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21 Juin 2017 à partir de 12:00

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El SPACE and the IRC are pleased to invite you to The Hybrid Organization, the ninth in a series of twelve social entrepreneurship and innovation workshops.  Conducted by Lobna Saidi, an expert in social entrepreneurship, the workshop will focus on how social entrepreneurs and change makers can maximize their positive impacts in Tunisia.  During this session, we will use local case studies to discuss in depth the different types of social enterprises in Tunisia.

About the Speaker:

After graduating with a degree in agricultural engineering, Lobna Saidi started her career by working with farmers and developing their production. She then joined ATUGE and led a youth employment and economic development project. After that, Lobna was hired by a French NGO, Développement Sans Frontières, to lead the non-profit center ”B.A.C” for more than 3 years. In this role, she worked on capacity-building with non-profits and helped communities start local organizations with a social entrepreneurship aspect.

Currently, Lobna serves as manager of a newly established organization, SHANTI, which helps non-profits develop social entrepreneurship processes to tackle social issues.

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