour and inform future rehabilitation service provision at NEBRAS.

Overall objective of the contract

To conduct a mixed method study in the greater Tunis area in Tunisia focusing on prevalence of exposure to torture and other potentially traumatic events (e.g., community violence, GBV), mental health needs and help-seeking behaviour with DIGNITY and NEBRAS aiming at informing rehabilitation services provision at NEBRAS.

Specific objectives to be pursued by the study

The specific objectives of the study are to gain insight into: 1) the types of potentially traumatic events including human rights violations, prevalent among the population, 2) common forms of stress and adversity experienced by individuals and families, 3) local conceptualizations of distress as well as prevalence of psychological disorders (PTSD and depression), and chronic pain issues, including the degree to which these interfere with adaptive functioning across life roles, 4) sources of coping and resilience (e.g., social support, social capital), 5) help-seeking behaviors and barriers to seeking mental health services. The sample will include adult male and female participants.

Scope of work

The contract will closely follow the objectives stated above. The consultant is required, in close coordination with DIGNITY and partner NEBRAS to:

  1. Conduct a desk study, reviewing and summarizing published literature and reports on prevalence of violence and other forms of trauma, prevalence of PTSD and other mental health problems, and attitudes towards mental health treatment in Tunis.
  2. Development and contextualization of interview protocol and sampling strategy, in collaboration with DIGNITY.
  3. Secure ethical approval from local university´s Institutional Review Board or Ethical Committee as well as government agency if t required
  4. Organize and carry out the study as agreed upon with DIGNITY and NEBRAS in the greater Tunis area in Tunisia
  5. Enter quantitative data into a database and transcribe qualitative data

Conduct analysis of data in consultation with DIGNITY

Write a summary report of key findings and recommendations, including details and format that will be agreed upon in advance.

To present the findings and final recommendations to stakeholders

Deliverable               I Deadline             I Means of verification

  • Inception report
  • Questionnaire and workplan (i.e.: List of interlocutors, Interviews)
  • Draft baseline report
  • Final baseline report
  • Database


September 2020 to March 2021


The consultant in close coordination with DIGNITY and NEBRAS should take all reasonable steps to ensure that the study is designed and conducted to respect and protect the rights and welfare of the people and communities involved and to ensure that the study is technically accurate and reliable, is conducted in a transparent and impartial manner, and contributes to organizational learning and accountability.

The consultants will also commit to adhering to DIGNITY’s ethical guidelines and Code of Conduct.

All products resulting from this study will be owned by DIGNITY and NEBRAS. The consultant will not be allowed, without prior authorization in writing, to present any of the analytical results as his or her own or to make use of the research results for private publication purposes.

Critères d'éligibilité

  • To apply for this consultancy, please submit a proposal with methodology, budget, and timeline that includes the elements listed below. Applicants are welcome to recommend modifications or additions to the list in order to tailor the study to the local context.
  • Plan for obtaining Local University Institutional Review Board/Ethical Approval
  • Plan for qualitative study aimed at understanding culturally based expressions/idioms of distress (IODs) and help-seeking for these IODs and common mental disorders including PTSD. The qualitative study should also make an inventory of the common human rights violations.
  • Plan for quantitative study that includes:
  • Power analysis estimating sample size, taking into account probable prevalence rates for PTSD and depression in the population and the need for a sufficient N to test a statistical model with mediators and moderators.
  • Sampling strategy that will yield a representative sample of greater Tunis area
  • Psychometrically sound, practical and applicable measures of the following constructs that have been validated in the local context: Trauma Exposure, including the above-mentioned human rights violations, Daily stress and adversity experience (e.g., economic strain)
  • Distress : Posttraumatic stress symptoms ,Depression, Chronic pain, Impaired functioning across multiple life roles
  • Social support and/or social capital, coping
  • Other variables that could be important in this context relevant to the study objectives

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