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Workshop « Increasing appetite for creative digital technologies among young cultural heritage defenders » Retour vers l'agenda


13 Décembre - 14 Décembre 2018

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Région(s) concernées par cet événement: Tunis
Domaines concernées par cet événement: Echanges culturels et 1 autre(s) domaines

NET-MED Youth organizes on 13-14 December 2018, a two-day Regional Training Workshop in Tunis, Tunisia, entitled Increasing appetite for creative digital technologies among young cultural heritage defenders. It will bring together over 50 participants that were selected based on their relevant experience following a call for expression of interest which received over 550 applications.

This workshop highlights the potential of cutting-edge technologies for cultural heritage protection and promotion among young audiences. It aims at equipping creative young entrepreneurs and partner youth organizations from the Arab region and beyond with new skills, knowledge and approaches to represent, document and promote cultural heritage and at inspiring them to take action. It also provides participants with unique opportunities to network, share and analyse successful experiences, mutualize resources and upgrade their work using the most advanced technologies (augmented reality, virtual experiences, 3D simulation, gaming) to promote cultural heritage as a fundamental prerequisite of democracy, a pillar of freedom of expression, a resource for youth empowerment and an essential element for the wellbeing of societies.


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