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Leaders International

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31 Janvier 2024 Il y a 6 months

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Détails de l'opportunité

Régions concernées par cette opportunité: Tunisie
Domaines concernées par cette opportunité: Tourisme

Leaders International:

Leaders International is an international network of local organizations that plans, manages, and monitors innovation and economic development interventions in the region. Through its offices in Brussels, Tunisia, Amman, and Ramallah, Leaders International provides complete projectmanagement services with a focus on private-sector development, enterprise development, job creation, entrepreneurship, D4D, economic policy dialogue, and tourism value chain development.

Project Background:

Tunisia has long been an attractive and a bargain tourist destination for European travelers. It is known for its all-inclusive packages including airfare and hotel. Most European tour operators that control international tourist arrivals, target coastal cities known for their golden beaches, sunny weather, and affordable luxurious hotels. Recently, Tunisia has initiated policy dialogues to reconsider its tourism strategies amidst the new global trends and to think about ways to promote new forms of tourism that encourage the creation of sustainable tourism projects based on cultural and environmental alternative tourism. Tunisia’s tourism industry is in an urgent need for strengthening and diversifying the quality of products and services offered to meet the new customers’ aspirations and needs. The current project is considering the challenging situation of the tourism industry and tapping into the potential of the hiking activities as a sustainable and creative way to promote alternative tourism, revitalize the country’s inland cities and rural areas and generate new opportunities of sustainable employment for Tunisian youth. This project is implemented in partnership with The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), under the Tounes Wijhetouna programme, co-funded by the European Union and Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).


The project aims to promote the growth of Tunisia’s alternative sustainable tourism products and their contribution to employment. In collaboration with public and private partners and representatives of the civil society, the project aims to strengthen the tourism offer by improving the quality of products and services offered by alternative tourism activities. The project aims to implement an innovative and demand-driven approach to build the capacity of major actors in alternative tourism. The project operates in the Northwest, in Zaghouan and in the Dahar region.


Leaders International is looking for “Administrative Support Services” to assist project beneficiaries working in the informal sector in obtaining business licenses and formalizing their activities and projects.

Number of Beneficiaries: 25 maximum

Scope of Work

• Initiate outreach to each beneficiary as the initial task.

• Conduct an initial assessment of each beneficiary’s current business status and documentation.

• Provide a comprehensive list of required documents for the legalization process, tailored to each beneficiary’s specific situation.

• Guide beneficiaries through the preparation of necessary documents, ensuring completeness and accuracy.

• Verify and check all submitted documentation for compliance with legal requirements. • Clearly outline the step-by-step procedures for obtaining business licenses and formalizing activities.

• Provide ongoing assistance and support throughout the entire legalization process.

• Address any questions or concerns raised by beneficiaries regarding the legalization process.

• Ensure a smooth and efficient transition for beneficiaries from the informal to the formal sector.

• Monitor and evaluate the progress of each beneficiary in the legalization journey.


• Clear and detailed procedural guidelines for obtaining business licenses and formalizing activities.

• Evidence of ongoing assistance and support provided to beneficiaries throughout the legalization journey.

• Evaluation reports on the progress and successful transition of beneficiaries from informal to formal sector.

• Final comprehensive report encompassing all beneficiaries’ projects.

Duration of Work :

The contract will be valid from the date of signature until June 30, 2024, inclusive, with the following allocation:

• 3 days per beneficiary

• 2 days for the final report

Qualifications Required:

• Certified and experienced accountant with a proven track record in supporting businesses through the legalization process.

• Demonstrated expertise in assisting informal sector businesses with obtaining necessary licenses and formalizing their operations.

• Extensive experience working with international development agencies, particularly those funded by GIZ, BMZ, or the EU.

• In-depth knowledge of the legal and regulatory frameworks related to business legalization in the relevant region or country.

• Strong understanding of the specific requirements and procedures associated with projects funded by GIZ, BMZ, or the EU.

• Excellent communication skills to effectively convey complex legal and procedural information to beneficiaries.

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