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16 Août 2020 Il y a 3 ans

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Détails de l'opportunité

Régions concernées par cette opportunité: Tunis
Domaines concernées par cette opportunité: Formations


ToRs for Leadership training experts

Co-facilitation approach


Context/Program overview:

The NDI Political Party Program aims to support Tunisian political parties to develop and strengthen their regional and local structures’ capacities to include citizens in their political work; and improve internal and external communication and coordination within the party itself and with the citizens.

The main objectives of the NDI Political Party Program are:

  1. A) Support political parties to help them develop coherent decentralized systems in which local branches play a vital role in addressing citizens’ concerns in the process of policy formulation and implementation.
  2. B) Strengthen the capacity of parties to establish clear channels of communication that will empower their elected representatives at national, regional and local levels with respect to their promises to party members, supporters and voters.


Under NDI’s political parties program, after collecting data on the specific issues/problems the citizens identified as crucial for the community, the local partners developed responsive policy papers.

Then, with national support, (and in partnership with local CSOs) the branches would advocate in front of the municipal council for the policy solutions and develop a governance action plan. 

To attend those objectives, NDI will provide a training session on Leadership and accountability mechanisms for the parties’ leaders and municipal councilors.

Training/ Workshops objectives:

In relation with NDI Political Parties Program objectives and the specific topic chosen by the local/regional branch, the aim of this assignment is to provide a Multiparty training on Leadership for political parties’ members (Leaders/ regional members/municipal councilors) 


-Party leaders 

-Municipal councilors

-Local branches coordinators / representatives


  1. Coaching
  2. Accountability
  3. Management
  4. Communication


  • Support participants in understanding how to Harmonize work between Local and National (horizontal and vertical communication) 
  • Support BLs/ headquarters in learning how to manage regional and local teams (Recruitment and management of volunteers) 
  • Support leaders in learning how to motivate local and regional teams (Evaluation and Support) 
  • Support headquarters in learning how to train and supervise regional and local teams Teach BL leaders / managers how to make a team accountable (Reporting and control: accountability mechanisms)

Activities to be performed:

 –Training for the benefit of 6 parties and their participating local branches and municipal councilors:

    2 Multiparty training sessions will be carried out for 27 participants each. 

    The target group would be composed of local/ regional coordinators, municipal councilors, militants and parties’ national leaders. 

6 workshops (moderated by the 2 trainers) for each party representative on explicit accountability mechanisms (3 workshops per training session)

The aim of the workshops is to discuss and develop internal accountability mechanisms 

Just after the workshops each party has to deliver its conception of explicit accountability mechanisms. . 

The training sessions and workshops need to be highly interactive, allowing the target group to participate and express themselves.

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Design and development of the necessary training modules detailing the objectives of each session, agenda, educational and methodological details.
  • Design and development of all the supports that will be presented during the training.


The training program, in Arabic and French before the start of the first session;

Training materials in Arabic and French before the start of the session;

A detailed training report on the progress, content of training and interaction during the sessions, including trainer’s recommendations.

Period of the assignment

Last week of August 2020

ToRs for Leadership training experts (1)

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