Deadline:  29th January

The Hague Academy is inviting civil servants across the world to apply for the Hague Academy Talent for Governance program 2016.

The progamme is a one week long intensive training programme that is followed by a week long internship at a Dutch Municipality  and extensive networking activities.

Participants in the Talent for Governance program are expected to choose one of three available tracks:

  • Citizen Participation & Inclusive Governance – Program from 23 May – 10 June 2016, (more information about the training course part of the program);
  • Local Economic Development – Program from 19 September – 7 October 2016, (more information about the training course part of the program);
  • Local Service Delivery- Program from 3 – 21 October 2016, (more information about the  training course part of the program).


Young civil servants working for local government in a developing country can apply for the Talent for Governance program. They must have a strong motivation and a concrete project or idea to improve the performance of the organisation and create better services for their community.

Application is possible if you:

  • Work for a local government (not an NGO or private enterprise);
  • Work in one of the countries listed on the DAC country list;
  • Be 37 years of age or younger when you apply;
  • Have at least two years of work experience in local governance;
  • Work there for at least two years more;
  • Speak and understand the English language well (all programs are in English);
  • Be able to write down and orally defend your motivation for and relevance of the specific program;
  • Be able to identify an issue/project as a real life case within the theme of the program for which you will write a Back Home Action Plan during the Talent program;
  • Have written support of your employer to participate in the program and to implement the Back Home Action Plan when you return home.


The Talent for Governance program is almost completely cost covering. The talent program covers cost of tuition fee, travel costs, accommodation and living expenses in The Netherlands. The Hague Academy will select the travel arrangements and accommodation and the living expenses entail three meals a day, meaning breakfast, lunch and dinner. All additional drinks, snacks, supplements etc. that have not been offered to you by the program will be for your own account. The talent program does not cover the costs of travel for family members, nor does it provide money to support them.

Following the division made on the DAC list:

  • They ask talents coming from ‘Least Developed Countries’ and ‘Other Low Income Countries’ for a contribution of EUR 100;
  • They ask talents coming from ‘Lower Middle Income Countries and Territories’ and ‘Upper Middle Income Countries and Territories’ for a contribution of EUR 200.


Applicant must fill out online application form.