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How cultural, societal and religious systems impact the work of Women’s rights defenders? Retour vers l'agenda


05 Octobre 2021 à partir de 14:00


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Domaines concernées par cet événement: Droit des femmes
LEED Initiative is organizing its second Digital Saloon: “How cultural, societal and religious systems impact the work of Women’s rights defenders?”
In a world where women face challenges in the different aspects of their lives to be independent, impactful, and achieve their dreams, it has become essential to everyone around the world to defend women’s rights and promote gender equality. Women are subject to discrimination and harassment just because of their gender. As part of our efforts in LEED-Initiative to give voice to women around the world and to empower them, we shed the light on this particular topic and on the different issues involved in it as it’s a continuous struggle for gender equality and constant combat against gender stereotypes in all MENA countries.
In this 2nd edition of the Digital Saloon, we will reflect on a few aspects of the challenges that women are faced within the MENA region and in the world as part of the different cultural, religious and societal systems and we will discuss how we can empower women as part of LEED-Initiative efforts and mission to give voice to those who are unheard and to show how women’s participation in life is important as much as men’s participation and contribution.
Our Digital Saloons are thematic online panel discussions about contemporary women’s concerns with high-scale guest speakers.
Digital Saloons are part of LEED’s WOMENTUM project; which aims to reinforce the efforts of Feminist organizations in the MENA region by providing them the skills and tools needed to fight for their cause.
Introducing our guest speakers:
Ms. Azza Soleiman from Egypt: Co-founder of Centre for Egyptian Women’s Legal Assistance (CEWLA).
Ms.Silvia Barreiros from Switzerland: Artistic Director of Apsara Company.
Ms. Soukeina Bouraoui from Tunisia: Director of CAWTAR – the Centre of Arab Women for Training & Research.
Our digital saloon will be moderated by the Civil Society Activist Chaima Bouhlel.
Join our Saloon on the 5th of October at 2 pm CET by watching the live streaming on Facebook

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