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01 Octobre 2023 Dans 1 jour

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Régions concernées par cette opportunité: Tunisie

Climate change and the global imperative to transition away from fossil fuels will  have a dramatic impact on the diverse countries in the Middle East and North Africa  (MENA), which fall into two broad categories:  

  1. Petro-states, most of which have struggled to diversify their economies and  now face the prospect of reduced long-term value for their dominant product.  Governments in these countries resist the idea of production declines and  instead have focused their rhetoric on reducing emissions and investing in  clean energy.  
  2. Fossil fuel-poor countries, with little or no oil and gas production, which are  trying to address national energy and development needs.  

Governments and researchers in MENA countries are increasingly focused on how  to accelerate energy transition – including by emissions reduction pledges, flaring  reductions, climate diplomacy, energy efficiency, and public investment in clean  energies. These efforts exhibit several limitations, however, and plans on paper have  often failed to translate into meaningful action.  

It is against this backdrop that the Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI) has  launched its one-year project titled “MENA Energy Transition Platform: The Road to  COP28.” The project is a first step towards the longer-term vision of establishing a  knowledge platform and a network around energy transition issues in MENA. The  platform aims to be the first cross-region, multi-stakeholder venue for experience  sharing and shaping decision-making for a sustainable and just energy transition  which benefits all citizens. The long-term objective of this project is to foster a  constructive, evidence-driven space to build networks and develop collaborative  approaches to accelerating energy transition in the Middle East and North Africa. In  order to make steps towards achieving this long-term objective, NRGI launched a  one-year project (April 2023 – March 2024), with the following expected outcomes: 

  1. Advancing policy recommendations and priorities for sustainable and just  energy transition to influence debates at the COP28 conference in Dubai, with  a focus on priority actions by MENA governments and the international  community to advance the energy transition agenda in the region. 
  2. Building a cross-regional network of civil society actors, researchers,  journalists, and decision-makers to inform evidence-based debates on energy  transition from countries across the region. 
  3. Establishing the core structure for a longer-term Energy Transition Platform  – made up of participants from civil society, the media, the research  community and public sector reformers from across the region.  

As part of this project, NRGI has launched a series of eight Arabic-language webinars  (seven online and one in-person) in the lead up to, during, and in the wake of COP  28. The topics for each webinar range from discussing the potential role of COP 28  in advancing a globally just energy transition, the characteristics and conditions for  a domestically just energy transition, the role of governments and National Oil  Companies of oil-rich countries in energy transition, the risk of stranded assets and  fiscal adaptability, the role of green hydrogen in energy transition, and transition  minerals. 

NRGI will bring together key takeaways from the webinar series and assemble them  into a recommendations pack to influence debates at COP28 in Dubai. The emphasis  will be on recommendations for priority actions by MENA governments and the  international community to advance the energy transition agenda and to raise  awareness of the importance of citizens to engage with their governments on their  energy transition policies. We will disseminate these findings – in collaboration with  participants – at events and in media engagements at COP28. 

NRGI is seeking to recruit a programmatic and logistical consultant to support this  project through undertaking the following responsibilities related to two webinar  sessions (one in person at COP 28 in December 2023 and one online in January 2024):  

In coordination with the NRGI MENA team and other colleagues:  

– Support the development of the themes and questions to be addressed  during the two webinar sessions (the broad topics are already identified); – Support in the identification of and communication with webinar guests; – Support in liaising with NRGI’s external MENA Expert Group members to  schedule online discussions after each webinar sessions;  

– Ensure rigorous note taking and record keeping for each webinar session and  expert group meeting to feed into the project’s recommendations pack; 

– Ensure that various reporting documents are kept up to date and that various  project activities are duly documented for reporting purposes;  

– Liaise with NRGI MENA staff to ensure invoices and financial transactions are  processed on time and in accordance with budget requirements;  

– Provide ad hoc programmatic support as part of this project as required. 

In close coordination with the NRGI MENA team and other colleagues:  

– Support with the logistics for NRGI staff and expert travel and  accommodation related to the COP 28 in-person webinar session; 

– Support with the logistical aspects related to organizing, running, and  recording the in-person webinar session; 

– Ensure the logistics and technical aspects of running, streaming, and  recording the online (Zoom) webinar session. This includes: 

o Creating Zoom event/registration pages; 

o Running a short practice Zoom session with guests prior to the webinar;  

o Ensuring the livestreaming of each webinar session on NRGI’s Arabic language Facebook page.  

– Develop Arabic-language promotional materials for each webinar session,  including event-specific cards for social media promotion and event-specific  pages for publishing on NRGI’s website. This can include translating technical  terms from English to Arabic. 

The level of effort for this consultancy is estimated at a maximum of 20 workdays  between 16 October 2023 and 26 April 2024. The consultant will be remunerated on  a basis of $140 USD per workday, with payments made upon receipt of an invoice on  a quarterly basis detailing workdays and deliverables. Below is an estimated timeline  for this consultancy:  

Month Number of  



October 2023  3 days  – Induction (1.5 days); 

– Logistical and programmatic support for  COP 28 team travel and webinar (1.5 days). 



5 days  Logistical and programmatic support for COP 28  travel and webinar.


5 days  – Logistical/programmatic/communications  support for COP 28 webinar (3 days);  

– Programmatic support and planning of  January online webinar (2 days).

January 2023  3 days  Programmatic and communications support for  the January online webinar session.


2 days  General project support and reporting. 
April 2024  2 days  Reporting and handover. 


Candidates must meet the following required criteria:  

– At least two years of experience in programmatic and logistical support within  international organizations;  

– Demonstrated experience in organizing online and in-person events,  including external communication and social media promotion;  

– Demonstrated experience in supporting or undertaking financial transactions  within an international organization setting;  

– Fluency and excellent communication skills in Arabic and English are essential; English-Arabic translation experience highly desirable;  

– Strong attention to detail;

– Ability to work efficiently, independently and as part of a team to meet  deadlines;  

– Research or programmatic experience in the fields of energy and energy  transition, climate change, or environmental issues highly desirable;  

– Experience or education in social sciences, environment, economics or the  politics of the MENA region is highly desirable. 



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